How To: Repair Outerwear

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How To: Make Adjustable Suspenders

Make suspenders from elastic using the Unique Sewing Suspender Clip and Slides and this simple guide. Featuring Product Specialist Cathy McClean. Silver Suspender Clips - 2 pieces (3033465) Silver Suspender Set - 5 pieces (3036466) Silver Suspender Slides (3036468) Gold Suspender Set - 5 pieces (3036467) Gold Suspender Slides (3036469) Suspender Set & Slides:

How To: Make an Adjustable & Removable Strap with a Slide Buckle and Swivel

Essential for purse and bag making, making an adjustable and removable strap is simple with the right tools and this simple guide. 1" Silver - 2 pieces (3036771) 1" Antique Gold - 2 pieces (3036772) 1" Black - 2 pieces (3036773) 1 1/4" Silver - 2 pieces (3036775) 1 1/4" Antique Gold - 2 pieces (3036776) 1 1/4" Black - 2 pieces (3036777) 1" Silver (3036781) 1" Antique Gold (3036782) 1" Black (3036783) 1 1/2" Silver (3036785) 1 1/2" Antique Gold (3036786) 1 1/2" Black (3036787) Slide buckles: Swivels:

How To: Fix Snags on all Fabrics

Do not snip snags! Repair them properly with a Unique Sewing Snag Fixer (3024041) for knitted or woven fabrics. With two needle weights included, this is an excellent tool for repairing snags in wovens, knits, upholstery, etc. The top of the Snag needle is finished like a file. Snags in even the finest materials are now easy to repair. Just insert ball pointed end of needle directly into the centre of the snag. Gently push needle through fabric. While pulling needle out from back of fabric, twist needle slightly. Featuring Product Specialist Cathy McClean.

How To: Apply Overall Buckles

Whether you are replacing an existing overall buckle or starting from scratch with a handmade pair, applying overall buckles is simple with the right tools. Look for Unique Sewing Overall Buckles! Silver: 1" - 3033400 ( 1 1/2" - 3033450 ( Gold: 1" - 3033407 ( 1 1/2" - 3033457 ( Featuring Product Specialist Cathy McClean.

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Use Unique Sewing Mending Tape to repair holes and gashes on outerwear quickly. Be sure cut a rounded shape for a patch that will not lift at the corners.

Featuring Product Specialist Cathy McClean.

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