Techsew 1460 Industrial Sewing Machine

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The Making of a Handmade Leather Belt - Πως φτιάχνεται μία χειροποίητη δερμάτινη ζώνη Gj Leather Goods How a handmade leather belt is made.. Πως φτιάχνεται μία χειροποίητη δερμάτινη ζώνη.

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty | Unboxing +Test

Link to buy 4423 sewing machine at lowest price: The Singer 4423 lived up to its name! We ran it though multiple tests on all kinds of material (Leather, Denim, Plastic, ect). We recommend this sewing machine if you are getting into sewing and want a borderline industrial machine based on our test and review. Keep a eye out for more videos of how to make a baseball hat or camp cap with this machine. We are launching a domestic line of videos with the Singer 4423 so grab yours today and follow along!! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our video! Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT! Let us know what you think! **** PFC Social Media **** **** Follow us on Instagram @properfitclothing **** **** Follow us on snapchat properfit.usa **** **** Music **** All the music was produced by Alek Pol. Huge Thanks! Be sure to go follow him on SoundCloud and YouTube! Brought to you by Properfit Clothing | Quality Designer Clothing Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Filmed with Samsung NX1 Link to Buy the camera we use off of Amazon: Link to Buy Beholder DS1 Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR Camera off Amazon:

What is a Walking Foot Sewing Machine? - How it works and why you need one!

Are you shopping for a sewing machine? You should get a walking foot sewing machine. In this video I will show you what it is, how it works and why you need one. Walking foot sewing machines are used in any type of heave duty upholstery. If you plan on learning automotive, marine, aviation, furniture upholstery or anything that requires you to sew multiple layers of heavy fabric and foam together a walking foot is essential! TOOLS OF THE TRADE LUCKY NEEDLE UPHOLSTERY COURSES WEBSITE : for more upholstery videos and resources LUCKY NEEDLE MEMBER SIGN UP FACEBOOK

Automatic sewing machine cotton-padded jacket attach zipper

Dürkopp Adler 971-01 Sewing unit for runstitching and trimming of cuffs

- Parallel runstitching and trimming of cuffs - A guide rail for narrow trimming in curves or corners is optionally available - Continuous clamping of the fabric (no holding required) - Easily adjustable material clamps for various sizes - Depth adjustment for material clamps - Easy conversion of the material clamps to various shapes - Integrated stacker for small parts - Double-sided suction unit for cutting waste Monitor for needle thread and bobbin thread Typical field of application -Runstitching of cuffs in shirts and blouses Performance features - approx. 3,000 cuffs / 480'

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