TOP 5 BEST SAMSUNG Smartphone To Buy in 2018

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8 Most Useful Gadgets on Amazon Under $15

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2017 has already gone. As in this year, it is a very good time of the year to buy a new phone.In 2018, some of the good phones have been released already such as Samsung Galaxy S9+, Nokia 7 plus, Asus Zenfone 5, Ulefone T2 Pro etc.One of the most awaited phones is Samsung galaxy s9+, so I have rated it to the number one spot in my list.Do you agree with the order in which the phones are being ranked? Please let us know in the comments below. Get discount Code When shopping: 1.Samsung Galaxy S9+( International: Display:6.20-inch, Resolution:1440x2960 pixels, Front Camera:8-megapixel, Rear Camera:12-megapixel, Processor:1.7GHz octa-core, RAM:6GB, Storage:64GB, OS:Android 8.0, Battery Capacity:3500mAh. 2.Sony Xperia XZ2( Display:5.00-inch, Resolution:1080x2160 pixels, Front Camera:5-megapixel, Rear Camera:19-megapixel, Processor:octa-core, RAM:4GB, Storage:64GB, OS:Android 8.0,Battery Capacity:2780mAh. 3.Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)( Display:6.00-inch, Resolution:1080x2220 pixels, Front Camera:16-megapixel, Rear Camera:16-megapixel, Processor:1.6GHz octa-core, RAM:4GB, Storage:32GB, OS:Android 7.1.1,Battery Capacity:3500mAh. 4.Nokia 7 plus( Display:6.00-inch, Resolution:1080x2160 pixels, Front Camera:16-megapixel, Rear Camera:13-megapixel, Processor:octa-core, RAM:4GB, Storage:64GB, OS:Android 8.0,Battery Capacity:3800mAh. 5.Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra( Display:6.00-inch, Processor:octa-core, Front Camera:16-megapixel, Resolution:1080x1920 pixels, RAM:4GB,OS:Android 8.0, Storage:32GB, Rear Camera:23-megapixel, Battery Capacity:3580mAh. 6.Asus Zenfone 5 ZE620KL( 🔥Now available Gearbest: Display:6.20-inch, Processor:octacore, Resolution:1080x2246pixels,RAM:4GB, OS:Android 8.0, Storage:64GB,Battery Capacity:3300mAh 7.Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact( Display:5.00-inch, Resolution:1080x2160 pixels, Front Camera:5-megapixel, Rear Camera:19-megapixel, Processor:octa-core, RAM:4GB, Storage:64GB, OS:Android 8.0,Battery Capacity:2780mAh. 8.HTC U11 Eyes( Display:6.00-inch, Resolution:1080x2160 pixels, Front Camera:5-megapixel, Rear Camera:12-Ultrapixel, Processor:octa-core, RAM:4GB, Storage:64GB, OS:Android 7.1.1,Battery Capacity:3930mAh. 9.Nokia 6 (2018)( Display:5.50-inch, Resolution:1080x1920 pixels, Front Camera:8-megapixel, Rear Camera:16-megapixel, Processor:1.4GHz octa-core, RAM:3GB, Storage:32GB, OS:Android 7.1.1,Battery Capacity:3000mAh. 10.Ulefone T2 Pro( Worlds 1st Helio P70 in Display Fingerprint,OS:Android 8.1,8GB+128GB,Front Camera :16MP,Rear camera :21+13MP,Battery :5000mAh -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- 🔥Get the Best offers and Discounts on Tech (Amazon)🔥: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- support my channel by using Gearbest Affiliate Links: ⋆Exclusive Brand Sales: ⋆Flash sale Smartphone: ⋆Flash sale Tablet: ⋆Flash sale Mobile Accessories: ✅Best Bezel-Less Smartphones with huge screen 2018: 1.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S ( 2.OnePlus 6 ( NEX S( 4.Elephone U Pro ( 5.Huawei P20 Pro ( 6.Oppo Find X ( 7.Sharp Aquos S2( 8.UMIDIGI Z2 PRO ( 9.ASUS zenfone 5Z ( 10.Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Ultimate Camera Comparison

Today we are going to do a side-by-side camera comparison between iPhone X and the Note 8. More about Filmora: #1. Front-facing cameras When capturing portrait in front-lighting condition, Note 8 camera adds a bit of make-up effect to the portrait so that we get an instant skin texture enhancement. However with the iPhone X, we get a more realistic skin tone. Let’s turn around and see how these two cameras work in backlighting. The backgrounds in both cameras are now completely overexposed. However when we take a closer look, the Note 8 ended up showing a bit more details than the iPhone X, but just a little bit. #2. Rear-facing Cameras When we compare two portraits taken with both devices, both of them delivers great result. However, if we zoom in a little bit, we will notice that the background in the portrait taken with Note 8 is more soft and blurrier whereas the background looks sharper on the iPhone X. #3. Stabilization Test Test videos are recorded in 4K at 30fps. Both devices have optical image stabilization in rear cameras. As seen from the actual results, both phones are doing an average job without too much difference in terms of performance. #4. Burst Mode Test When shooting static objects in burst mode, there isn’t much notable difference. Now let’s see how they work when we shoot the dynamic traffic flow. Note 8 performs well with its shutter speed still being very fast. However with the iPhone X, the shutter speed is turned down to almost half. This is just a basic test of the burst mode in both devices. Let's long press the shutter and do a side-by-side comparison. Both phones start to capture continuously. The continuous capturing speed with Note 8 is much faster than iPhone X. Note 8 stops capturing when it finishes the first 100 shots, whereas iPhone X doesn’t have a limit and continues to capture. When Note 8 takes 100 pictures, iPhone X has just finished less than 60. Now we are pretty sure the Note 8 wins a bit in terms of continuous capturing speed. Photo taken by iPhone X tends to have a higher level of contrast and sharpness, and yet the final quality doesn’t outperform the note 8. The difference in terms of fine details isn’t noticeable as well even when zoomed in to approximately 500%. #5. Autofocus Test Test videos are recorded in 4K at 30 fps. Autofocus speed with iPhone X is good. When it comes to Note 8, the autofocus speed is almost the same as iPhone X. It’s just that the transition with iPhone X is smoother than the note 8. #6. Still Photos First up, we are going to take a look at this picture of a doll. Looking at the iPhone, you will notice that it’s got a bit of higher level of contrast and saturation as always so that the iPhone’s overall image is bit warmer and it looks a bit better color wise. Bokeh background effect looks almost the same when zoomed in, but the note 8 processes bokeh in a softer way and whereas with iPhone you will notice more sharpness. Let’s now take a look at some finer details. You will notice more details on the iPhone shot, but the details are almost gone when it comes to the note 8 shot. In highlighted areas, iPhone photo is overexposed and thus we can barely see many details. But the situation with note 8 is better, with more details maintained in highlighted areas. #7. Landscape Shot Look at another shot of buildings with sky in the background. The iPhone X did handle the sky details better. What’s more, you will notice more sharpness and contrast with the iPhone shot when you blow it up. In shadow areas, iPhone X also did a better job in reducing noises. #8. Low Light Shot Low light shots are definitely impressive on both phones. And with these building shots, you can immediately see that both phones did a great job in keeping the details with low noise. There aren’t any noticeable differences at all. Here is another extreme test in which we took two portraits when there’s barely any natural light. The background lights look no difference, both devices process the exposure pretty well. However it’s pretty obvious that the note 8 produced a portrait much better than the iPhone. With the iPhone shot we can barely see any details on the portrait. This time let’s turn the flash on. The sky area is now completely black on the iPhone shot. Buildings are underexposed, we seem to lose many details on the photo. The portrait itself looks no better than the note 8 shot as well. All in all, the note 8 camera performances better than iPhone X in low light conditions, with flash on or off. #9. Slow Motion Test Both phones support recording slow motions at 240 fps. From what we see in the video, there isn’t much difference. Let’s take another dynamic shot. End result also shows that in slow motion mode, we can barely see much difference in final video as well. However with iPhone X, the slo-mo video supports for 1080p at 240 fps, and yet note 8 only allows you to record at 720p at 240 fps.

How NFC phones can steal your credit card info.

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Every Samsung Galaxy S advert ever (S - S8)

Every Samsung Galaxy S advert, this is only the flagship phones and so does not include the s mini's and those sort of devices. All of these clips were taken from other videos on Youtube and I do not own any of them or the rights for any. Please subscribe and like!

5 ► Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus
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4 ► Samsung Galaxy S8+
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3 ► Samsung Galaxy Note 8
●Amazon :

2 ► Samsung Galaxy Note 9
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1 ► Samsung Galaxy Note 9+
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