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Understanding 3rd Party Lenses with The Phoblographer himself, Chris Gampat

In this interview, I sit down with Chris Gampat of The Phoblographer blog. Chris and I discuss the virtues and economics of third-party lenses versus OEM lenses. We dive into some of the issues surrounding using non-OEM lenses including warranty, weather-sealing as well as upgrading the firmware on these lenses. You’ll also find out what Chris carries around in HIS camera bag, and what his “desert island” lens is. So, if you own or are considering purchasing a new lens for your camera kit give this insightful discussion a listen. I'm sure you'll take away some valuable information that may just save you some headaches, and maybe a few dollars in the future. ------ + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

TWiP PRO Photo Critique 40

Frederick Van Johnson and Troy Miller discuss the latest submissions to the TWiP PRO community http://www.twippro.copm ------- + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

Talking Olympus with Joe Edelman

In this episode, Joe Edelman joins the show to discuss his work, Olympus gear and the "Geartographer" phenomenon. Joe is an Olympus Visionary and award-winning photographer and educator and YES – that crazy PHOTO Joe Edelman on YouTube! His primary subject: Beautiful people! His educational mission: To help photographers to develop a solid understanding of the HOWS and WHYS behind creating great photographs. His work is featured frequently on well-known photography blogs including Fstoppers, DIYPhotography, PetaPixel, Lifehacker, ISO1200, Shutterbug and LensVid among others. His primary subject - beautiful people! His photographs have been published internationally in magazines like Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Get Fit, Shape and Good Light Magazine to name a few. He has been called upon to complete assignments for both the New York Times and The Los Angeles Times and has serviced commercial advertising clients from all over the United States. Joe has earned a reputation as a lively and popular instructor and lecturer at camera clubs, photography conferences and photography workshops across the United States. He has been a speaker at events like ImagingUSA, WPPI, PhotoPlus, Out of Chicago, Carolina Photo Expo and numerous others. He has also served as an adjunct professor teaching about Creativity and Photography at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and Northampton County Community College in Monroe, PA. Along with his incredible wife and two four-legged kids, Joe is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Connect with Joe: - Like & Follow on FACEBOOK: - Follow on TWITTER: - Follow on INSTAGRAM: - Check my boards on PINTEREST: - Connect on LINKEDIN: - Connect on GOOGLE+: Connect with TWiP: + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

TWiP 542 - Mind Your Own Business | Productivity

In this episode, we dive into the mechanics of operating a successful creative business. The mindset necessary to sustain the daily grind while also keeping your creative juices flowing. There are secret tools and techniques that people “in the know” use and deploy every day, and now their secrets will be YOUR secrets! Clay Cook: Giulio Sciorio: ----- + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

Portrait Photography with an Entry Level DSLR and Kit Lens (i.e. Nikon D3400)

NEW: follow me on instagram - I recently released a video regarding portrait photography using a Nikon D7000 and fixed 50mm f/1.8. The wide open aperture allows for a nice blurred background which is great for portraits. After the release, I received a handful of questions regarding entry level DSLRs and kit lenses. Since most people do not have a fixed 35 or fixed 50, they wanted to know if the kit lens would perform the same. I ventured out to take portraits using an entry level DSLR and standard 18-55 kit lens with a Nikon D3400. Regardless of your camera and lens (be it Canon T6i, T5i, Nikon D3300, D3200, or perhaps the Sony a6000), you can take some great portraits using various techniques in my opinion. Nikon: Fixed 50mm w/ auto focus: Fixed 50mm w/o auto focus: Fixed 35mm w/ auto focus: Nikon D3400 w/ 18-55 kit lens: You will save a bit with the fixed 35mm (auto focus) over the fixed 50mm if you choose to go that route. Music by: J Hacha de Zola (song is League Boots)

A discussion about the latest submissions to the TWiP PRO #photo_critique channel!



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