Scuba Cutting Tools Test (Aka the line cutter of death?)

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Leatherman Raptor: The Nicest Medical Shears I've Seen Yet

I believe having a solid medical kit in your car is a must. Part of that kit should be some kind of medical shears, and the Leatherman Raptor shears are pretty amazing. They fold and fit in to the multi-position sheath, but they can also be placed in the sheath when they are fully opening. There's a ring cutter, a strap cutter (which can be used when they are closed or open), and they have a ruler on the lower of the two blades. They now come in orange or coyote brown, and I am looking forward to getting my hands on these. Check them out. _______ Interested in purchasing this item? They are currently available only in black (the orange and the coyote brown will be out in a few months). The black Raptors from Leatherman are available in the link below, and purchasing them via this link will help to support Everyday Tactical Vids: Leatherman Raptor: _______ Want to purchase EDC, tactical, emergency, or survival items? I'd be very thankful if you would use the following link to support Everyday Tactical Vids when you search for gear on Amazon: _______ Here are links to some of my favorite EDC, tactical, emergency, outdoor, and survival items: - 5.11 ATAC PLX Flashlight: - Surefire P2X Fury Flashlight: - Benchmade Griptilian: - Blackhawk Roll-out Medical Bag: - UTG Messenger Bag: - Condor Messenger Bag: - Bahco Laplander Folding Saw: - Mora Companion Knife: - KaBar BK2: - Klean Kanteen Water Bottles: - Corona Folding Saw: - Schrade SCAXE2: - Various Kinds of Paracord: - Emergency Mylar Blankets: - Survivor Fire Starter: - CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk: ______________________________ Everyday Tactical Vids: Thinking Tactically, Living Purposefully Everyday Tactical Vids exists to help individuals become an asset to self and others in everyday life and crisis situations. The 6 Core Areas of Everyday Tactical Vids: - Soul: Asking the deeper questions of our existence and why we live as we do - Body: Taking care of the physical body through fitness and medical care - Psychology: Working to understand our own minds and the minds of others in crisis situations - Skills: Applying knowledge to the point of proficiency - Gear Selection: Choosing the right gear for the job or situation - Location: Where am I and how does that impact all other 5 Core Areas _______________________________________________________ FOLLOW EVERYDAY TACTICAL VIDS: YouTube - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Tumblr - Google+ - RELATED VIDEOS: - Car Survival Kit / Emergency Bag: - Compact Survival Kit: - Home Depot Urban Survival Kit: - Bug-out Bag, Walmart Style: SOME OF OUR MOST POPULAR POSTS: - Last Ditch Survival Kit: - Interview - Travis Haley of Haley Strategic: - Tim’s EDC/Everyday Carry Bag: PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN AN INFLUENCE ON EVERYDAY TACTICAL VIDS: - Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, originator of The Sheepdog Concept - Travis Haley of Haley Strategic - Chris Costa of Costa Ludus - The team over at ITS Tactical - NutnFancy and his YouTube channel/community - Tom Brown Jr. of The Tracker School - Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School - Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training

How To melt HDPE

How I melt HDPE into a usable blank

How to Pre-Treat a Dive Mask Part 1 founder Tec Clark gives a two-part instructional video on how to "prep" or "pre-treat" dive masks. New dive masks have a residue on the lenses which needs to be removed prior to first use. In this video we will explore the best agents and the best techniques to use for safely getting rid of this residue as we pre-treat the dive mask.

Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears Review by TheUrbanPrepper OVERVIEW: 1. Emergency tool developed for special operations medics with multipurpose features 2. 420HC stainless steel that feature serrations to help grip materials for a strong, fast cut 3. Collapsible shears come apart for cleaning and maintenance 4. Reversible Strap cutter- 440 stainless steel v-notch cutter ideal for cutting through straps, seatbelts, canvas, and other fabric-based materials, allowing the user to unscrew and rotate for a new cutting surface 5. Cutting hook for use in emergency medical situations. The specially-designed cutter is placed under a ring made of soft metal, like gold, and used like scissors to remove it. 6. Developed with the input of special operations medics, EMTs and fire professionals familiar with standard medical shears 7. Cost: $65 GREAT FOR: 1. Ideal for EMS, fire department or first responder 2. Also military, law enforcement or tactical mission SIZE AND WEIGHT: • Closed Length: 5 in | 12.7 cm • Shear Length: 1.9 in | 4.8 cm • Weight: 5.8 oz | 164 g. TOOLS and FEATURES: 1. 420HC Stainless Steel Folding Medical Shears 2. Strap Cutter 3. Ring Cutter 4. Ruler (5 cm) 5. Oxygen Tank Wrench 6. Carbide Glass Breaker 7. Lanyard Hole 8. MOLLE Compatible Injection-molded Polymer Holster 9. Glass-filled Nylon Handle Scales 10. 25-Year Warranty PROS: 1. Very strong construction. 2. And all the tools perform very well 3. Having all the other functions such as ring cutter, strap cutter, and O2 wrench is very handy. 4. Cuts through EVERYTHING! Wow! 5. Collapsible 6. Adjustable Sheath (Left or Right handed) CONS: 1. Expensive (for Scissors) 2. Heavy 3. Two Handed Operation 4. Cleaning not as convenient as throw away medical shears 5. The handle protrudes rather high when the MOLLE holster is on a workbelt/duty belt and extended. 6. The ruler/ECG meter on the bottom blade of the sheers has a tendency to get rubbed off when using cleaning/decon agents to clean your sheers. FINAL SUMMARY: 1. This tool is an amazing piece of equipment. 2. If I was an EMT, this would be the shears I would want to EDC 3. Medical Shears on steroids that has mated with a multi-tool, mini bolt cutter and vehicle escape tool. 4. Wow! YouTube (Subscribe!): Facebook (Like): Twitter: Google+: Instagram:

THE MAKING(English Version) (314)The Making of Steel Balls

This edition of the series of programs explaining the technology used to produce items that are familiar in our daily life features ‘Steel Balls’. A bicycle wheel spins smoothly because the wheel axle contains ball bearings. The steel balls inside the ball bearing must be close to perfectly spherical. The program introduces the production method of high-precision steel balls with a margin of error of less than 0.1 micrometers.

A totally non-scientific and possibly flawed test of various dive cutting tools, including EMT shears. Note that I am not placing any fault or flaw on the red line cutter, I'm sure this is just a case of where an end-user had unreasonable expectations of its capabilities.

If nothing else it was good for a laugh and I learned something new!

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