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Ovulation, fertilization & twinning

About Your Heart Attack | Nucleus Health

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Women's most fertile days for easy conception

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10 Interesting Ways To Tell If You’re Having A Boy Or A Girl

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Top 10 Most Astonishing Electron Microscope Pics In The World

Top 10 Most Astonishing Electron Microscope Pics In The World Help SPOOF reach 1k subs: 💞https://goo.gl/A2q7ky 💞 The world around us is definitely wonderful and we know more and more about it with each new discovery science makes. Although we have a lot of information, some things go un-noticed. Even the day to day objects like a crack in a piece of steel, the beauty of a human tongue, or the amazing structure of the human bone. When we put some of our daily items under an electron microscope, we discover entirely new worlds that amaze, and shock us through their astonishing construction. These pics we show here are nothing but a scratch on the surface of the micro worlds that are all around us. From the drop of a sea water to the beautiful plankton or the super chalk structure, we have it all. I do not own any of these images. If you want me to credit you for your work, please provide me the link to it, and I'll add it inside this description. Image credit: Austrian Centre for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis (FELMI-ZFE) https://www.facebook.com/Austrian-Centre-for-Electron-Microscopy-and-Nanoanalysis-F-E-L-M-I-Z-F-E-1607499066168368/ For any other issues, please contact me at theytsymbol@gmail.com Related: electron microscope images of viruses electron microscope images of cells electron microscope video microscopic world electron microscope images color electron microscope images of atoms electron microscope images of human body transmission electron microscope images -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "10+ Examples Of Double Standards In Our Society That You’re Probably Guilty Of" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qee5m037rU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows human fertilization, also known as conception. Shown at a cellular level magnification, sperm struggle through many obstacles in the female reproductive tract to reach the egg. Then genetic material from the egg and a single sperm combines to form a new human being.

This animation was a finalist in the 2012 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival.

Nucleus Team: Thomas Brown, Stephen Boyd, Ron Collins, Mary Beth Clough, Kelvin Li, Erin Frederikson, Eric Small, Walid Aziz, Nobles Green.


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