Perfect Color in Lightroom with Tim Grey

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Tips for Improving Your Photography with Tim Grey

Photographers spend time learning about Lightroom, but in this session Tim Grey shows you how Lightroom can help you learn about yourself and your photography. You’ll see real-world examples of how the tools for organizing and optimizing images in Lightroom have helped Tim improve his photography, and even inspire the creation of new images. You’ll learn how to filter and compare images to help you anticipate common problems in your photography, how to locate images based on specific settings used at the time of capture, how you can gain inspiration to create new images based on what you learn in Lightroom, and much more. Tim Grey's Website

Lightroom 6 tutorial - Amazing color pop and Color Grading in Lightroom CC

In this lightroom C tutorial Ed Gregory shows you haw to Lightroom Color Grade. This Lightroom tutorial for beginners is perfect to learn how to do localised color edits. Lightroom landscapes eat and lightroom editing for beginners. This Lightroom 6 tutorial is all of great Lightroom tips and tricks and perfect for Lightroom basics. Amazing photographs with beautiful color photos in this Lightroom 6 tutorial. I will show you how to lightroom landscape editing. Lightroom is great photo editing software for making great lightroom effects and Lightroom cc basics. Lightroom CC 2015 tutorials for beginners. Photography color grading To have your photo edited just send it to me via the Photos In Color Facebook Page: This photography Tutorial for beginners will help you become better at lightroom editing and is brought to you by: In this Video you will learn: - Lightroom 6 architecture edit - Lightroom CC Landscape - How to edit a photo in lightroom 6 - How to edit landscapes in Lightroom Tutorial ________________________________________­____________________________ Other Community Full edits 1 - Full Beauty Retouch - 2 - Full Landscape Retouch - 3 - Cinematic Photography - 4 - F16 Airplane - 5 - Chicago Skyline - 6 - Portrait Edit - 7 - Studio Portrait - 8 - Architecture Edit - 9 - Dramatic Arial Edit- 10 - Night Sky Stars - 11 - Animal Photography 12 - Color POP - ________________________________________­____________________________ Thanks for watching our free Photos In Color Tutorials! If you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive free weekly videos. Subscribe: Visit the website and download my amazing Travel Photography Guide.Its awesome and its free Website: ________________________________________­____________________________ Facebook: Twitter: Lightroom CC Full edit Lightroom 6 for beginners Lightroom portrait editing Lightroom tips Lightroom 6 Tutorial Lightroom Tutorials for beginners

Top 5 Lightroom Secrets that Changed my Life!!

Get the source files for this tutorial here: In this Lightroom tutorial, I'm going to show you all the tips and tricks in Lightroom that changed my life as a photographer. I'll teach you how to use the adjust brushes in Lightroom, how to use Lightroom presets, how to make a Panorama in Lightroom. In this Lightroom tutorial, I will also teach you how to dodge and burn, use sync and manual mode. This is one of my favorite Lightroom tutorials.

How to Extract Insane Color from RAW Files with Camera Calibration in Lightroom

Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW have an amazing secret. A tool that very few photographers know about... Camera Calibration. While it may be meant to calibrate a camera, it's also the BEST tool for boosting color in your RAW images. It creates rich color, and avoids many of the pitfalls of the other color tools. If you shoot sunrises or sunsets, you need to learn how to use Camera Calibration. Key segments: 0:55 Vibrance and Saturation 1:53 HSL 2:55 Adjusting saturation with Camera Calibration 5:05 Comparison of results for boosting color 7:07 Profiles 8:58 Process version 10:25 Shadow tint 10:52 Hue

OPTIC 2017 - Brooks Jensen Presents: Those Who Inspire Me (and Why)

No artist is an island. Influences are everywhere-and in fact, can be a great source of inspiration if we practice the creative art of paying attention! Inspiration for our photography can come from other photographers, but also from other arts and media, and life itself. Brooks shares examples from all walks of life that have provided creative ideas and inspiration for photographic projects- often from thoroughly unexpected sources. Brooks Jensen Check Out More Event Spaces Subscribe to the B&H Photo YouTube Channel Follow us on Social Media -- -- -- -- --

Have you ever been frustrated by colors that are less than perfect when optimizing or sharing your photos in Lightroom? In this presentation Tim Grey (a B&H Photo Event Space favorite!) shares tips that will help you ensure you are seeing accurate colors, optimizing photos with optimal color, and sharing photos with accurate color.

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