Random Clock Talks Vol 3

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making the jacot tool for a small lathe.

This video is about making the jacot tool for the BTM lathe and abysmal lathe, or large for that matter.

Making gears by hand without machines - Part 1 - Kosmos

How did clockmakers and watchmakers arrive at the divisions in their gear wheel teeth before the invention of sophisticated tools? We can create very accurate divisions using only simple methods. In this part 1, I show how this is done, as also demonstrated at a horological exhibition last year. In part 2, I show how the teeth are actually cut and filed, by hand. This process has been used for at least a few thousand years. I first learned of it by watching Michael Wright, of the London Science museum demonstrate this on the BBC. The method has also been published in German and English horological reference books.

Random Clock Talks Vol 16 - Hairsprings

In Volume 16, J.M. Huckabee presents an in-depth discussion about hairsprings and demonstrates how to vibrate a clock hairspring.

Cowells 90 ME Lathe, union nuts & nipples

This video is about Cowells 90 ME lathe. Making union nuts and nipples.

Engine Turning - Martin Matthews

Martin Matthews was known internationally as one of our most important Horologists. His gentle manner and sense of humour come through as he explains the progression of engine turning, based on his research and from his own expertise in using antique tools. He shows in great detail, the development of the lathe from Antiquity to the computer age, from decorated wooden items to the finely cut designs as seen under enamel and security printing on postage stamps & banknotes. Supported by the Society of Ornamental Turners. Buy DVD: http://www.bdvideos.co.uk/site/product/engine-turning/

Volume 3 of J.M. Huckabee's Random Clock Talks produced in conjunction with AWCI. This volume includes discussion and demonstration on lathe operation using the Boley watchmaker's lathe and the C&E Marshall watchmaker's lathe.

Demonstration of screw making

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