Kachare Nursery। कचरे रोपवाटिका, तळसंदे।

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A video on establishing vegetable Nursery in a plastic tray

A very good practice of nursery establishment. It should be used everywhere.

Starting a Business - Coconut tree Farming Business Ideas and Coconut Farm Maintenance

Starting a Business Coconut tree Farming and Coconut Farm Maintenance. Business Ideas coconut Cultivation. Coconut plantation is profitable Business. Low investment high profit business coconut production. The coconut palm (cocas nucifera limn.) is the most beneficial palm within the international. Each a part of the tree is beneficial to human existence for a few motives or the other. Consequently, the coconut palm is endearingly known as ‘kalpavriksha’ which means the tree of heaven. The copra received by way of drying the kernel of coconut is the richest supply of vegetable oil containing 65 to 70 in line with cent oil. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/V25i45 Guidance of land:- Length of the pit relies upon on the soil kind and water desk. In late rite soils huge pits of the size 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.2 m may be dug and crammed up with loose soil, powdered cow dung and ash up to a intensity of 60 cm earlier than planting. In loamy soils, pits of length 1m x 1m x 1m full of pinnacle soil to top of fifty cm is suggested. Even as filling the pits, two layers of coconut husk can be arranged at the lowest of the pit with concave surface facing upwards for moisture conservation. After arranging each layer, BHC 10% dip need to be sprinkled at the husk to save you termite attack. In late rite soils, commonplace salt 2 kg in line with pit can be applied, six months earlier, on the ground of the pit to soften the tough pans. Spacing:- In widespread rectangular gadget of planting with a spacing of 7.5m x 7.5m is recommended for coconut. This could accommodate 177 fingers in step with hectare. Planting fabric & planting:- Vigorous seedlings which are one year old, having minimal of six leaves and girth of 10 cm on the collar degree should be selected for planting within the major area. Planting the seedlings during May also with the onset of pre-monsoon rain is ideal. Renovation of coconut garden: - Normal maturing from the primary 12 months of planting is crucial to make sure desirable vegetative growth, early flowering and bearing and high yield. Irrigation: - Coconut responds well to summer season irrigation. Under basin irrigation, two hundred liters consistent with palm as soon as in four days may be beneficial. In regions where water is scarce drip irrigation gadget can be followed. Intercultural:- Tillage operations like digging, sloughing, forming small mounds during august - September and spreading them in December - January, making shallow basins with a radius of 2m before the onset of monsoon and filling it up on the near of monsoon are useful to the trees. Coconut based totally cropping structures: - to maximize the utilization of soil and daylight in the coconut lawn, intercropping may be adopted with a variety of crops. Manuring: Everyday maturing from the primary yr of planting is crucial to gain higher productiveness. For coconut 20 - 50 kg organic manure need to be implemented in step with palm in keeping with 12 months with the onset of south west monsoon, whilst soil moisture content is high. Different forms of organic manures like compost, farm yard manure, bone meal, fish meal, blood meal, need cake, groundnut cake and so on. Will be made use for this motive. In addition to this the subsequent fertilizer agenda is recommended. Harvesting: - Coconuts emerge as mature in about one year after the opening of the spate. It's far the ripe coconut which is the source of primary coconut merchandise. Nuts which are 11 months vintage give fibre of correct fine and may be harvested in the tracts where inexperienced husks are required for the manufacture of coir fiber. Economic existence of the coconut palm may be considered as 60 years.


HI FRIENDS , friends my 1 year lemon plant is not growing properly ,no flowring set up yet..so i decided to graft on it with my 4 year lemon plant which is full with lots of fruit on it.. lemon ,citrus grafting can done by so many techniques but i like this V grafting ,because in this contact between to surface is more so that sucess of grafting % is more then other methods... friends if you have any question which i forget to mention you can ask me in comment... if you like my video don't forget to SUBSCRIBES me.. thanks for watching

How to grow Capsicum from planting (in India)

How to grow Capsicum from planting ( without greenhouse )


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Color capsicum Nursery

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