Random Clock Talks Vol 4

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Random Clock Talks Vol 16 - Hairsprings

In Volume 16, J.M. Huckabee presents an in-depth discussion about hairsprings and demonstrates how to vibrate a clock hairspring.

Random Clock Talks Vol 12

J.M. Huckabee demonstrates using a custom-made attachment to make wheels and index plates on the Unimat lathe.

Random Clock Talks Volume 1

The first in a series of videos on clockmaking topics from J. M. Huckabee

Isochronism and Positional Adjustment

A lecture by Dr. Matthew Clark about isochronism and positional adjustment in watches

Ian Schon delivers the TimeCon 2018 Keynote

Ian Schon describes his path to launching his watch brand, Schon Horology. Learn about his interests, background, and design process.

Volume 4 of J.M. Huckabee's Random Clock Talks produced in 1990 in conjunction with AWCI. In this volume Mr. Huckabee discusses basic assembly and disassembly of the Urgos 21/42 8-day trapezoid time only clock. Other topics include magnetism, the gear train and the pendulum.

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