Random Clock Talks Vol 4

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Random Clock Talks Vol 16 - Hairsprings

In Volume 16, J.M. Huckabee presents an in-depth discussion about hairsprings and demonstrates how to vibrate a clock hairspring.

Semyhr- Talking Clocks Mashup (Mouth 2 Mouth vs. Clockmaker)

this track is a mashup i created of the two songs Mouth 2 Mouth by Kate Havnevik and Clockmaker by Vexare...I know it may be a bit rough with some transitions and what not but i think it's listen-able...I dont own the rights or anything to either of those two songs...i just made this because i thought they went well together and i really hope you support these artists if you like this! here's a link to my sound cloud for download and other possible mash-ups i might do in the future...FEEDBACK IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Thanks guys!

Random Clock Talks Vol 15 - Cutting Tools

In Volume 15, J.M. Huckabee presents an in-depth discussion on the design of cutting tool bits, both hand-held and those used in the tool post. Also a discussion of steel, it's composition and characteristics

Random Clock Talks Vol 17 - Knurled Hand Nut

In Volume 17, J.M. Huckabee demonstrates the process of making a knurled nut, like the ones used as hand nuts on Early American kitchen clocks. He also discusses suspension springs and pendulums.

K-Pop Clock Dance Compilation

Gfriend's teaser for Rough had a clock dance in the end and this inspired me to do this compilation. This compilation has 16 different songs with some form of clock dance, either moving the arms as clock hands or moving the hands like what IU does. As always, this list is not comprehensive, if you think a song is missing please post it. Songs are listed in order of release: 1) 08 Jun 09 Super Junior - It's You 0:00 2) 23 Nov 11 U-KISS - Tick Tack 0:11 3) 28 Nov 11 IU - You & I 0:25 4) 05 Feb 12 Led Apple - Time's Up 0:38 5) 25 Oct 12 Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me 0:48 6) 07 Aug 13 TASTY - MAMAMA 1:03 7) 08 Apr 14 NC.A - I'm Different 1:12 8) 26 May 14 VIXX - Eternity 1:28 9) 15 Mar 15 Minah - I'm a Woman Too 1:39 10) 19 Apr 15 Oh My Girl - Cupid 1:50 Binnie :3 2:01 11) 28 Apr 15 INFINITE - 「24時間」2:04 12) 14 Jun 15 2PM - My House 2:11 13) 17 Aug 15 Gilrs' Generation - Lion Heart 2:25 14) 23 Aug 15 APRIL - Dream Candy 2:34 15) 17 Jan 16 Stellar - Sting 2:42 16) 24 Jan 16 GFriend - Rough 2:50 There are also Co-ed's Too Late and Sunmi's 24 hours pointing their watches, they are probably more MVs with this dance but I didn't include them in this particular compilation

Volume 4 of J.M. Huckabee's Random Clock Talks produced in 1990 in conjunction with AWCI. In this volume Mr. Huckabee discusses basic assembly and disassembly of the Urgos 21/42 8-day trapezoid time only clock. Other topics include magnetism, the gear train and the pendulum.

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