Construction of a highway in Germany - HYVA and Rüdebusch, Mercedes

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The most amazing machines and heavy powerful machinery are doing their job

* Attention! Subtitles were added to the video with comments on what is happening Various heavy machinery, such as tractors, trucks and special equipment, was designed by engineers to facilitate work in many areas of activity. This equipment is most often used in agriculture, communal and construction. Music: 1.Invincible 2.March On 3.Simon s Song 4.Say What 5.Lone Wolf If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to e-mail E-mail:

Mercedes Arocs with SCHMITZ tipper semi-trailer equipped in HYVA ALPHA hydraulic

Hydraulics for tipper manufactured by HYVA are characterized by high quality and durability of the performance. Individual approach to the set of goals allowed us to create a wide range of hydraulic systems that are able to meet the toughest applications. Each customer can count on a comprehensive service from the creation of design and specification to the installation on a vehicle. HYVA hydraulic systems are a collection of high-quality components that will work with every type of a truck. OUR ATTRIBUTES: CONSCIOUS APPROACH Only carefully selected components and security elements, ensure safe and proper operation of a vehicle equipped with hydraulic system. LOW LEVEL OF TOTAL COSTS Using HYVA hydraulic you will keep the costs of operation at the level of purchase costs. Often products with a lower cost of purchase, during operation generate additional expenses, causing an overall increase in the cost. ANALYSIS OF COMPONENT SELECTION Each hydraulic tipper system is formed from different elements, taking into consideration vehicle parameters: working pressure (valve, pump, cylinder), oil flow (pump, valve, hoses, couplings, adapters), working volume of oil (oil tank), type of vehicle, type of gearbox, gear ratio, torque transmitted by the PTO, the direction of PTO rotation, the position on the vehicle of individual elements, the efficiency of the system, control system and other additional functions. HIGH-PERFORMANCE HYDRAULIC TIPPING VALVES PT valves (flow up to 220 l/min) and JT valves (flow 150 l/min) provide a very low pressure loss in the system. The interchangeable cartridges, setting maximum working pressure, prevents tampering by incompetent people in the operation of the system. Both valves have an additional protection function to protect hydraulic cylinder from shocks of hydraulic pressure picks. Feature protects the hydraulic cylinder against improper operation, which is the most common cause of damage or even destruction of the hydraulic cylinder. OIL TANKS Currently HYVA oil tanks are powder coated. Thanks to this, it has a high corrosion resistance and a resistance in every weather conditions. HYDRAULIC PUMPS The standard HYVA pumps are mounted on four holes ("4H") which gives a connection that can carry heavy loads - connecting shaft is supported by bearings on both sides. SCREWABLE QUICK RELIES COUPLINGS This element is using to connect the tractor with trailer hydraulic. Offered by HYVA as a standard, has construction resistant to work in difficult conditions. Even while working in a dust or dirt, it provides a reliable operation.

Langendorf Kipper

Langendorf Kipperfahrzeuge für den sicheren Transport von Schüttgütern aller Art.

Modern Road Construction Russia USA Germany Australia Wet Weather Road Asphalting Mega Machines

Modern road construction. Laying asphalt in USA, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Australia and other countries. Watch! How it is done in Europe, America and Australia? Latest technology, mechanical engineering, CNC, intelligent technology, mega machines vs primitive technology. Watch! Modern Road Construction Russia, USA, Germany, Australia Wet Weather Road Asphalting Mega Machines COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! Современное строительство дорог. Укладка асфальта в России, США, Украине, Германии, Австралии и других странах. Как это делают в Америке, Европе, Австралии, Азии Смотрим! Współczesne budownictwo dróg. Układanie asfaltu w Niemczech i drugich krajach.

Container transport in Germany - HyvaLift, Dreckspatz and Mercedes Hyva Lift systems are produced in state of the art production facilities, designed and supported by a sophisticated engineering department to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Hookloaders Hookloaders are available in a sliding (S) and an articulated arm (SK) version . Hookloaders their capacity ranges from 3 ton up to 30 ton. Skiploaders The skiploaders are available in 3 ranges. The fixed arm, telescopic arm and the cranked arm version each have their special application area. Skiploaders their capacity ranges from 4 ton up to 18 ton. By using the most advanced CAD equipment available on the market today, tailormade solutions as well as new product innovations are modeled directly in 3D. Special software carries out stress computations by means of the Finite Element Method. Hyva Lift differentiates itself by, amongst other things, by using advanced materials and technologies for the production of hook and skiploaders. A smart and durable design results in equipment with an extended life span. Hyva Lift systems are unique in their flexibility and versatility. By using high quality steel the Hyva Lift systems are truly payload winners. A wide product range adapted specially for each application.

Hydraulic systems for tippers produced by HYVA provide the highest quality and reliable operation. Individual approach allowed us to create a wide range of hydraulic kits that are able to meet the toughest operating conditions. Each customer contacting us to choose hydraulic kit appropriate for his needs can count on a comprehensive service - from the kit design and specification to the installation on the vehicle. HYVA hydraulic system is a collection of high-quality devices, consists of a series of necessary hydraulic components that are designed to work with every type of the vehicle.
Each of hydraulic systems for tipping consists a number of vital components, selected from the group of factors: operating pressure (cylinder, valve, pump), flow (pump, valve, hoses, adapters), cylinder capacity (oil tank volume), type of vehicle, type of gear box, type of PTO, torque of PTO, direction of PTO rotation, tipping time, the position on the vehicle for individual elements, the system efficiency, control system and other extra functions.

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