How to Take Garment Measurements of Men's Tops, Thobes, Jubbas, & Outerwear

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T.M.Lewin | Know Your Size - Suits

A video guide on measuring suit size. You can view our full collection here:

This step by step video tutorial will show you how to take the measurements of top, galabiyya, jubba or piece of outerwear you already own in order to purchase the correct size from SHUKR.

How to take garment measurements of tops, galabiyyas and outerwear:

Lay out a similar garment you own flat on the floor or on a table. Using a soft measuring tape, take the following measurements:

Length: Measure the centre back of the garment, from the bottom of the neckline until the end of the hem at the bottom of the garment.

Sleeve: Measure the length of the sleeve from the point of its attachment at the top of the shoulder, to the end of the cuff hem.

Chest: Measure immediately underneath the armhole, across the chest of the garment.

Shoulder: Measure from the point of sleeve attachment at the top of the shoulder on one side, to the same point on the other side.

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