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How to Break Down a Pallet the EASY way for wood projects -DIY Daddy

Easy breakdown with as little wood loss to cracking as possible. This may not be the fastest method but it decreases the amount of waste due to cracking. This wood is great for all kinds of projects and best of all, its FREE!!!

Tribute to old trucking companies (fallen flags)

Well here is a little video I put together that pays tribute to some of the trucking companies that are no longer with us. Hopefully I got the dates and information correct (you never know with these things). Feel free to comment, however please note I will not be responding to comments nor do I have any additional information about the pictures. Hopefully this brings back good memories for some of you truckers out there, and obviously I hope you enjoy the video. DO TO COPYRIGHT ISSUES I AM UNABLE TO PLAY THE MUSIC THAT I HAD INTENDED TO GO WITH THIS VIDEO.

The Knight Life: Episode 3 | CDL Women in Trucking

In this episode Linda Dominy, Director of Payroll for Knight Transportation rides along with Susan Hoagland, Veteran OTR CDL driver at Knight Transportation. Flat Tires, Broken mud flaps, and traffic jams are a little taste of what Linda and Susan experience on this trip to Las Vegas and back. If you have liked this video subscribe and ring the 🔔 to get updated when we release our next video. ▶ Join the conversation 📱Give us a call - 1-888-456-4448 ▶ DriveKnight - ▶Instagram - ▶Twitter - ▶FaceBook - ▶ Pinterest - ▶ Linkedin - We are Knight Transportation a provider of multiple truckload transportation services, which involve the movement of full trailer or container loads of freight from origin to destination for a single customer. We use our nationwide network of service centers, one of the country’s largest company-owned tractor fleets, as well as access to the fleets of thousands of third-party equipment providers, to provide truckload capacity and a broad range of solutions to truckload shippers. trucking

Pallet prices start at under $250 - Truckloads Under $4,000

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In this video I open a pallet from The Pallet has 51 items and I paid $360.00 including shipping. The category of this pallet is Uninspected Returns. Enjoy the review!!!


The Freight Merchandise business is one of the exploding businesses in the world, and Trucking Companies are increasingly becoming the base. With the dawn of Palletised trucking, the carriage of merchandise has become easier.

Pallets are basically a form of tertiary packaging that consists of a flat hard and strong foundation on the top which merchandise are placed and secured with straps, belts, stretch wraps and other packaging material for safer transport of commodities to short as well as long distances. The pallets allow the conveyance of a large amount of merchandise as a single, safer entity. They can be made of woods, metals and currently in demand are the plastic and fiber ones.

Various trucking companies across the world offer this facility with the most advanced loading and dispensing technologies. These companies have achieved their popularity as they provide a broad spectrum of facilities with flexible pol, policies, and affordable prices.

The top 5 trucking companies across the globe that also provide palletized shipping include:

• JB Hunt Transport :

Established in 1961, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is reining the trucking industry. It is U.S based association that provides facilities to dealers, for freight transportation for both large and small businesses. They were one of the first companies to adopt the palletized trucking approach for transport of merchandise. They provide facilities for booking online, real-time visibility for tracking, safe and fast deliveries.

• DSV Global Transport and Logistics :

It is Denmark based company offering merchandise carriage worldwide with offices in more than 80 countries. They provide air, sea, rail and road transportation and palletized transportation is a key component of the facilities provided by them.

• Yamato Holdings :

A Japan-based Transport Company, which provides door to door transport services. Their famous logo with the black cat signifies their promise to take care of the goods entrusted to them. Along with home optimized logistics, they provide home delivery for lifestyle support services and their main transport vehicle are trucks.

• XPO Logistics :

Another U.S. based company, previously known as the Con-way Freight, set up in 1929, started as a small regional trucking company, in Portland. In 2015 it merged with the XPO logistics. Currently, they own over 400 transportation centers in 21 countries across 5 continents, serving the dealers with eminent services.

• Nippon Express :

This company laid its foundation in 1937 in Japan and is currently competing with the Yamato holdings. It has a global span over 40 countries with direct operation in 33 countries. The trucking service is known as the “Nippon EXPRESS”, transports large cargoes in excess of standard sizes of door-to-door delivery parcels, and also provides custom-made freight transport.

Apart from these leads, there are several other companies that provide exile of pallets of merchandise like, The Palletized Trucking, Schneider National, Swift Transportation, YRC Freight, Verst Logistics etc. These companies specifically focus on the Pallet transport, by using a variety of pallet size and types including non-standardised versions, conveyor types, robotic operations and much more. Their ever-increasing demand compels them to use the latest, quickest and most efficient technology for the transportation of goods. Also, they allow for pallet pooling facilities. The dependence of all kinds of business on them has made these companies excel in their own business.

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