Metal cutting and Machine tools 11-07-2017

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Tool Geometry: Single Point Cutting Tool Specifications

Single Point Cutting Tool Geometry

For This video highlights the important geometry of a single point cutting tool. This type of tool is often used on a lathe. They are available as HSS and Brazed Carbide tools. Much of the terminology is relevant to insert style tooling as well. CAD Model used in this video is available at: See also:

Cutting Tool Signature, Nomenclature, Designation, Geometry - Animation

Cutting Tool, its various Parts, Tool Nomenclature, Tool Signature, Tool Geometry, Tool Designation Tool Geometry is defined as the combination of 7 values (6 angles and a radius) in a specific order that helps us determine the type of tool being used. In other words, it specifies the tool, so it is also called Tool Signature. Orthogonal Rake System (ORS) clearly explained in short with Inclination Angle, Clearance Angles, Rake Angle, Approach Angles. This system is based on the cutting edge of the tool. Another popular system of Tool Nomenclature is the ASA system (American Standards Association). This system is based on the longitudinal feed direction, that is the X and the Y axes. Check out my video on ASA System : This has been explained extensively in this video through a 3D CAD model created in SolidWorks, using different planes, views, and sections. Please support by subscribing, liking and sharing the video. Please comment about any shortcomings, improvements or requested topics.

How the Universe Works - Black Holes and High Energy Universe - Space Discovery Documentary

One of the most cherished science fiction scenarios is using a black hole as a portal to another dimension or time or universe. That fantasy may be closer to reality than previously imagined. Black holes are perhaps the most mysterious objects in the universe. They are the consequence of gravity crushing a dying star without limit, leading to the formation of a true singularity – which happens when an entire star gets compressed down to a single point yielding an object with infinite density. This dense and hot singularity punches a hole in the fabric of spacetime itself, possibly opening up an opportunity for hyperspace travel. That is, a short cut through spacetime allowing for travel over cosmic scale distances in a short period. Researchers previously thought that any spacecraft attempting to use a black hole as a portal of this type would have to reckon with nature at its worst. The hot and dense singularity would cause the spacecraft to endure a sequence of increasingly uncomfortable tidal stretching and squeezing before being completely vaporized. #Universe #Space #Documentary

Metal Cutting Theory, Concepts, Formulas Solution of GATE Previous Year Questions

Metal Cutting Theory, Concepts, Formulas Solution of GATE Previous Year Questions

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