paper forming industrial tray making machines-egg box forming machine

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Egg Boxes Making | 10000 Egg Boxes Making | High Speed Corrugated Box Making

Egg Boxes Making 10000 Egg Boxes Making High Speed Corrugated Box Making

Semi-automatic small paper egg tray making machine from China CE Certified 0086-15153504975

Contact: Jenny Wang Mobile/Whatsapp: 0086-15153504975 Email: Skype :jenny505583845 Wechat: 15153504975 Website: Youtube : We are located in Longkou City,Shandong Province. Manufacture the paper egg tray machinery,egg box machinery since 1995 year. Our paper egg tray machine,egg box machine mainly use the different kinds of waste paper as the raw material to produce the egg tray,egg box,egg dishes,egg plate. Systems:Pulp moulding system;Forming system;Drying system;Auto-packing system. Products:Egg tray,egg carton,egg boxes, apple trays, meat portion trays, vegetable portion trays, fruit portion trays, strawberry punnets , kidney trays, wine packs, can trays, seed cubes, ect. Mould: Roller machine and Reciprocating machine. Roller Capacity: Rotary egg tray machine has 8 sides with 3/4/6 moulds per side. The equivalent production capacities are 2000pcs/h,3000PCS/h, 4000PCS/h, 5000PCS/h, and 6000PCS/h.Thus the fully rotary egg tray machine is mainly used for mass production of trays. Reciprocating capacity:Reciprocating egg tray machine have2/3/4/6/8/10/12 mould.The capacity ranges from400pcs/h-2400pcs/h.You could produce Egg tray,egg box,egg carton,fruit tray by changing the forming mould and transferring mould.

Egg Tray Pulp Moulding Machine by S. K. Manufacturers, Jalandhar Welcome to S. K. Manufacturers, Jalandhar, This is an Paper Egg Tray Pulp Moulding Machine. This is semi auto numatic machine. It contains two egg tray die set. It produces two pieces at a time. Per hour capacity 700 pieces. Each tray weight is 70 -75grams.

Paper Tray Forming Machine

Jenny Wang
Whatsapp/Mobile: +86-15153504975
Skype/Line me: jenny505583845
Wechat: 15153504975

paper forming industrial tray making machines
egg box forming machinery

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