Making a Flower Fairy Dress - Part one

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Making a Flower Fairy Dress - Part Two

The second part of making my flower fairy dress, this time showing the process of making the bodice! Blog posts with more information: Tumblr: Blog: Portfolio: Email: Music is a mixture of preludes, all were created and are owned by Chris Zabriskie.

How to Make a Tutu Dress -

Learn how to make this adorable tutu dress! Don't forget to check out our SPECIALS! Links to supplies used in this video: Crochet by the Yard: TRR Tulle: Tulle: Flowers: Satin Ribbon:

DIY chiffon rose,fabric rose tutorial,how to make

Hello everyone,i am so excited to share this video with you. How to make fabric rose,chiffon rose.i am using chiffon for this flower,but you can use any other soft fabric.This diy rose is my favorite flower to make.i hope you will enjoy it too. Other videos you need to see Music the world at large from Adventure, Darling by Gillycuddy Licensed under Creative Commons

(ペーパーポンポン)簡単!かわいい蝶々の作り方 【DIY】(Paper Ponpon)Easy!Butterfly

(ペーパーポンポン)簡単!かわいい蝶々の作り方 【DIY】(Paper Ponpon)Easy!Butterfly おはながみでフワッとかわいいペーパーフラワーのような蝶々を作ってみました。 よろしければチャンネル登録お願いします。 【関連動画】 【DIY】簡単!華やかでかわいいペーパーフラワーの作り方 Easy! How to make a gorgeous and cute paper flower 【DIY】ペーパーフラワーを作る方法 How to make a paper flower Round Toilet Paper Flower

MISCHKA AOKI Craftsmanship - The Making of The Fall Winter 2015 Couture Collection

Mischka Aoki Fall Winter 2015 Collection The sun shines through the sheer fabric creating a warmth against her back It’s Eris Goddess of Strife; she approaches gates so tall they disappear into the clouds, shining a pearlised golden that resembles the floral beadings that entwines her arm, as she reaches out to knock against the grand entrance. Renowned for her mischief and discord, her antics are not welcome at the festivities; turned away by orders of the almighty Zeus, god of the sky and ruler of the gods. Angered by the dismissal of her presence, she throws a gift addressed ‘To the Fairest’ through the bars of the gate, the skirted pleats, a hue of duck egg blue bounce as she turns and continues down the great mountains of Olympus, smirking at the trouble that was about to occur. “Almighty One, I have found this near the gate” Hermes interrupts Zeus as the gods feast at the celebration. “It is addressed to ‘The Fairest ’.” Hera rises from her throne, the embellishments in her dress glisten like the droplets of water against her goblet. “I am Hera, Queen of the Gods, therefore I am the fairest one!” As she walks towards Hermes, a golden train of tulle mimicking a stream of liquid gold follows behind her, she takes the gift, a beautiful golden cape as soft as the swan feather - To the Fairest, and drapes it over her shoulders. “Halt!” A voice echoes, “I am the fairest as I am the smartest, I am Athena, Goddess of Wisdom” She walks with plentiful layers of soft satin silk, entwined with golden brown tulle that resemble leaves, a bodice embellished with flowers and branches of the spring. Snatching the Golden Cape from Hera’s shoulders she places it against her own. A loud laughter turns the heads of all the guests“ To be the fairest, you must possess beauty, I am Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Love, the cape belongs to me.” Layers of white satin and tulle create a texture as fluffy as the cloud in the heavens to which they dwell, tiny intricate crystal and silver detailing sparkles as she takes what she believes is rightfully hers. All the Gods and Goddesses turn to look at the almighty Zeus, awaiting his judgement. To which he commands Hermes to take them to Mount Ida where the Shepherd Prince, Paris of Troy will pass his judgment of who is the fairest. Hermes and The goddesses descend to the mainland where they find Paris. “By orders of The Almighty Zeus, ruler of all Gods, you must elect the fairest of the three Goddesses” Hermes pronounces to Paris. Hera steps forward “If you pick me, I will make you King of all Men!” Pushing Hera aside, Athena exclaims, “I offer you victory in War!” Aphrodite stands before Paris “Do not listen to them, for what is life without love? I promise you the most beautiful woman for you to make your wife.” Paris rises from the ground in which he sits, studying each of the Goddess, deep in thought. He stops. “I cannot place one of you higher than the other, similar to your finery each of you are very different but equally as breathtakingly beautiful in your own way, for all of you are the fairest, and that you are all to share this beautiful gift” For FW15 with their biggest collection to date, Mischka Aoki takes inspiration from Ancient Greek mythology, The Judgement of Paris recreated by the greatest painters throughout time is told in the style of a children’s fairytale. Their uniquely entwined tweed makes a reappearance this season, with individually hand sewn embellishments, sparkling Swarovski crystals and never to be forgotten is their signature tulle. An extended series of outerwear includes statement piece jackets to compliment perfect partywear. This Fall Winter season takes a turn with a soft colour palette; hues of golden brown, soft pastel pink, duck egg blue, water lily white and magnificent metallics. New to the collection we see gold floral embroidery, heavily embellished collar detailing, fabulous fur capes and exceptional accessories. The brand is excited to introduce three limited edition floor length gowns and for the first time their long awaited baby collection. Also making a first appearance is their luxurious gift packaging. Mischka Aoki are proud to be stocked in some of the world’s most prestigious department stores worldwide including Harrods London, Harvey Nichols, Bergdorf Goodman New York , Saks Fifths Avenue in Middle East and TSUM in Russia.

This is part one of a three part series on how to make/how I made my Fall Flower Fairy dress!

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Music is a mixture of Prelude No. 23, No. 22, No. 18, and No.13 which were all created by Chris Zabriskie.

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