Construction of a highway in Germany - HYVA and Rüdebusch, Mercedes

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Scania Boniface Rotator Truck - Heavy Recovery of Semi Trailer - Sweden

An early morning and a Scania semitrailer have gone off the road and in to the forest. Luckily the driver was unharmed. Assistancekåren Borlänge arrives at the scene of accident with their Scania Boniface rotator truck together with a Volvo heavy recovery truck.

World Amazing Modern Road Equipment Technology, Heavy Biggest Freeway Construction Machine in China

World Amazing Modern Road Equipment Technology, Heavy Biggest Freeway Construction Machine in China....

Langendorf Kipper

Langendorf Kipperfahrzeuge für den sicheren Transport von Schüttgütern aller Art.

Roads in USA vs Europe China and Russia

Ever wondered how some countries are more efficient and productive with everything they do? In this video we'll compare roads in USA, Russia, China and Europe. I love driving so when I'm traveling I cant help but compare road quality in different countries. Its one of the most important parts of the infrastructure of a country. Enjoy the video and tell me what you think.

Hell Work Dumper Crash Intelligent Technology Mining Mega Machines Excavator Loader Dozer Tractor

Hell Work! World Amazing Intelligent Technology Granite and Marble Mining Mega Machines Modern Huge Trucks Vehicles Excavator Loader Bulldozer Tractor Dumper Plow Oversize Load Transportation Modern huge mega machines, huge complex mechanisms, vehicles, dump trucks, platforms, tractors, bulldozers, road construction and much more. Video from the USA, Russia, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Spain, France and other European countries. Hell Work Dumper Crash Wreck Accident Intelligent Technology Marble Mining Mega Machines Excavator Loader Bulldozer Tractor Plow COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! Видео о громадных строительных машинах и технике. Авария, самосвал перевернулся. Карьерные самосвалы, платформы, тракторы, бульдозеры, экскаваторы и многое другое. Современные крупногабаритные тракторы, бульдозеры, экскаваторы, погрузчики и т.п. Видео из США, Канады, Великобритании, Германии, и других стран Европы.

Hydraulic systems for tippers produced by HYVA provide the highest quality and reliable operation. Individual approach allowed us to create a wide range of hydraulic kits that are able to meet the toughest operating conditions. Each customer contacting us to choose hydraulic kit appropriate for his needs can count on a comprehensive service - from the kit design and specification to the installation on the vehicle. HYVA hydraulic system is a collection of high-quality devices, consists of a series of necessary hydraulic components that are designed to work with every type of the vehicle.
Each of hydraulic systems for tipping consists a number of vital components, selected from the group of factors: operating pressure (cylinder, valve, pump), flow (pump, valve, hoses, adapters), cylinder capacity (oil tank volume), type of vehicle, type of gear box, type of PTO, torque of PTO, direction of PTO rotation, tipping time, the position on the vehicle for individual elements, the system efficiency, control system and other extra functions.

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