How to turn a men's coat to a women's coat

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DIY wide leg Jumpsuit from Men's suit refashion video for more pictures and DIYs! Visit for glimpses of my life. I'm a big jumpsuit lover and suit lover and combing the 2 is pretty much amazing. Here is my refashion from a men's suit, thanks for the challenge portia (go check out other's take on the challenge). Instructions below. Instructions: 1.Cut the inseam of the men’s pants 2.Open up the pants and lay them inseam touching, front lined up with the front and back with the back 3.Take a pair of wide leg pants and pull out the crouch seam on the back side, then line up the side seams of the wide leg pants with the side seam of the men’s pants which should be the center at this moment. Then Cut out the crouch and leg seam, allow extra room for error. Repeat this with the front crouch seam and the front side of the pants. 4.Put the legs back together again and sew up the new inseam 5.Also sew up the crouch seams, leaving the back open, or in my case because I didn’t need to take too much out of the back, cut the back open along the seam about 7 inches or so. 6.Grab a zipper and attach the front ride side to the left side of the bum of the pants. Pin and sew along the zipper teeth, 7.Repeat with the other side. My tip to making sure the waist lines up is I mark where the edge of the waistband hit with a pin on the opposite side of the zipper so I can line it up with the right side of the bum. Pin and sew close to the zipper. I then flip the extra zipper fabric inside the waistband between the layers of fabric and sew it down a few inches. 8.Pull the zipper through the little amount at the bottom you haven’t sewn and turn inside out. 9.Sew the zipper into place at the bottom of the zipper. 10.Cut away the back of the jacket, and if you need more material, the front as well! 11.Lay a fitted top out on top of the material and cut out a bigger version because we will be adding darts and attaching it to pants. 12.Repeat with the back piece. For me I used the back flap of the jacket as the fun back opening of my top. If you want to inclose it or make it longer then you can do so. I made the back shorter and boxier than the front. 13.If you want to skip this step you can! I wanted to add some fun velvet strips down the shoulders, so I cut out 2 inch wide stripes and sewed it right sides to gather to the shoulder seams. If you don’t want to do this step then skip to the next step for dart instructions. 14.If you want to add darts, grab a top you can mimic the darts from, pin it and test it out on yourself first before sewing. If you want to just eyeball it, then have the point of the darts start at the top of each boob and slant it down to a few inches below the armpit. Taking in enough to make the sides lay flat. I tested it out a few times until it was just right. Sew the dart into a triangle. 15.Match up the other side to get the darts to match up. 16.Lay down the front and back together and sew up the side seams 17.Serge or zig zag stitch the raw edges of the arms and neckline, then hem the neckline and arm openings under 1/2” be careful not to pull. Don’t forget to hem or sew up any seams or areas that were seam ripped.Iron everything flat. 18.Serge the bottom of the top’s front and attach it to the inside of the pant’s waistband. Topstitch it 1/4” from the edge. 19.Last, if you are going in a different directions with the back of the top you can add buttons or zippers in order to get into the jumpsuit, I can easily slip into the back with how high the opening is.

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Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date on all my new videos :) This project shows how I alter a men's XXL shirt down a couple sizes for fit me. Now before you say anything, I like my shirts to be a little on the bigger side...but this shirt started off HUGE. I altered it to be big enough to wear it over layers, but not look like I'm swimming in it :) Thanks for watching and HUGS :)

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DIY Dress Pants into Trench Coat | Injoyy

∇ OPEN FOR MORE TO INJOYY ∇ (lol reuploaded due to song.. but) FINALLY A DIY!!!!!! I haven't done one in over 2 months?!?! I wonder if you guys have missed them?! Anyways, I found these old khaki dress pants my dad never wears anymore & I revamped them into a trench coat! (My dinosaur laptop broke so I edited this on my new laptop so hopefully it isn't iffy quality) Sorry if some instructions weren't clear or I went too fast but I haven't done a DIY in so long! Hopefully you guys injoyy this :) ♡ love you guys! ♡ OH YEAH Don’t forget to join my giveaway!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ Details in my previous video ♡♡♡♡♡ ▸ ------------------------------­­­------ MY LINKS ▸ instagram: ▸ vinted: Business email ▸ ------------------------------­­­------ MATERIALS: 1. Sewing Machine 2. 2 pairs of Dress pants 3. Pins 4. Scissors 5. White chalk/Pencil ------------------------------­­­------ SONG: Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank - Shades Of Grey feat. Delaney Jane (Jakoban X ASAN Remix) © I do not own this song & this is not a sponsored video. DISCLAIMER: COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED. All music rights and everything go to the artists and the people affiliated with them.

Men's Shirt Refashion | Ruched Sleeves Wrap Top

Statement tops are literally everywhere at the moment. Here I show you how to whip one up DIY style. For more details, visit I’ve seen slightly different variations of this style, but I personally chose a more fitted look. Feel free to add your own spin and make whichever version you like best! For more details on the sleeves and the other ways I styled this look, visit the link above. __________________________________________________ M Y S U P P L I E S Pins Ruler Scissors Seam Ripper Tape Measure Sewing Machine __________________________________________________ L E T' S C O N N E C T ! Want to see more? LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! It's free! Also, to catch a sneak peek of my upcoming video, follow me on INSTAGRAM @ __________________________________________________ M U S I C Joakim Karud __________________________________________________ D I S C L O S U R E I may receive a small commission (at no charge to you), if you purchase products through links above. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

This coat transformation is very simple for advance sewers, however, if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you practising on an old coat/shirt first in order to gain confidence.


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