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Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained

How does an astronaut return to Earth from the International Space Station? What does it feel like to re-enter the atmosphere? How does the Soyuz capsule function? Watch and find out. This video is based on an actual lesson delivered to the ESA astronaut class of 2009 (also known as the #Shenanigans09) during their ESA Basic Training. It features interviews with astronauts who have flown on the Soyuz and dramatic footage of actual landings. Produced by the ESA Human Spaceflight and Operations (HSO) Astronaut Training Division, Cologne, Germany, in collaboration with the HSO Strategic Planning and Outreach Office, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, with special support from Roskosmos. Narration Voice: Bernard Oattes Technical Experts: Stephane Ghiste, Dmitriy Churkin (HSO-UT) Content Design: Stephane Ghiste, Dmitriy Churkin, Raffaele Castellano, Matthew Day (HSO-UT) Animation & Video Editing: Raffaele Castellano (HSO-UT), HSO-K Project Coordination: Matthew Day, Stephane Ghiste, Dmitriy Churkin (HSO-UT) Special thanks to: Martin Schweiger (Orbiter software: http://orbit/ Nikita Vtyurin, Andrew Thielmann (Orbiter Soyuz model) Lionel Ferra (HSO-UT) Oleg Polovnikov (HSO-UT) Frank De Winne (HSO-A) Paolo Nespoli (HSO-A) Antonio Rodenas Bosque (HSO-UT) NASA ROSCOSMOS S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia Aerospace Search and Rescue Service of the Russian Federation Parachute footage: Cambridge University Spaceflight Surfer footage: copyright Red Bull Media House Footage from inside Soyuz capsule courtesy of RSC Energia has limited rights: a) These data are submitted with Limited Rights under Agreement among the Government of Canada, Governments of Member States of the European Space Agency, the Government of Japan, the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the United States of America concerning co-operation on the civil International Space Station. These data may be used by the receiving co-operating agency and its contractors and subcontractors, provided that such data shall be used, duplicated or disclosed only for the following purposes, which are related to the Cooperating Agency Space Station Program for ISS: 1) Use for ESA astronaut training 2) Use for educational purposes These data shall not be used by persons or entities other than the receiving Cooperating Agency, its contractors or subcontractors, or for any other purposes, without the prior written permission of the furnishing partner state, acting through its cooperating agency. b) This notice shall be marked on any reproduction of these data in whole or part. Also watch: Journey to the ISS Part 1: The launch sequence explained Watch Part 2: Soyuz rendezvous and docking explained Captions available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian (with thanks to Alexa Mirel) and Spanish. Click on the CC button to switch between languages.

Most EXPENSIVE Construction Mistakes Ever

Building things isn’t always as easy as it looks and sometimes all it can take is one wrong calculation, and it can all come tumbling down. You might take that roof over your head for granted, not even thinking about the work it took for it to stay in tact. Construction workers have dangerous jobs but someone has to do it! Other projects might seem like they’ll be worth it in the end but only wind up to be expensive eyesores to the public. From a random bridge collapse over the mississippi river, to nuclear powerplants that had similar flaws as chernobyl, here are the most expensive construction mistakes ever! Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 5. Sagrada Familia At what point does constructing a beautiful building become not really worth it anymore? How much money needs to be spent until you realize that maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea? Construction on this thing began 1882 and it’s still a mystery when exactly it might be finished! It’s gone through quite a bit rough times and construction was halted during times of civil unrest in the country. The basilica is located in the catalan speaking city of Barcelona and it soars 560 feet into the sky. One of the bigger mistakes about this place is that it was being built for 136 years until they realised that no one even had a building permit for it. This equated to 36 million dollar fine by officials which might slow down the process even more. For construction and maintenance it costs roughly 25 million per year. It’s estimated that at least 300 million dollars has been invested in this project and who knows how much more might be needed! 4. Fontainebleau Hotel and Casino This infamously doomed project began in 2007 on the Las Vegas strip and was set to be the city's tallest complete building with 68 floors. The site it was built on was historically a pretty popular area. However when the housing crisis hit Las Vegas in 2008, and further further development led to bankruptcy with the owner in 2009. An offer was made by Carl Ichan and eventually he auctioned off the furnishing of the building and much of it was scrapped by other casinos basically. While much of the construction is already done, various potential investors have sought to finish the job but not without a few extra billion dollars. Some believe the hotel will be ready to open in 2020 but who knows! 3. Tacoma Bridge Disaster Suspension bridges are a wonderful modern feat of architecture. The Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge are now a symbols for an entire city. However this bridge won’t live up to the same amount glory by a long shot. As Americans were beginning to build more highways in the 1940’s, some of their designs got a little sloppy. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was the 3rd largest bridge at the time in the world when it was opened in July 1940. The new design of the bridge was somewhat of an experiment and was built so that the wind would be diverted above and below the bridge. However, as you can see in this video, this design was faulty and even mild wind would cause the bridge to sway. Several cables began to fail and the bridge epically collapsed just 4 months after it was built. 2. Metrodome Collapse Apparently there is way too much snow in Minnesota! The huge amount of snow caused the roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis to collapse as we can see in this video. Did the engineers not realize that minnesota gets an insane amount of snow every winter? Unlike the others in this list, there were no fatalities, just a lot of unhappy football fans, which is almost worse. It’s still a rather large engineering fail when you consider that this could have possibly happened during Snow began leaking though. Someone didn’t calculated the heavy winter storm into the blueprints. A new stadium was eventually built and they vikings played at the University field for a while. The US bank stadium is designed a little bit differently so it should be able to handle the next time winter is coming. 1...

12 Newly Discovered Ancient Cities

From the amazing The Lost City of Heracleion, to the ancient The Lowland Hundred, here are 12 Newly Discovered Ancient Cities. Subscribe to Talltanic 5 - The Lost City of Heracleion In 2000, French underwater archaeologist, Franck Goddio, was searching for 18-century warships in Abu Qir Bay, near the canopic mouth of the Nile river, approximately ten meters beneath the waves, when a giant stone face emerged. The face belonged to a massive stone statue of Thonis-Heracleion, completely submerged, around six and a half kilometres off the Egyptian city of Alexandria's coastline. Franck also discovered 64 ships, 700 anchors, gold coins, more statues, some which towered 16 feet high, ruins of temples and several sarcophagi. The ancient city appeared to contain networks of canals, small sanctuaries and many forgotten dwellings. Archaeologists believe Heracleion City may have beginnings dating to 12th century BC, but vanished beneath the Mediterranean Sea sometime around the 3rd of 2nd century AD, though no one knows why. 4 - Urkesh The city Urkesh flourished between 4,000 and 1,300 BC, the kingdom controlled trade routes between Syria and Mesopotamia, as well as the highlands copper mines. The rich and powerful city was home to the Hurrian civilisation. In mythological texts, this metropolis was called, Home to the Primordial God. Other than that, historians know practically nothing about this ancient Arab civilisation. In the 1980s, Tell Mozan was discovered, a towering mound which hid an ancient palace, temple and open plaza. A decade later, further excavations uncovered a royal palace with Hurrian written scriptures, as well as a flight of descending stairs and an underground shaft believed to be the Urkesh Passage to the Netherworld. Leading researchers to conclude that Tell Mozan, was actually, the lost, buried city of Urkesh. 3 - The Akkadian Empire About 28 miles from Dohuk Iraq, researchers have discovered evidence of a Bronze-Age City, which dates back to around 3,000 BC. This ancient city is believed to have thrived for over a millennium, the walls date back to approximately 2,700 BC. Pieces of tablets, which are said to be from around 1,300 BC, were also discovered on site, the tablet fragments have led to implications that this place once housed a temple to the Mesopotamian weather God Adad. Roads and ruins of a palatial building left over from the Bronze Age, roughly 1,800 BC have also been unearthed here. All of this evidence, as well as a statue of a God-king, named Naram-Sin, point to this ancient city having once belonged to the Akkadian Empire which dates to the years 2340 to 2200 BC. 2 - Helike The legend goes, that a confederation of 12 cities once flourished in ancient Greece, the Achaean League, its leader, the city Helike. One night in 373 BC, the metropolis was obliterated, some believe a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami from the Gulf of Corinth wiped the cities from the face of the Earth. The rescue party found no survivors, over time, the location was lost entirely. In the early 19th century speculations of this ancient Greek city began. Researchers speculated that the base could be buried near Achaea, by the Peloponnesian peninsula. In 2001, excavations for the ancient theorised city gathered steam as ruins of columns began to take shape beneath the layers of Earth. Finally, in 2012, the destruction layer and many ancient artefacts were uncovered, which has led many to believe, that this site, is indeed, the remains of the ancient city of Helike. 1 - The Lowland Hundred This kingdom of legend from ancient Wales is believed to have stood from the sixth century through the 17th century, before vanishing without a trace. The stories say, that the land was submerged under water when Mererid, a priestess of a fairy-well grew angry at the ruler, and caused the water from the well to overflow, sinking the kingdom into memory. A few decades ago, the emergence of prehistoric forests during some stormy weather in Cardigan Bay West Wales, led to the possibility that this kingdom was more than legend. Further investigations revealed a wattle walkway with associated posts, fossilised human and animal footprints, as well as some ancient tools. Researchers continue to search for the remainder of this primordial Welsh World, the remnants are believed to be buried under the Cardigan Bay waters, between Ramsey Island and Bardsey Island.

How a Black Hole Would Kill You

Hey Everyone, You can find our 4K UHD content and more great space and science shows on: What would happen if you crossed paths with a black hole? Nothing good, that's for sure. Here are two popular theories about how exactly a black hole would kill you.

Ancient Aliens: Space Station Moon (S11, E11) | History

Is it possible that the moon is actually a giant spacecraft allowing extraterrestrials to monitor planet earth? Learn more about this theory in this collection of scenes from "Space Station Moon." #AncientAliens Subscribe for more from Ancient Aliens and other great HISTORY shows: Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: Check out exclusive HISTORY content: History Newsletter: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Ancient Aliens Season 11 Episode 11 Space Station Moon "Ancient Aliens" explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years. HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, epic miniseries, and scripted event programming. Visit us at for more info.

Space is a pretty crazy place and there will never come a time when we will truly be able to comprehend everything that is out there! We can speculate and make educated guesses, but even those will fail us at times. Today we take in some crazy facts and finds in space.

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11 - And the winner is Mars…
When it comes to volcanos, our ones on Earth pale in comparison to what you can find on Mars. On Mars, you’ll find the biggest volcano known to man! The volcano is called Olympus Mon, and it’s the biggest one in our solar system. This monstrosity spans 374-miles across and is 16-miles high. So, in more measurable terms, it’s as big as Arizona and triple the height of Mount Everest. The reason they can grow so big on Mars is due to weaker gravity, but how they actually formed in the first place, is still a mystery.

10 - It’s in his DNA…
Hard to imagine that one’s DNA can actually change if too much time has been spent in space, but it has been known to happen. Astronaut Scott Kelly spent 12-months at the International Space Station, and when he came back, he was 2-inches taller than before he left! They then compared his DNA to his identical twin brother and found that Scott’s gene expression had changed and his gut bacteria was totally different. It was put down to the stresses of space travel making changes in his cell’s biological pathways.

9 - Ray of light…
Out there in space there is an electrical current that is so strong it has the same power as 1-trillion lightning bolts! It’s believed the lightning comes from a massive black hole that is apparently a “huge cosmic jet.” The black hole has a large magnetic field and along with gas, fires up the lightning bolts. It’s said that one lightning bolt is one and a half times the size of earth, but fortunately it’s a few thousand light years away!

8 - Venus has wind…
Venus has become known for its super powerful winds, which are believed to soar 50-times faster than the planet rotates! The European Venus Express spacecraft studied the planet from 2006 – 2014 and deduced that the winds were getting stronger over time!

7 - Planet zapper…
Massive explosions in space cause huge gamma ray bursts, which can destroy almost anything their path, such as planets. It is believed that such an explosion occurs in the Milky Way only every 5 million years, and they would be too far from us to cause us too severe… sunburn… Phew!

6 - You can’t always stay out of the sun…
A massive solar superstorm, known as a Coronal Mass Ejection, occurred in 2012. It collided with the STEREO-A spacecraft after ripping through Earth’s orbit. According to experts our planet would have suffered substantial after-effects, such as power black-outs throughout the globe, if the event happened two weeks earlier.

5 - Speed Demon…
Strange but true - there are hypervelocity stars rocketing through space at over 2 million miles per hour. Six of these speedy stars, the size of our sun or larger, have recently been discovered near the centre of the Milky Way, and are likely trying to escape the gravity of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Yes, there are actually stars pummelling through space at trillions of miles per hour.

4 - The shrinking planet…
A few years ago, information from the Mercury probe which was intentionally crashed into the planet, revealed numerous fault scarps, kind of like cliffs to you and me. As these are fairly small, cosmologists are convinced that they were not created very long ago proving Mercury is still contracting over 4 billion years after the formation of the solar system. Mercury is believed to be the only other tectonically planet in the system other than Earth.

3 - Smelly space…
Who would have thought space is strange smelling? Like sulphur, burning metal, overcooked steak and fumes from welding are some of the descriptions provided by astronauts. Further evidence is the fact the space suits of astronauts contain the smell even when they are back on earth.

2 - Unicorns in the sky…
The Trifid Nebula looks a bit like a unicorn, doesn’t it?


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