The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photographs with Marc Silber

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Concentrate on the Picture: An Afternoon With George Diebold and His Images

Shop at B&H: George Diebold Photography: Become a better photographer by concentrating on what you're shooting. George's lecture consists of a visual presentation of his images, as well as a discussion on how he works, how he generate ideas, and how he uses color and composition to create pictures. This informal interaction with the audience will draw upon his career based here in New Jersey as well as Hawaii, shooting for corporations, creating stock photography and doing fine art work. Any serious photographer, especially students who intend to pursue a career in photography, should benefit from this presentation. Unlike other technically slanted presentations, George intends to concentrate more on finding images, seeing images that already exist, and bringing ideas to completion. He discusses the importance of creating a personal signature style. This presentation is definitely not about the computer or software applications. Ideally, he would like the viewers to leave with a greater understanding of discovering the visuals that already exist all around them.

Advancing Your Photography | Marc Silber

Join Marc Silber at the B&H Event Space for a dynamic seminar that covers the basics from his new book Advancing Your Photography -- the definitive handbook that will take you through the entire process of becoming an accomplished photographer. From teaching you the basics to exploring the stages of the cycle of photography, Silber makes it clear and easy for you to master the art form. Shop at B&H: Marc Sibler Photography Check Out More Event Spaces Subscribe to the B&H Photo YouTube Channel Follow us on Social Media -- -- -- -- --

Understanding 3rd Party Lenses with The Phoblographer himself, Chris Gampat

In this interview, I sit down with Chris Gampat of The Phoblographer blog. Chris and I discuss the virtues and economics of third-party lenses versus OEM lenses. We dive into some of the issues surrounding using non-OEM lenses including warranty, weather-sealing as well as upgrading the firmware on these lenses. You’ll also find out what Chris carries around in HIS camera bag, and what his “desert island” lens is. So, if you own or are considering purchasing a new lens for your camera kit give this insightful discussion a listen. I'm sure you'll take away some valuable information that may just save you some headaches, and maybe a few dollars in the future. ------ + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

Scott Kelby Interviews Marc Silber Book Secrets to Amazing Photos

Buy the book here Wow the tables are turned again! The incomparable Scott Kelby-- amazing photographer and PhotoShop and Lightroom wizard interviews Marc Silber about his new book "The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos: 83 Composition Tools from the Masters" Join us for a fast paced roundup of techniques to expand your composition "vocabulary." Check out KelbyOne for more of Scott's wizardry! Buy Advancing Your Photography Handbook Music- "Feeling Free" Artist- Alvaro Angelor Visit our: Instagram WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE +: TWITTER: RSS SUBSCRIBE:

Composition Wisdom: 15 Tips for Amazing Photographs

No matter what camera you’re using, even a smartphone, the two most important aspects to getting awesome images are composition and lighting. Imagine having conversations with Chris Burkard, Bob Holmes, Chase Jarvis and – even Marc Silber about composition wisdom. Here are 15 quick but very powerful tips you can watch and go right out and use to capture amazing photographs. Thanks to our guests, Chase Jarvis Cris Burkard and Bob Holmes. Buy Advancing Your Photography Handbook Visit our: Instagram WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE +: TWITTER: RSS SUBSCRIBE:

In this interview I speak with Marc Silber about his new book The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photographs and the dichotomy between old school photography and new.

Marc Silber is a best selling author, photographer, filmmaker, and producer of the very popular Youtube series Advancing Your Photography, where he has interviewed scores of some of the biggest names in photography. 

He started out learning darkroom skills and the basics of photography at the legendary Peninsula School in Menlo Park, CA, in the '60s, and moved on to hone his skills to professional standards at the famed San Francisco Art Institute. Marc moved into teaching photography in workshops all over the country, he became renowned as an engaging and helpful speaker and coach, as his greatest joy comes from helping others. 

He loves adventure and you'll find him out backpacking surfing or snowboarding, or maybe just chilling, taking a walk through Carmel with his wife and Golden Retriever. 

Purchase:  The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos: 83 Composition Tools from the Masters

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