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Complete Poultry farm Training part 1 by Dr Kadam कुक्कुटपालन पालन भाग 1

Complete Poultry farm Training part 1 by Dr Kadam कुक्कुटपालन पालन भाग 1

The Truth about Diabetes Reversal - The Blood Sugar Live Experiment to Cure Diabetes by FFD

Dr. Pramod Tripathi (FFD) conducts a BLOOD SUGAR LIVE EXPERIMENT TO CURE DIABETES. All the confusion surrounding diabetes reversal program is cleared here. Watch for yourself! After seeing for months how much the video by Dr Bishwaroop Roy Chowdhury on Type 1 & Type 2 Cure : 1. Has created CONFUSION in the mind and actions of diabetics 2. Has BENEFITED certain diabetics and also brought absolutely ADVERSE reaction in certain others who have gone overboard in consuming excess fruit too early in the reversal phase. 3. Has evoked strong FOR and AGAINST comments WE DECIDED TO "CATCH THE BULL BY THE HORNS" AND DO A LIVE EXPERIMENT WITH MY PATIENTS BY GIVING 450 GRAMS OF BANANAS AND MANGOES... (Catching the bull over hear means genuinely doing the task and learning from it!!!) THIS VIDEO is called TRUE ANSWERS TO... BLOOD SUGAR LIVE EXPERIMENT TO CURE DIABETES by Dr. Pramod Tripathi (FFD). You all can watch it here and get REAL ANSWERS and CLEAR THE CONFUSION ABOUT FRUITS IN DIABETICS from this live experiment. QUICK BACKGROUND to all who will start commenting early both FOR and AGAINST, some will do this without even understanding the real truth or my earlier experience: "My name is Dr. Pramod Tripathi. I am the Founder of an organization called FREEDOM FROM DIABETES based in Pune, INDIA. We also have a registered RESEARCH FOUNDATION. By qualification I am an MBBS doctor from B J Medical College Pune which is a reputed college and used to be amongst the top 10 medical colleges of India. Still it is within the top 30-40. Personally, I didn't enjoy regular medical practice so I did a variety of certified courses in Yoga & Ayurveda, NLP, etc and have trained over 150,000 people on how to be healthier, fitter and stress free. Since 2011, got interested in reversing diabetes and lifestyle disorders. Read researches of Dr Barnard, Cousens, Fuhrmann, McDougall, Campbell, Esselstyn, Lipton, etc. Did a certified course of Nanavati Hospital called Professional Diploma in Diabetes Management. And starting running workshops and consultations on how by changing diet, exercise and stress ... sugar levels could drop and medicines/ insulin can be reduced or stopped." In the last FIVE YEARS we are already BLESSED by 6000+ DIABETICS who are FREE OF INSULIN AND /OR TABLETS. Over HUNDRED DIABETICS HAVE CLEARED THE GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST, which we believe is one of the biggest numbers in the world. Over 1200 diabetics have already given their VIDEO TESTIMONIAL OF BRING FREE OF MEDICINES AND/OR INSULIN. SO, BEFORE COMMENTING BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE, PLEASE ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUTH written above and in many of our videos. Go through it in detail and LEARN. Treat this video as a LEARNING EXPERIENCE! May many more realize the highest truth of fruit consumption and the reversal journey. TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS NO MATTER WHAT ON LIKES TO BELIEVE IN. AND IN THE JOURNEY ONCE ONE REALIZES THAT THERE IS A LOWER TRUTH AND A HIGHER TRUTH THEN EVERYTHING FALLS INTO PLACE Healthy wishes, Dr Pramod Tripathi Founder Freedom From Diabetes Research Foundation Pune, India. For more information you can visit www.freedomfromdiabetes.org or call 7776077760

खासदार विनायक राऊत, नारायण राणे आणि माज़ी खासदार निलेश रा...

कोकणातील तीन खासदारांचा जंगी सामना प्रथमच तुमच्या साठी। ..... खासदार विनायक राऊत, खासदार नारायण राणे आणि माज़ी खासदार निलेश राणे यांच्या आरोप प्रत्यारोपाचा जंगी सामना। ...... संपूर्ण पहायला विसरू नका। ... कोण जीता कोण हारा। .......

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हरितगृहातील रंगीत ढोबळी मिरची - लागवडे आमची माती आमची मा...

हरितगृहातील रंगीत ढोबळी मिरची - लागवडे हा विशेष कार्यक्रम आमची माती आमची माणसं या कार्यक्रमात १८ जानेवारी २०१९ रोजी प्रसारण झाले.... आपण पाहू शकला नसाल तर या व्हिडिओ द्वारे आपण पुन्हा पाहू शकता.... Amchi Mati Amchi Manse - 18 January 2019 - हरितगृहातील रंगीत ढोबळी मिरची - लागवडे DD Sahyadri Doordarshan Mumbai Sahyadri Marathi Show : ' Amchi Mati Amchi Manse '_' आमची माती आमची माणसं ' (१८ जानेवारी २०१९) Subject : ' हरितगृहातील रंगीत ढोबळी मिरची - लागवडे..... ' Social Media Operator : वनिता राऊत - मांजरेकर Producer : संजय कर्णिक

DD Sahyadri
Doordarshan Mumbai
Sahyadri Marathi
Show : Krishidarshan 26 July 2016
Subject : ' Parsatil Kombadi palan '
Participant : Dr. Hanumant Aage, Subject Expert (Veterinary Science)
Anchor : Rutuja Aathlye
Producer : Maruti Mogale

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