Random Clock Talks Vol 16 - Hairsprings

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How I tighten a pocket watch hairspring collet, Waltham, Appleton Tracy

Waltham pocket watch don't work. Balance staff okay, mainspring good, has roller jewel but it is out of position, why? The hairspring collet is loose. American Watch Co., Waltham, Appleton Tracy, 18 size, 15 jewel. This video performed by an amateur. Do not attempt at home. No watches were harmed in the making of this video. For entertainment only.

Elliott Clock repairs

14 Langdale Court Witney OX28 6FG steven.fletcher@clockworkshop.co.uk

Repairing the Brocot Escapement, part 3 "Setting New Pallet Jewels"

Here are some helpful links for clock repair http://learntimeonline.com http://clockrepairtips.com Setting new pallet jewels in the Brocot escapement can be a tricky task. In this video I show a couple of ideas I have come up with that makes it easier and more accurate for me, hopefully this will give you some ideas. First, using super glue is not recommended, it may be less time consuming at first BUT future adjustments will be difficult. A small bag of shellac flakes is very inexpensive and will last for many repairs and is also good for many other little projects. By using the watchmakers roller table warmer heat is not directly applied to any of the clock surfaces causing damage. For the final adjustments the roller table warmer can hold the heat a bit longer than heated tweezers, allowing for extra time to make those adjustments. I personally like to take the anchor out of the movement when replacing the jewels. By doing so I am able to get a good close look at everything to insure a proper job. Though a slight adjustment of a miss aligned jewel is easily accomplished without disassembly. Thank you for watching my videos. I would ask you to give a thumbs up or make comments and give ideas so that everyone may benefit. Thank you and have a great day. William http://bornagainclocks.com You can also find more great information about clock repair and watch repair at http://learntimeonline.com

FreeCad for Watchmakers

This video shows how to make a watch part from a photo to the finished tool path for the CNC mill

Gear and Wheels Part 1

Motorized Toy Car Challenge video devloped to illustrate concepts in the curriculum: gear speed and direction, circumference, diameter, radius, combining different size gears, driver gear vs driven gear, gear trains, gear ratio, gear friction, gear pairs (compound gears), lever arm, torque, rim force

In Volume 16, J.M. Huckabee presents an in-depth discussion about hairsprings and demonstrates how to vibrate a clock hairspring.

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