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Troy Miller and Frederick Van Johnson discuss the latest submissions to the TWiP PRO Community. This weeks theme was "ABSTRACT!". Join TWiP PRO: Check out TWiP: Follow Troy Miller:

The Weekly Fifty! with Simon Ringsmuth

In this interview, Simon Ringsmuth joins me to talk about his amazing on-going personal project — The Weekly Fifty! Simon Ringsmuth is a Faculty member and Instructional Designer at Oklahoma State University, where he teaches undergraduate students the principles of Project Management while working with professors across campus to help them improve their teaching skills. He and his wife have two young children and in their spare time they do family and high school senior portraits for people around their community and enjoy making photography a part of their daily lives. Simon is also a regular contributor to Digital Photography School where he writes columns about cameras, software, and lots of other topics related to photography. Since the spring of 2013, Simon has maintained a blog called Weekly Fifty where he posts one picture each Wednesday, along with explanatory text and audio commentary, as a way of helping himself learn more about photography as well as how to use his camera. He got his start with an old Nikon D200 and 50mm lens, hence the name of the blog, but he has since branched out into other cameras and lenses while staying committed to the one-shot-per-week format. This has been instrumental in helping him learn and grow as a photographer, and even after six years, he has no intention of stopping. If anything, doing the blog has helped him see how much he still has to learn about photography. The Weekly Fifty YouTube Channel:

Watch Me Work - Don Komarechka - Focus Stacking

Macro expert Don Komarechka gives a "close up" look at how he photographs water droplets and snowflakes! Join TWiP PRO at HELP SUPPORT TWIP! + PATREON - Please help support TWiP by donating to the network on Patreon. Running a podcast network is not cheap, free or easy! It requires a ton of effort and commitment. Even the smallest donations help us keep things afloat. + TWIP PRO - If you enjoyed this video, please join our community at - you can support TWiP while continuing the photography conversation. Join the mixer with like-minded photographers, while helping keep us on the air! --------------- More about our network... + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO - TWiP is one of the longest running and most respected photography podcast brand and networks in the world. Subscribe to our podcast, or our YouTube channel to stay entertained, inspired and educated about all things photography. + TWiP PRO SCHOOL - Continue your learning experience at the TWiP PRO School! We've got loads of "instant access" digital courses available for you to dive into NOW. Many courses are taught by some of your favorite TWiP personalities! + TWiP MEETUPS - Meet and interact with some of the TWiP hosts, get to know your fellow TWiP PRO community members, and learn how to take your photography to the next level. Everyone is welcome — all skill-levels, camera types, and photographic interests. + FASHION BY FREDERICKVAN :) - TWiP Host Frederick Van Johnson has partnered with fashion brand VIDA to bring you some of his most popular photographs — in wearable form! Check out the latest releases. + TWiP ON SOCIAL MEDIA: • Twitter - • Facebook Group - • YouTube - • Instagram - + FREDERICK ON SOCIAL MEDIA: • Twitter - • Facebook - • YouTube - • Instagram - The TWiP Network strives to remain objective about everything we discuss, review or pontificate about, we have strong opinions on almost everything. Frederick Van Johnson is a Panasonic Lumix Luminary, so his opinions may skew towards Lumix gear. You can learn more about the Luminary team at

Mind Your Own Businesses

Listen in as two successful "Photopreneurs" describe how they were able to beat the odds and build highly successful businesses. And how they're now teaching other photographers to do the same thing. The Art of Six Figures Webinar:

The Art of Six Figures with Easton Reynolds

In this interview, Easton Reynolds breaks down how HE has broken down the process for creating high levels of repeatable income and leads from Facebook as well as a steady stream of clients to his wedding photography business. You'll learn how he did it, and how you can do it too.

Troy Miller and Frederick Van Johnson review the October 15th submissions to the TWiP PRO Community.


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