Exploring Papua New Guinea with Peter Levshin

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Kiriwina(3of5) - Exploring. Trobriand Is, Papua New Guinea.

Hari & Bindu spent a Magical week (only one flight per week from Port Moresby) at Kiriwina Lodge. Exploring the island they came across some amazing sights of the local people, unspoilt beaches and life generally. Filmed in 1982 on VHS. All rights reserved.

A Tourist's Guide to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Part 1 of my South Pacific Trip. I fly into the danger zone, otherwise known as PNG's capital city. With a reputation for carjacking, violence, machete attacks (all down to those pesky Raskols) I brave the mean streets and find that the city is not as bad as is made out. That said, there is a definite edge, but everyone I came across was friendly and welcoming.

Tribe meets white man for the first time 1/3 (with narration)

► Subscribe for more uplifting videos! An isolated tribe in Papua New Guinea meets the white man for the first time. This took place in the 1970s when there were more un-contacted tribes that today. However even today there are still a few tribes that have not yet met the rest of civilization. Be sure to subscribe for more uplifting videos! (The uplifting video channel brings you uplifting, insightful, and frankly relaxing videos for you to enjoy. Welcome.)

Papua Neuguinea - Land der Überraschungen

Die katholische Kirche - eine missionarische - wächst. Jeder dritte Einwohner von Papua ist bereits katholisch. Kirche in Not Hernalser Hauptstraße 55/1/8 1172 Wien Tel. +43 - (0)1 - 405 25 53 Mail: kin@kircheinnot.at Web: http://www.kircheinnot.at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kircheinnot.at Twitter: @kircheinnot

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, a tour of its disappointing capital of PORT MORESBY

SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/VicStefanu - Let's go for a walking tour around Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea's capital and one of the most unsafe cities in the world.. Vic Stefanu, vstefanu@yahoo.com. Papua New Guinea, or PNG, officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is an Oceanian country that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and its offshore islands in Melanesia, a region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean north of Australia. Its capital, located along its southeastern coast, is Port Moresby

In this interview I sit down with Peter Levshin to discuss his recent trip to Papua New Guinea. We discuss preparation, his gear choices, navigating a different culture and more.

Peter was born in Sydney, Australia and has lived in Los Angeles since 1988 with his wife, Linda, four children and six grandchildren. Peter came from a creative family - his father was a painter and his mother designed ceramics, pottery, as well as tapestries.

Peter's photographs are simple, ethereal, mystical and always have a dramatic atmosphere. He captures bold colors that make a statement, yet the simple subjects create a sense of drama. Peter wants the viewer to feel a connection with his artwork. A selection from his full body of work is currently displayed with Premier Artists Collection, where prints are available for purchase.

Check out Peter’s vote here: http://www.levoimagery.com



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