Woman Wearing Moncler Down Jackets

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Let's zip it up for ya - fourth video of girls zipping leather jackets

At long last a fourth collection of girls zipping up leather jackets, I hope it has been worth the wait. Some from individual outfits of the day and style videos, some from advertising channels and some from saucier - but still perfectly decent - sites at the end. I have embellished a handful of these clips which I hope you will like. If you want to see my earlier compilations: 1 - I like it zipped https://youtu.be/4Z9n1W7nmnA 2 - And it just zips up like this https://youtu.be/FKJzXIcjxm8 3 - I thought how good it would look like zipped https://youtu.be/KP5MKGumzQA Separately, here is a video of the lady at about 0:09 on here zipping this jacket and many other coats and jackets, she is wonderful https://youtu.be/hF8VTeSkzto

Winter Coat Selection, Moncler, Zara, Mango and Sandro Winter 2018

So, as you all know, I absolutely love a coat, so much so, that i have had to split up my coats edit into sections! This one is all about the Puffer! This video contains some of my favourite designer purchases from the last few years. For all of the super pricey ones I have linked an alternative from the high street that I love, so there will be something for everyone! Moncler Kilia Coat: [SOLD OUT ] - Brown version - https://www.zeeandco.co.uk/women/moncler-beige-kilia-shearling-jacket.html Alternative High street - EXPENSIVE: https://www.allsaints.com/women/leather/allsaints-garrix-shearling/?colour=5&category=21697 CHEAPER: https://www.zara.com/uk/en/contrasting-biker-jacket-p02969070.html?v1=7971028&v2=1121039 Moncler Long Champagne coat: This years colour - https://store.moncler.com/en-gb/long-outerwear_cod16431387008319498.html#EU_Long_Down_Jackets_Women_AW Sandro Black puffa with fur [old season SOLD OUT] Alternative - cheaper and amazing - https://www.zara.com/uk/en/hooded-down-puffer-coat-p06518274.html?v1=6452609&v2=773004 FUR FREE - https://store.moncler.com/en-gb/long-outerwear_cod3024088872721985.html#EU_Long_Down_Jackets_Women_AW Moncler Silver/Champagne peplum waist Mango Orange Coat: https://shop.mango.com/gb/women/coats-quilted-coats/water-repellent-quilted-coat_33097630.html?c=20&n=1&s=prendas_she.familia;15.coats15;Anoraks Zara Green Puffer: https://www.zara.com/uk/en/water-resistant-sorona-%C2%AE-dupont%E2%84%A2-quilted-coat-p03427231.html?v1=6454226&v2=1129001 Zara Silver Puffer: https://www.zara.com/uk/en/limited-edition-sorona-%C2%AE-dupont%E2%84%A2-puffer-jacket-p03427246.html?v1=7359616&v2=1127502 Expensive alternative - LOVE THIS: https://store.moncler.com/en-gb/long-outerwear_cod4146401443493195.html#dept=EU_Long_Down_Jackets_Women_AW

A Moncler Icelandic Fairytale by Annie Leibovitz

Once upon a time, in a timeless time and a placeless place, in galaxies far away, there were two very young twins, with hair lighter than the midnight sun and eyes of a clear sky-blue. The two twins, Lucky and Pyper, lived alone and they loved each other very much. Thus it was one crystal-clear winter’s morning, without planning a direction or a destination, they set off to explore unknown terrain. For weeks and weeks, although in all truth nobody really knew how many days, moments or years it took them, they crossed heroic, deserted lands. They were together, and they were happy. That was all that mattered. One fine day, without realising it, they entered the dark domain of the Ice Queen. The sovereign of the North fell in love with Lucky, with whom she felt an affinity because of his complexion, and the vague, feverish restlessness that possessed him. With her artfulness and enchanting charm, she took possession of his soul, enveloping him in a magical circle which suddenly managed to separate him from his twin, and actually wiped out any recollection of his sister at all. Pyper was blown away by a terrible snowstorm and she was lost in the vast emptiness. She found herself alone and she firmly resolved to free her brother from the ice prison. An astonishing white wolf suddenly appeared in front of her and walked alongside her with a protective air. In the meantime, Lucky was slowly beginning to recall his memory. He missed Pyper so much that the feeling gradually worked its way more and more into his clouded mind, triumphantly making its way through his frozen heart. It was love that vanquished the Queen’s plot, making all her most sophisticated and powerful enchantments quite useless. The twins were reunited merely by listening to the echoes of the heart and the suggestions of that immeasurable gift they shared, the rarest and most exquisite treasure of all. With the help of a wise old man they boarded a small, fragile vessel that saved them from the revenge of the Queen, spiriting them away from her glassy kingdom. And from that day onward, they lived happily ever after. The moral of this story of icy snow and warm emotions? It is this: even the hardest, seemingly impenetrable ice can guard the warmth of the purest form of love. Layers and layers of ice can conceal the secret and harmonious sense of a profound emotive link. One which is worth fighting for, when necessary. Discover behind the scene of the campaign.


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Fantastic down jackets Moncler

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