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'Open Office': How to Design a Workspace that Sparks Extreme Creativity

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Innovative Office Design for ThoughtWorks

Morgan Lovell worked with ThoughtWorks, a technology innovation consultancy to design and create an inviting, flexible and multifunctional workplace for their London office. The office design incorporates movable furniture as the teams are rotated on a project by project basis. The desks are mobile to facilitate different team sizes and an agile working environment where all staff members have a locker to store laptops and personal effects. The new office design has had a beneficial impact on productivity through providing the right tools and flexible working scenarios for ThoughtWorks staff to work efficiently and think disruptively in a collaborative way.

Top 10 Coolest Offices in the world

Coolest offices in the world Going to work may be a tedious task for some but for others at certain offices it’s better than partying out at any pub. So here are 10 offices that you wished you could get a job at. At number one is Skype - Stockholm, Sweden With its décor we don’t think anyone will be getting stressed out here. In the office you’ll find sky blue decor and funky lighting. The theme décor is based on skype how it’s a playful tool and helps people connect to anyone around the world. Inside they have happy themed colors and soft furniture. At number 2 is White Mountain Office - Stockholm, Sweden Seems like Sweden is the place to work. This next office will make you feel like you are camping rather than at an office. This office is located 100 feet underground and seems like something out from a bond villains lair. First developed as an anti autonomic shelter, today it’s transformed into one of the most unique offices in the world. At number 3 is Selgas Cano Architecture - Madrid, Spain This office brings its employees closer to nature. While half is located underground, the other half of the office has glass walls that help get close to nature. Now this would be a really relaxing place to work. Hyves - Amsterdam, Netherlands If you were in this office you would feel like partying here itself rather than going out. This office has a home like feel to it with a set of fun vibrant colors. Inventionland – Pittsburgh The office is cooler than the name itself. It's a 70,000 sqft facility that is designed with 15 different playful sets. from pirate ships, race tracks, and faux caves, to red carpet walkways, a castle, or a giant robot this office will defineitly make you feel like you walked into Disneyland. Besides it fun creative decore they also have from pirate ships, race tracks, and faux caves, to red carpet walkways, a castle, or a giant robot. Microsoft - Vienna, Austria Microsoft always has pretty cool offices around the world but this one in Austria encompasses the 4 elements of earth, fire, water, air. Each set has its own unique feel to it. To make it even better, they also have their very own slide inside the office. Comvert - Milan, Italy Are you a skateboarding enthusiast who needs to get a full time job? Well then this is the place for you. Build in an old abandon cinema hall, they people didn’t know what to do with the big space above where the audience sat during a movie. They then decided on something totally unique and fun and that’s an indoor skateboarding rink. TBWA Hakuhodo Office - Tokyo, Japan Ever wonder what it’s like to come up with amazing ideas while lying down in grass? Well in this office you can do that. With plenty of greenery everywhere, this office even have their own grass patches where employees can sit and relax after a heavy lunch. Besides this they also have a bowling alley, a golf driving range and other entertainment functions above and below the office. Pixar - California, USA Now you know that the office that produces some of your favourite animated movies is bound to have a totally rad out office. And it does. Pixar offices are a magical playground for its employees. They have a stress free environment with Games rooms, work pods, living rooms, garden sheds. And last but not least the google office in California Now we’ve saved the best for last. This office is surely going to make you jealous of all those working there. Wonder why? Well imaging your office having variety of restraunts, serving all types of food and the best part..they are all free. Along with that four fully loaded gyms, free massages on your birthday, A doctors office, on sight laundry mats, sleeping pods on wait did we mention that it’s all free. Now you know why this google office is the best place to work.

5s office - high speed

This is a high speed version of a 5S activity in the office. The work took about 4 hours and was not 100% complete due to time constraints. The work continues, however, as creating a truly visual workplace is a lofty goal and therefore takes a long time and many attempts

The benefits of training with FISH! - Corporate Challenge Events

A universal corporate training philosophy will have a profound impact on the culture of any organisation. It’s called FISH! The Training Store is the master licensee for FISH! training in Australia and New Zealand. Corporate Challenge Events is authorised by The Training Store to run licensed FISH! training. FISH! is a registered trademark of the ChartHouse Learning Corporation 2005. For more information, Please contact: Corporate Challenge Events 1/12 Macro Ct Rowville, Melbourne, VIC 3178, Phone: 03 9753 2562, Fax: 03 9763 6880, Web: Email:

Here are 6 tips from the eBook on how to create an inspiring office environment - Hold a regular staff conference, Find a creative space, Decorate the office as a team, Care for plants, Enjoy some sunshine and Create a goals board.

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