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BRACELET THAT CHARGES YOUR PHONE | Revive Project Bracelet Review

Have you ever needed to charge your phone but didn't have a charger with you? Well don't worry - now you can wear your charger on your wrist with the Revive Project Bracelet! The Revive Project bracelet is a great looking bracelet with a built-in charger. You can get a micro-usb cable for android or a lightning cable for your apple device. While the Revive Project bracelet has a very appealing look, there is also negative side to it. Here is our experience with the company and product itself: 1) They sent us the wrong bracelet and refused to send a replacement. Instead of sending us a new bracelet or covering shipping to exchange them, the company gave us a discount code that was also available to other customers at the time. We are from Europe, so the shipping is expensive. But it was their fault sending us the wrong bracelet in the first place. 2) One of our bracelets (With the lightning cable) doesn't even work. The Micro-usb cable bracelet works fine though. 3) They are hard to equip. This might sound silly, but it's a struggle to put them on. Of course, this isn't a huge problem, but it's something that they should fix. Overall, I would recommend buying this product if you are from the U.S. because of shipping cost. Other than that - great idea, bad execution.

Cheap Clothing vs Expensive Clothing

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Tips on how to shop at less expensive stores: what to look for, what to avoid and how to get the look you want for less! Here are my tips on how you can be stylish and how to dress well on a budget! Give this video a thumbs up if you like it! Subscribe to my channel to get notified when I post new videos! ----------------- Watch: How to Always Look Good! -------------- Special thanks to my friend Jess [and Eloise!] for helping me film! Watch the nursery makeover I did for Eloise here: -------------------- because we're real friends. instagram: @carlycristman @carlyscloset snapchat: carlycristman twitter: @carlycristman facebook: Carly Cristman ------------------- the lipstick I'm wearing in this video: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in "Trap" -------------------- hey guys! Today's video is all about how to dress well on a budget! The best part about personal style is that you can get the look you want on any budget. You can have a stylish, high-end look without splurging on expensive, trendy pieces! I'm sharing with you some of my best tips on how to shop + be stylish on a budget. Here's what to look for and what to avoid in less expensive stores! If you know the look you want / have a celebrity style you want to recreate, you can easily do it by breaking it down by piece. Think to yourself: what colors are in this outfit? what's the fit? what's the vibe? what are the main pieces? And you'll be surprised at how inexpensively you can recreate the style. These are my tips for how to shop on a budget / tips on how to dress well while still saving money. Hopefully this video can inspire you if you were looking for some quick tips on how to get the look for less / how to dress well on a budget! HOW TO DRESS WELL ON A BUDGET How to be stylish, look good + how to get the look for less! 1. SOLID COLORS: Outfits look much more sleek + put together when you're working with solid colors. You can also get maximum use out of a piece that is a solid color vs a noticeable print. Prints can really highlight a lesser quality fabric / look cheap. You also get less wear out of something super noticeable. 2. STICK TO CLASSIC FITS: There are some fits that can look cheap regardless of their price if they're not done well. Super tight dresses, lots of cleavage, stretchy fabric, etc. If it looks like it could be worn to a club, pass. 3. GO A SIZE UP: stores that are catering to a large audience have a wide demographic- sometimes their 'small' fits more of a 12-13 year old small, vs an adult size. I generally go a size up to ensure a more fashionable fit 4. BASIC PIECES: easiest to look great when you're sticking to your wardrobe essentials. Stores like forever21/ target have great basic pieces that look just as high end as some designer pieces. Your best bet is to stick to basic pieces if you want to get a classic styled look on a tight budget! 5. MIX + MATCH: The best way to build a wardrobe is to buy pieces that you can mix and match with each other. Spend your money on timeless pieces you can wear a ton of different ways vs on a few specific items that are hard to wear again 6.DON'T SPEND ON TRENDS: It's easy to want to splurge on a new trend, but trends come and go so quickly. Wait a few months + a similar style will probably be available at a less expensive price point. 7. ACCESSORIES Accessories can really bring your look to the next level. You can get amazing accessories like hats, jewelry, etc at a great price at stores like target, forever 21, topshop etc. 8. SIMPLE PIECES: Look for classic, simple pieces to really give your look a high end feel. Look for items like structured purses in solid colors with minimal hardware- the structure looks high end + expensive, and the minimal hardware doesn't give away what it is. Items like this are great for a professional look! Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it / let me know if you want to see more videos on how to dress well on a budget!

How to Shop For Clothes Online | Online Shopping Tips | Men’s Fashion

Learn how to save time and money by shopping online! ● MY INSTAGRAM - ● SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX COSTA - ● Snapchat - xmadeinbrazil ● Twitter - ● Facebook - Topic of discussion: What was the last thing you bought online? Shopping online can either make your life a lot easier or much, much harder. It's all about doing your research, looking for special online shopping tips and secrets, and finding the right fit for you. In today's video I wanted to show you how to shop for clothes online by using Google Alerts, reading the return policy, understanding how sizing works, and more. Think of it as a Men's Guide to Shopping Online. What are some of the online shopping secrets you have? What I'm wearing: Sweater: Denim: Boots: FTC disclaimer: Sponsored by JackThreads. As always, all opinions are my own! RIP JackThreads

Anti Social Social Club - Honest Review

Anti Social social Club is a streetwear brand that has been blowing up recently. They offer variable items - from hoodies to flannel shirts - in a very limited stock, making them prestigious. The brand is loved by Hypebeasts all over the world, but is Anti Social Social Club worth it? I ordered 2 Anti Social Social Club hoodies and I'm here to share my experience with them as a company. Join me, as I review the quality of an Anti Social Social Club product, as well as the company as a whole. QUICK ANSWER - Is Anti Social Social Club worth buying? - Yes and no. The products are great quality with a good looking yet basic design. I would definitely recommend this item to any persons clothing collection. THERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM - Anti Social Social club provides horrible customer service. I had to wait 4 months only for my order to be shipped, honestly, I thought I wouldn't receive the items at all. I even sent them e-mails, asking where my products are just to get ignored...

Today we talk about branded clothing and give you some tips on how to shop smart.

1) Buy essentials first:
Without proper essentials - there is no good outfit. Essentials are plain t-shirts, jeans, denim jacket, etc.... Of course, you can buy branded essentials, but is it really worth it? Why not save some money and buy cheaper essentials but combine them with some HEAT, maybe a branded hat or sneakers. ALSO, it is better to buy 5 regular t-shirts instead of one expensive t-shirt, so you could change your style variations.

2) Buy items on sale or outlet stores:
If you decide to buy branded clothing, it is important to shop smart. Don't buy items instantly for full retail price, wait for them to drop a bit. It usually doesn't take long - just a few months. Also, go to outlet stores. Not all of the items there will be trending, but some pieces are timeless.

3) Don't go broke, trying to look rich:
Money doesn't always mean good looks - sometimes a cheaper piece might look much better than a branded shirt. For example: A cheap H&M suit that fits well will look much better than an over-sized GUCCI suit.

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