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FREE 3-HOUR MOVIE from UFOTV® Accept no imitations! - Discover more Secret Signs and Symbols of the Illuminati in this amazing film which is the second installment of "The Illuminati Trilogy Series" available exclusively from UFOTV. Topics covered include the Ancient, Mystical and Masonic origins of those Secret Signs and Symbols that the Illuminati holds most sacred, as well as their power and purpose. The ILLUMINATI and The Eye of The Phoenix - Coming soon to iTunes and Special Edition DVD from UFOTV. Visit us online - Go to http://www.UFOTV.com ©2013 UFOTV® Distributed by UFOTV, a UFO Video, Inc. Company.

STEALTH MISSION CURIOSITY: Confirming Ancient Intelligence On Mars - Richard Hoagland

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What They Really Found at Roswell UFO Crash is Beyond Imaginattion

Over the years, the government has actually issued four different explanations for what took place in 1947, yet Roswell remains a mystery, shrouded in secrecy, cover-ups, and deception. Is a fifth explanation at hand? Cover-Up at Roswell includes fascinating new information, such as: The most comprehensive timeline of events ever written. What the base commander’s secretary confessed. The answers to the 20 most frequently asked questions about Roswell. The Roswell “smoking gun,” provided by one of the very arbiters of the cover-up. The search for the truth about Roswell continues. Are we brave enough to accept it?

GEORGE KNAPP ~ "The UFO & Alien Cover-Up & The Lost Tapes" [Age Of Truth TV]

AN IMPORTANT TOPIC - AN IMPORTANT DISCUSSION - AN IMPORTANT PERSONALITY! GEORGE KNAPP is an investigate reporter, journalist, TV News anchor in Las Vegas, UFO researcher and lecturer at international UFO conferences all over the world. George Knapp put the legendary secret military base AREA 51, on the map and introduced Bob Lazar to the world, a now famous UFO/Alien/Area51 whistleblower. George Knapp is an important figure in the world of UFO research, a voice of reason and instrumental when it comes to uncovering secrets about UFO´s and Alien/E.T. existence on other planets as well as on Planet Earth. He is one of the few News presenters who has reported extensively on Extra-Terrestrial existence and the UFO cover-up by the U.S. government in the mainstream media. What is "THE LOST TAPES"? In 2014, when this interview was filmed, the Age Of Truth TV team lost an enormous amount of filmed interview shows with a lot of great speakers, when a couple of external harddrives mysteriously broke down. After a few years of trying very hard to retrieve the lost data files, a specialist were eventually able to rescue most of the film files, although, sadly, a few episodes are lost forever. It also seemed impossible to try and edit this episode with George Knapp together because a few camera angles were lost. We now only have Mr. Knapp´s main camera angle for about 20 minutes, and the rest of the show, the profile camera angle is shown. However we wanted to honor this great man and the work we did together, filming this Age Of Truth TV interview. Even though most of George Knapp´s main camera angle and the sound is lost for good, we have tried to piece everything together to the best of our ability with what was rescued from the broken harddrives, and the only available camera sound has been enhanced and optimized When all that is said, we hope that you will enjoy this amazing and very important in-depth, hard-talk conversation between George Knapp and Age Of Truth TV presenter, Lucas Alexander. It was filmed in an Art Storage Loft building in Copenhagen, Denmark on 5th October 2014. TOPICS DISCUSSED: - Aliens and UFO´s! - Is the UFO phenomena real? Real reports, encounters, abductees and UFO sightings - or a New World Order political strategy? - Disclosed UFO files and the Freedom Of Information Act. - The Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico in 1947. - The "Roswell Nurse" Mathilda McElroy, who spoke to an Alien being, who told her about a very alternative version of human history, our planet and the universe. Could that be true? - Is the government lying to us about life on other planets? - The BOB LAZAR story. - John Lear, who introduced George Knapp to UFOlogy. - The most prominent ALIEN RACES! Who and what are they? - Alien Shapeshifters. Taking a different form. Humans, Fairies, - Area 51 - the secret military base in Nevada. Was the Moon Landing filmed there by Stanley Kubrick? Goblins, Trolls. - Project Bluebook - a sham! - Project Paperclip and Nazi scientists in America. World War ll & Foo Fighters. - MK Ultra Mind Control. - Dr. Jaques Vallee, the inspiration for the Claude Lacombe character in the film "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind". - Prominent UFO speakers Linda Moulton Howe and Steven Greer. - Energy, atoms vs. matter. Decoding different freguences. Who can see UFO´s when others can´t? - Technology that can bend light. Light - Energy - Vibration. - Remote Viewing. Ingo Swann and Uri Geller. - People risking ridicule in order to speak the truth about the nature of reality. - Crazy encounters with people. - MJ12 (Majestic 12) secret documents. - President Eisenhower meeting with aliens in the 1950´s. - The New World Order. - JFK and the Las Vegas mafia. ........that and much more in this eye-opening and dynamic episode with George Knapp. Filmed at Art Storage Loft Building Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark 5 October 2018 Interviewed by Lucas Alexander for Age Of Truth TV. PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! Your support is greatly appreciated. AGE OF TRUTH TV Website: http://www.ageoftruth.tv For further contact: ageoftruthtv@gmail.com © 2018 Age Of Truth TV. All Rights Reserved.

Michael Salla presents Antarctica’s hidden history and the evolution of secret space programs

Michael Salla will present Antarctica’s hidden history and the evolution of secret space programs. Details about his 2018 Australian presentations can be viewed here. A surge in recent scientific and political interest in Antarctica is driven by secret excavations of a flash frozen civilization found under its ice shelves. Whistleblower claims that the civilization was the result of an extraterrestrial colony established by refugees who came from the Moon approximately 60,000 years ago. In addition, information that elite bloodlines based on hybrid extra-terrestrial and human genetics were specifically created around the world to rule over the rest of humanity will be discussed in relation to historic documents. The ‘ice free’ Antarctica documents are linked to whistleblower claims that Nazi Germany established secret bases under the ice shelf with the assistance of various extra-terrestrials. The classified construction of US military bases under Project Iceworm with the goal of finding and developing alien technologies will be discussed in relation to the 1959 Antarctic Treaty, that forbids such activities. Information detailing excavations occurring throughout Antarctica and their impact on the stability of the frozen continent’s ice shelf will also be explored. The prospects for disclosure of recent Antarctica discoveries will be discussed. Dr Michael Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy. He has taught at universities in the USA and Australia. He is pioneer in the development of Exopolitics, the study of the main actors, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life. Michael published the first book on Exopolitics in 2004, and followed this with another, examining Exopolitics and US Foreign Policy in 2009. He also authored, Galactic Diplomacy (2013) and Kennedy’s Last Stand (2013). In 2015, he authored, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extra-terrestrial Alliances (2015). His recent books are, The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extra-terrestrial Alliance (2017). His website is: exopolitics.org.

FREE 2-HOUR MOVIE. From UFOTV, accept no imitations. Area 51 is the most mysterious "top-secret military test facility" in the world. New technologies vital to United States national security are developed here. Insiders claim that even recovered spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin are studied and test flown at Area 51. In a three-year investigation, a German film crew dove deeply into the secrets of "Dreamland" and Area 51, interviewing top scientists and security personnel who worked inside Area 51 and claim to have seen what can only now be described as alien spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. This program presents the facts about these amazing discoveries and includes stunning film footage of the remarkable flight maneuvers of these mysterious alien spacecraft secretly recorded during test flights at Area 51.

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