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Windows 10 insider Build 17686

#techformula Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17686, Microsoft is also rolling out the first Redstone 5 preview build of Windows 10 Redstone 5 for HoloLens too for Insiders who are registered in the Fast ring on their HoloLens devices. So far, a changelog hasn't been made available from Microsoft detailing what's new for HoloLens, but the build is available now in the Fast ring. To get the build, you must be registered as an Insider in the Fast ring, and already running the April 2018 update for HoloLens. Right now, the April 2018 update for HoloLens can only be acquired by flashing your HoloLens with the April 2018 update FFU, which wipes your device. If you'd rather not wipe your device, Microsoft says it will begin rolling out the April 2018 update for HoloLens officially on June 26 via Windows Update. So far, there doesn't appear to be any noticeable new changes or features on the surface in build 17686 for HoloLens. It's likely any changes in this build are under the hood or minor. I have noticed that reveal effects are now working properly in this build, meaning you get the same awesome reveal effects in apps like Settings and Microsoft Edge now. I've also noticed Settings now features a translucent sidebar like it does on PC, albeit without the blur effects. NOTE: This Channel [Tech Formula] claims no credit for any images posted on this Channel unless otherwise noted. Images on this Channel are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this Channel that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this Channel , please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed. Thank you. Hope That This Video Is Interesting For You. So If you Like This Video Please Hit The Like Button & Share This Video. Please Subscribe my Channel. Guys It's Free & It's Really Inspire me for making more useful awesome videos like this one. Than k's a Lot For Watching This Video. Please subscribe my channel Like share YOUTUBE: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Understanding Marine Buoyage - simple and easy - quieter volume

Buoyage is the general term that covers markers for indicating channel markers, safe water, danger areas and special purpose areas This is a quieter volume version - for the full volume version go here or click the link in the video Region A covers Europe and most of the of the world (red to port side). Region B covers the America, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea (Green to port side). Flash - less light & more darkness Long flash - longer flash but still less light & more darkness Isophase - equal time of light and darkness Occulting - more light & less darkness Navigation buoys fall into 6 types: lateral - marking channels cardinal - indicating safe direction of navigation isolated danger - small areas of danger safe water - safe navigation in all directions form the buoy wrecks - submerged and partially submerged ships wrecks and danger special - other areas where various activities are / are not allowed Nautical chart symbols Aids to Navigation that have lights are marked on the chart with a small teardrop shape that will be magenta in colour (easy to read under a RED night vision light). The teardrop can point in various directions to best display on the chart and the actual direction drawn on the chart is of no significance. The exact location of the buoy or mark is the small circle or dot at the base symbol on the chart. Lateral Marks are used generally to mark the sides of well-defined, navigable channels. They are positioned in accordance with the "Conventional Direction of Buoyage" as discussed above. They indicate the Port and Starboard hand sides of the route to be followed. Generally, the bigger the buoy the bigger the vessels the channel is designed for / used by and so the deeper the water. It may well be possible to navigate outside of the channel on a smaller boat depending on the height of tide and the nature of the sea bed. Port and Starboard lateral marks tend to be can shaped on the port side and conical shaped on the starboard side - this makes them easier to identify in low light or reduced visibility conditions. Cardinal buoys and marks warn of danger and remain constant throughout the system of two IALA regions and are the same for areas IALA "A" and IALA "B" regions. There may be only one buoy or more depending on the danger and the shape of the coast. For example, close to the shore they may be only one buoy as it may not be possible to go between the wreck and the shore. The buoys have two black cones in different configurations which are know as the "top mark" cones - these point to the black areas on the body of the buoy - the rest of the buoy is yellow. Your direction of approach doesn't matter – which makes them different from lateral buoys - the buoys indicate where you should go. The body of a cardinal buoy is always marked with a combination of black and yellow bands. It is always surmounted with a topmark consisting of 2 black triangles arranged in 1 of 4 combinations. Cardinal Marks are used in conjunction with the compass to indicate the direction from the mark in which the deepest navigable water lies, to draw attention to a bend, junction or fork in a channel, or to mark the end of a shoal. The buoys indicate where the safe water is, that is, mariners will be safe if they pass North of a North mark South of a South mark East of an East mark West of a West mark. Isolated Danger Marks are used to mark small, isolated dangers with navigable water around the buoy They are used to mark an isolated hazard in waters which otherwise are navigable. They are normally moored directly on or above the danger such as a large rock, shoal or sunken ship. The pattern of bands is BLACK over RED over BLACK. The topmark is 2 BLACK balls. If lit, the light will show 2 WHITE flashes (Fl 2). They can mark: a small area of rocks a pinnacle rock small sand bank old collapsed buildings in the sea pipes that are a danger to surface navigation Safe Water Marks may be used at the seaward end of the start of a channel to a port, mid-channel, as a centreline markers or at the point where land is reached. These buoys (as the name suggests) indicate the presence of safe, navigable water all around the buoy. They may also indicate the best point of passage under a fixed bridge. These buoys are coloured Red and White in vertical stripes. It usually has a white light which flashes Isophase or Occulting or Morse code ‘A’ Emergency Wreck Buoys provide a clear and unambiguous means of marking new wrecks.

Windows 10 Build 17686 - new Local Experience Settings page and more!

Another week, another Insider Preview build for those in the Fast ring to enjoy! Today's build is 17686 and is packing minor improvements and enhancements over the last few public preview builds, including a new Local Experience Settings page, and more. WHAT'S NEW? IMPROVED LOCAL EXPERIENCE ● We have introduced a new Region page that allows overrides to default regional format settings such as Calendar, First day of the week, Dates, Times, and Currency. Please go to Settings App – Time & Language – Region and give it a try. ● Local Experience Packs are Microsoft Store apps that deliver Windows display language quality improvements. You can now access them easily via the Settings App. Please go to Settings App – Time & Language – Language. Once here click on Add a Windows display language with Local Experience Packs link to download a Local Experience Pack from the Microsoft Store and start enjoying Windows in your preferred language. PRIVACY IMPROVEMENTS ● We wanted to let you know that if access to the microphone has been disabled in your privacy settings, we’ll now pop a notification the first time an attempt to use the microphone is blocked so you can review the settings if desired. WINDOWS MIXED REALITY IMPROVEMENTS ● This build no longer requires a physical monitor to be connected while running Mixed Reality in cases such as backpack PCs. Setting up WMR for the first time in Mixed Reality Portal and unlocking the PC on the sign in screen still, require a monitor to be connected initially. However, you can configure auto login to prevent needing to sign in for subsequent usage here. Using Windows Mixed Reality while standing requires setting up a room boundary. ● Apps running in Windows Mixed Reality can now make use of the Camera Capture UI API to capture images of the mixed reality world using the system capture experience. Try running Mail in the Cliff House and inserting an image from your camera in a new message to share an image of the scenic view. ● We’ve also made some adjustments to the mixed reality video capture experience in this build to make it easier to stop videos from the Start menu. GENERAL CHANGES, IMPROVEMENTS, AND FIXES FOR PC: ● We fixed an issue resulting in frequent bugchecks on the previous build with a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error. ● Settings 🡪 Gaming 🡪 Game DVR has been renamed “Captures”. ● We fixed an issue where Paint and WordPad settings and recent files weren’t migrated during upgrades. ● While we still have some work to do, you’ll find that when you update to this build, File Explorer will look a lot more complete in the dark theme. ● We fixed an issue resulting in the “Replace or skip files” dialog having some unexpected dark elements in recent flights. ● We fixed an issue where the Japanese IME’s big mode indicator would appear in the center of the screen when bringing up UAC even if the mode indicator had been disabled in Settings. ● We fixed an issue where the taskbar flyouts (network, volume, etc) didn’t have a shadow. ● We fixed an issue where clicking on the plus button in the Clock and Calendar flyout from the taskbar didn’t do anything in recent flights. ● We fixed an issue resulting in Command Prompt’s cursor appearing invisible in the last few flights. ● We fixed an issue resulting in a high number of reliability issues when switching to the Microsoft Pinyin IME in recent flights. ● We fixed an issue where the Emoji Panel might not dismiss if you clicked somewhere else on the screen. ➤ MORE INFORMATION: ●

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