सर्पमित्र भिमाशंकर गाढवे यांनी पकडलेला हाच तो पाणी पिणारा कोब्रा

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खेत तालाब में गिरा कोबरा सांप, फिर देखिए किस तरह उसको बाहर...

#SarpmitraAkashJadhav --~-- आज हमने यह कोबरा सांप घाटशिरस गांव, अहमदनगर मे एक खेत तालाब मे से रेस्क्यू किया.. उसको पकडने के बाद तुरंत एक अच्छी जगह पर जंगल मे रिलीस कर दिया... Today Rescue indian cobra snake from ghat shiras gaon, Ahmednagar maharashtra Snake Friend Akash Jadhav सर्पमित्र आकाश जाधव अहमदनगर Ahmednagar District Snake Rescue Call me my mobile 9209640006 ************************ 💎For More Snake Rescue Videos Subscribe our Channel (मेरे और नए नए विडिओ देखने के मेरे इस यूट्यूब चैनल को Subscribe करें) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0A1ZF6z8cWzWoCEt13b7Kg 👉🏽Follow us on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Sarpmitra.akashjadhav25 ) 👉🏽Follow us on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/Sarpmitra.akashjadhav25 ) ------------------------------- FOR MORE SNAKE RESCUE VIDEOS AND SNAKE INFORMATION VISIT THE LINKS BELOW ************************** ■ How Snake Friend Work (कैसे कार्य करते हैं सर्पमित्र ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ0Ut2aQBl0 ■ First Aid Treatment of Snakebite ( सर्पदंश प्राथमिक उपचार) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8Epa7pBNTM&t=1s ■ Can we get millions of rupees from Red Sand Boa Snake? (मांडोल साप यानी दो मुहा कहा जाने वाला साप के हमें लाखो करोडो रुपये मिल सकते है क्या.? जानिए इसका पूरा असली सच) https://youtu.be/YLriI64XzWM ■ ABP माझा News Channel Telecasting How Snake friend Akash Jadhav take care of Young Snakes https://youtu.be/hgu8CfpJdTY ■ T9 Marathi News Channel Telecasting How Snake friend Akash Jadhav Took Care of Young Snakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfzsZXhjTcI ■ Mongoose animal playing with me Video ( नेवला मेरे साथ खेलते हुवे विडिओ ) https://youtu.be/Rrbpka00Wuw THANKS FOR WATCHING OUR VIDEOS ********************** For Any Help Call Us On_ My mobile 9209640006

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LIVE: Leopard Jumps From Tall Tree To Ambush Eagle | The Best Of Wild Animal Attacks 2018 #wildanimals, #animals

पोरं म्हणाली अरे बापरे कसला रे असला साप हा?

How to Snake Master catch a King Cobra in a House - Very Shocking

Hi friends…Its very rare video to see a Snake Master catch a snake in front of public. Very dangerous moment. Its very Long and mega size King cobra. It was trying to bite Snake Master also. They handled it carefully and catched smartly. These are very courage steps to save the people from snake. Thanks to Snake Master. Finally they were used black bag to catch it. Thanks for watching..... Snake Master feeds Mice to Snakes - https://youtu.be/u6rYe3nwcgE King Cobra laying Eggs - https://youtu.be/tYxRjblR2GI

पंढरपूर रोडवर 'त्या' रात्री 1 वाजता काय घडलं?घटनेचा व्हिडी...

Don't Forget to SUBSCIRBE to our YouTube Channel ---- http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBE-ViralInIndia ---- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Please SHARE This Video & Support This Work ** 👍👍👍 -------------------------------------------------------------- Note - This is Marathi Regional Language Content Video. Non Marathi Peoples Please Click on *CC & Subtitles* Option on your updated YouTube App & Browser. # For non Marathi Peoples | English Translation of this video story Please Full Read : Full Story of Old Women (Grandmother) Saving by us. This incident happen in Pandharpur Highway Road, Solapur Dist,State-Maharashtra,India This gentle man (Yogesh Malkhare & Friend) was on his way, while driving at 1 a.m. he saw a shivering old women sited beside national highway. When he saw that old women he become shock because she was 90+ and was unable to even stand on her feet. He question her " what are you doing here in this dark night, where you want go , why you are alone? etc. Then she reply that " i am going to meet my nephew to his home town, i dont have any children, i dont have any home, i even cant stand on my feet. i reach here by crawling, i come from far village.I am waiting for god mercy, i want to die,because no one is there to take care of mine. By hearing such heart melting word that gentlemen feel very bad he requested her to come with him. he assure her for taking care of her. He gave her love with compassion. Initially she denied it, because she didn't want to be a panic for him. When that gentlemen insist her then she request him to take her to the Pandharpur Vitthal Temple,Solapur Dist in Maharashtra,India (God) Finally he convince her and took her with him. Then at last you can see, how he had done whatever is needed and now taking her whole responsibility. He send a message for all of us that - " I am working for unfounded people from last two year, at one side we all yell bharat mata ki jay and see the real scenario of bharat mata". He finally requested all of us to join hand in this holy work. He also suggested that government also should have to do somethings for this problem (चॅनेल पब्लिशर & सोशल फीड इनपुट - VIRAL IN INDIA) (Marathi) ------------------------------------------------------- या आज्जी साठी आपल्यात माणुसकी जिवंत असेल तर व्हिडीओ लाईक,कमेंट आणि #शेअर करा..👍👍👍 आपण हा व्हिडीओची लिंक जास्तीत जास्त शेअर करा हि नम्र विनंती 🙏🙏🙏 Note - Audio Under Fair Uses Policy - 10:27 - 11:03 (36 Seconds Only) End Music Audio Credit - FreshTunes © TEAM VIRAL IN INDIA CHANNEL | SOCIAL WORK | 2018 Official Email - TeamViralInIndia@gmail.com



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