Place 2 Nails Beside Your Plants And See What Happens

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Improvement iron deficiency of plants | Grow healthy plants

How to grow healthy plants using iron , Grow your plants faster , Best gardening tips for beginners

100 Best GARDENING HACKS AND IDEAS by Garden Tips - Beginners to Experts

Today, on first anniversary of Garden Tips Channel, I take the privilege to thank all my viewers and subscribers for making my channel successful and i post 100 best GARDENING HACKS useful garden hacks for Beginners in gardening to Experts in gardening. Please watch all the hacks till the end. You might find these gardening ideas like seed hacks, pest control hacks, tips for vegetable gardening, container gardening ideas, home gardening, terest gardening and all such tips and hacks on growing plants. hacks, gardeninghacks, gardenhacks, gardentips, gardeningtips SUBSCRIBE TO DOCTORS HEALTH TIPS CHANNEL: (I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening) Free SUBSCRIBE TO Our Channel at: CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL TO "ON" TO RECEIVE UPDATES! Our Facebook Page: Our Twitter URL: Our Instagram Link: My Friends Channel - Please LIKE and Share your Thoughts and COMMENTS below. Gardening Videos - PLAYALL: Also please SUBSCRIBE to our channel with Notification Bell "Turned On" to receive notifications on new additions and activity of our channel. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Garden Tips - Gardening Channel in English - Gardening Tips Hindi - Our Website: CHECK OUR PLAYLISTS: Join Our WhatsApp Group to learn from experts: Please Join Here for a small fee. After Joining, please contact us with your youtube user id and whatsapp number to be added to our Gardening Family. Contact here - (enquiries). Happy Gardening! XOXO Thank you for Watching. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #gardening #gardeningtips #gardentips #gardeningideas #farming #agriculture #botany #plants #garden

16 Benefits of Baking Soda

16 Benefits of Baking Soda. Check out these super easy uses for baking soda to make your life easier Latest Video : Please Like & Share. Thanks for subscribe. ------------------ Facebook : Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: ------------------ El Magicia by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

How To Make a Mini Greenhouse - Seed Germination made with Styrofoam Box

In this Video let's learn how to do Mini Greenhouse - Seed Germination made with Styrofoam Box, The great benefit of Styrofoam is that it is a Thermal Insulator, prevents the passage of Heat to the which will remain moist for a longer time, the Nutrients will be absolved by the plants more giving perfect conditions for a good development. The boxes are easily found in Free Trade Shows, Fishmongers and Super Markets. Let's start! drill holes in the bottom of the Box to drain the water. Use a substrate with good Grease Nutrients and the development of your Plants. I made channels to plant the seeds, and I'll evenly sow the Lettuce Seeds. To make the cover I used pieces of wood, put 2 on the sides and one on the top, tie with ropes or screws To cover the Greenhouse place a Plastic, which should be well stretched. The plastic film will protect plants from the sun's rays and also from the rains. For the hottest days I'm using a protection screen that reduces the passage of the solo rays by 50%. here the germination with 24 days already ready to transplant, An important detail; remove the plants with substrate the roots need to be covered, this will favor the development Now we will carry out the transplant into the garden, Removing the seedling with substrate, we will plant, I have already placed the Bottles for drip irrigation Here's how to make a Drip Irrigation System made with Pet Bottles and Rope, at the end there is a Video thumbnail and also in the description! 1- How to make Self Watering System for your Plants using waste Plastic Bottle and a Rope 2- How to make Self Watering System for your Plants using waste Plastic Bottle and a Rope 2 Thank you friends to view the Movie click on please liked, subscribe to our channel, welcome! Adriano.

Topping Pepper Plants & Two Months Results

In many of my pepper videos, I have explained why and when to top peppers, but because it's part of a video grow log, people that have not followed the series have trouble finding it. In this video, I focus only on topping peppers. Please feel free to comment, like, subscribe or share the videos. As always, thank you for watching! My Indoor Setup:

Inspiration and usefulness often comes from strange and unusual places. Gardening is no exception to this. Over time, gardeners have dreamt up a weird array of garden hacks that actually work really well, as strange as they may seem.
Here are 9 weird or unusual household things that help out in the garden.

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