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Start Your Own Solar Business Rs.8000 Thousand Only | खुद का कारोबार शुरू करे - Gvt. Business Plan

Start Your Own Solar Business Rs.8000 Thousand Only | खुद का कारोबार शुरू करे - Gvt. Business Plan Subscribe For More Videos: ❤Ask Your Tech Problems here #Zedtech ❤ Top 10 Profitable Solar Business Opportunities in India Hindi Start a Solar Business in India With Rs.25,000 and Earn in Crores LIST OF TOP 10 SOLAR COMPANIES IN INDIA With an average of 300 sunny days a year, ample rooftop space and push from Modi Government, India is witnessing a solar boom. According to Kunwer Sachdev, Su-Kam’s Managing Director, in the coming 5 years there will be a solar revolution in India – like mobile phone revolution. We are a country of billion plus people if something catches on it is bound to be BIG! Wouldn’t you want to cash in on green energy in India by starting a solar-related business? If your answer is ‘yes’ then continue reading how you can start a solar business with little investment and help India go green. No Need to Manufacture Solar Products By solar business we do not mean that you have to manufacture solar products. In the past few years many small regional players have entered India’s solar market that make solar products such as panels, batteries, charge controllers etc. However, people still prefer buying solar packages from a brand that they trust. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. You just need to find the right brand and associate with it. Three Ways to Start a Solar Business in India and Make Money Su-Kam is giving a golden opportunity to people who are passionate about green energy. Don’t worry if you do not know the technicalities or do not have money to invest in the business. We have got it all covered. The following three solar business opportunity are very flexible and one of these would definitely suit you. 1. Become Su-Kam’s Solar Business Associate Your investment: 25,000-40,000 This role is made for someone who has strong influence and keen interest in making people go solar despite having little technical knowledge about solar power. You could be a retired bank manager, head of your RWA, Principal of a school or star of a women’s club – as long as you can convince people around you to go solar we want YOU! Su-Kam will provide you with all the information and knowledge to suggest solar solutions to people. We will also help you reach more people in your areas by providing you sales and marketing support. Remember, your customers like to buy solar solutions from a reputable company who can be relied for excellent lifetime service. Su-Kam has already carved out a space in people’s homes and hearts. With our support you will be able to do more solar installations. solar power business opportunities, solar business franchise,solar energy business ideas india, solar power franchise opportunities in india, solar business entrepreneurship opportunities, how to start a solar panel installation business, solar power business ideas, online solar business, make money online idea, Thanks For Watching LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE Zedtech Follow on FB :

Work from Home for Women - Mrs Leena recommends | 022-6181-6167

Watch | See what Mrs. Leena, one of the beneficiary of's Flexible Employment Opportunity to empower Women has got to say about the initiative. To know more, Watch | Leave a missed call for unique opportunity, --------------- 022-6181-6167 --------------- As per census 2011, women represent 49% of India’s population. But as per a recent study Women represents only 27% of India’s working population as on 2014-15. This was in fact stood at 37% in 2004-05, which means there is a drastic drop of close to 10% in 10 years, even after so many initiatives by the Government & other Organizations to promote women Empowerment. The reason for this downfall is not lack of initiatives, this is due to lack of right initiatives. Working women in India can’t just limit their responsibilities to their professional life. They do have their own responsibilities to drive their family in the right direction while they wish to contribute for the economic development. Therefore, has launched a very unique social initiative to provide flexible employment to women who have the will & skill to work but are looking for flexibility. Yes, we understand that women’s share in working population will sharply rise if we offer them flexible employment where they can work at their own time & from their own place., India’s largest Financial Education Company, is now hiring Wealth Doctors with an option to work from home with flexible working hours. This will not just provide you an opportunity to earn but also to learn while you help people make wise financial decisions. All you need to do under this existing opportunity: 1. You will have to undergo Wealth Doctor Training Program post completion of interview & selection 2. You will receive calls from Individuals who are looking for unbiased financial advice 3. You will have to educate them using our Financial Education Platform sitting at Home 4. All you need to have is a computer with internet connection Most important: 1. You don’t have to make any investment 2. We will provide you FREE Training 3. You will earn even during training What are you waiting for, Come Join Us & Make India a Financial Literate Nation. Learn to SAVE,SPEND,INVEST and BORROW consciously by just subscribing to our channel You can also Visit us at Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Add us on Google+ Join our network on LinkedIn Follow us on Instagram Thanks for Watching! "Be Wise, Get Rich".

15 Home Based Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

Here are 15 Home Based Small Manufacturing Business Ideas. These manufacturing businesses can be start from your home. Small scale manufacturing business opportunities from home. 30 Manufacturing Business Ideas for 2017 - Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas -

By-Product of banana Tree! Green Product For Green climate.leaf plate,cup,making machines

Green Product,green house,clean,environment,climate,global warming, Areca Leaves plates making/Areca Leaf spoon and Tea Cup Making making/Banana fibre extraction/Banana fibre mats/Coir Pot Making..Eco-friendly products.Anybody interested to buy of plate making machine or byproducts of Leafs please feel free to contact

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Learn to become a Manufacturing Wholesaler. Sell machine shops and manufacturing companies perishable tooling products that they need and use on a daily basis

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