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How To Dye Your Hair Silver / Gray | OffbeatLook

Hey guys! I know you have all waited like an entire year for this tutorial and I'm sorry for being such a slacker *says in the voice of Marty McFly's principle*, but here it finally is. This is a tutorial video on how I personally got my hair to be a silvery/gray colour. I did this last year, August of 2014 before going to collge. I do realize that this isn't the best tutorial and if I could go back to that time, I would do a lot differently. I would have waited a day between each bleaching and made sure all of the pigment lifted before I toned my hair. I also would have done like 3,000x more hot oil treatments and changed my haircare routine to what it is today, but unfortunately, this isn't Back To The Future, and time machines aren't real. Wow, two Back To The Future movie references in one description box. Can you guess what movie I've been watching while this video rendered? I bet you can't. I'm actually watching Back To The Future 2 HA!! Anyways, this is exactly how I dyed my hair silver or gray or whatever you would call it. As usual, comment down below, stalk my life on social media, and if yall have questions, hit me up! Kisses, -Camille Johnson PRODUCTS USED: -Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (not the same brand as mine, but a better one for the price): -Bleach - Salon Care Prism Lites Lightener Blue: -Developer - 20 Vol Creme Developer by Salon Care: -Developer - 30 Vol Creme Developer by Salon Care: -Toner - Wella Color Charm #T18 Lightest Ash Blonde: -Purple Shampoo - Generic Conditioning Shampoo (Compare To Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo): -Silver Hair dye - *The ION Color Brilliance semi permanent dye in Titanium has been discontinued, I just found out right now and its such a shame since that was a new product and I really liked it, but here is the most similar dye out there that I could found and I've only ever seen good reviews of this brand* La Riche Directions Hair Colour in Silver: -Purple Hair Dye - 'N Rage Demi-Permanent Hair Color Purple Plum: -Hair Dye Tint Brush: -Hair dye mixing bowl: -Gloves (these ones are reusable): VIDEOS MENTIONED: -Half and Half Hair Colour Tutorial: -How to fade out semi permanent hair dye: ALSO USEFUL: -How to keep your hair healthy after bleaching: FOLLOW ME HERE: •Beauty YouTube Channel: •Personal YouTube Channel: •Instagram: @OffbeatLook •Tumblr (Beauty/Fashion): •Tumblr (Personal): •Beauty Twitter: •Personal Twitter: •Pinterest: •Beauty Blog: Music used: Medicine Man by NoAmbNoVoxNoSurfGtr - Current Subscriber Count: 170,169

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid | Ali Andreea

Hi guys, So a lot of you here looove makeup. You see makeup gurus all over the world doing their makeup and looking flawless on camera so you decide to invest in some good quality products. Then you go home, you do your makeup and you realize that it's not quite the same result. You may be using the world's best makeup , but the truth is if you don't pay attention at the technique you're using, it's not gonna look good on you. So here I am showing you two different results that you could have using the same products and I hope that you have a better image of what's wrong and what's right in terms of makeup. Hope you guys enjoy the video, let me know in the comments down below if you do. 😘🤗🤗🤗 Wanna know more about me and the life in Paris? Then please follow me on: Instagram: Snapchat: AliAndreea Facebook: Products used: Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer - Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 2W2 Rattan Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer Light Medium Laura Mercier Translucent Lose Setting Powder Benefit Hoola Bronzer KiKo Baked Blush 01 Natural Beach ABH Brow Powder Duo Medium Brown M A C Soft Ochre Paint Pot ABH Modern Renaissance Palette : Cyprus Umber, Realgar ABH Waterproof Cream Color Jet - Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact - Beige Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Coral Crush

How to beautifully cut your own hair (M by Mickie)

**PLEASE if you choose to remake this (or any of our videos) properly link this video in your description box and say you saw it first on the M by Mickie channel. THANK YOU MUCH!** So you think you can't cut your own hair- wrong! You can! Follow the simple steps in this video and discover the beautiful results! When I discovered how to cut my hair like this, and the results were so amazingly good- I was hooked! And you will be too. So have fun and remember, when someone compliments your hair, you can brag and say you cut it yourself! *WARNING: This haircut works best with LONG hair like I have in the video. If you have medium or short hair, this haircut will not work the same for you. Hairbrush: by BedHead. I bought this one at Ross, but I've seen them online for $12. Hair Shears: These are Japanese steal and super sharp. I bought them at Sally Beauty Supply for $16. These are very close to what I have: *FYI- I did learn how to do this cut from a professional hairdresser from Australia. *Cut your hair at your own risk :) VIDEOS: How to beautifully cut your hair PART 2: How to beautifully cut your hair PART 3: "My Hair Care Routine" "How to cut men's hair" (at the end of this video, I show you all the tools I used including my scissors) I was asked, so here it is… If you would like to send me something, you may send it to: M by Mickie P.O. Box 2022 Yosemite National Park CA. 95389 Music by: iMovie M by Mickie production Idea from: Cosmo cut clip Other places to find Mickie: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: M by Mickie website: FTC: All opinions are that of the person. No one was paid for their opinion or to make this video.


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Bleaching Gone Wrong | Tutorial 😱🤭

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Hey babes! Here is the tutorial you have all been asking for! It's my fun, blurple (blue and purple) hair that I've had for about a month now. As you can see, the colours all go really well together, and have a very organic fade into one another and have lasted really well throughout the past month.
I hope you all found this hair tutorial either interesting/enjoyable or helpful if you plan on doing your hair in a similar way. Let me know what you think in the comments down below!
-Camille Johnson

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