Table Manners - Ultimate How-To Guide To Proper Dining Etiquette For Adults & Children

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Classic Clothing For Short Men - Mistakes To Avoid & How To Buy Suits

More tips on dressing up if you are short: Interested in the accessories I am wearing? Follow the link below: Burnt Orange Silk-Wool Pocket Square with Paisley Motifs: Light Lavander Geranium Silk Boutonniere Lapel Pin Flower: Today, we discuss brands that are made specifically for men 5'8" and under, what to look for when you buy classic clothing, as well as do's and don'ts for shorter men. So why does this matter? 1/3 of the male population is 5'8" or under but the clothing available on the market is usually tailored for men that are taller and so the proportions are off and it's not flattering to the silhouette of a shorter man. Brands tailored for short men: 1. Silas Jackson. 2. Peter Manning. 3. Jimmy Au's from Beverly Hills 4. Ash and Anvil One thing that we noticed at Fort Belvedere is that ties are usually made for guys of regular height, or big and tall guys. We decided to offer all of our ties in the short length so you can really choose and get something that flatters you and something that you like. Fort Belvedere also offers gloves for men with small hands. They are made of quality leathers. If you are sick and tired of socks that are too big and slide down, take a look at our selection which is available in small, made for men with small feet. Whenever you buy something, it is crucial that you look at the length. If something is too long, stay clear of it because you cannot really alter it so it flatters you. The only exception is that you can hem pants but if you hem it too much, the rise may be too much and maybe cut too wide. Find something that's as close to your body measurements as possible. One of the trickiest parts to alter is the shoulder. If the shoulders extend past your natural shoulder by more than a quarter inch, I'd stay clear of them because alterations cost would be really high and usually the garment does not look very neat afterwards. In terms of sleeves, make sure that you have a high armhole so you have a great range of movement. You want to have trimmed sleeves but not too slim otherwise, your range of movement is limited. In terms of colors, there's basically no limit but when it comes to patterns, you want to stay clear of huge patterns because they make you look small and short and you want to avoid that. When it comes to accessories, it's probably best to keep it simple and clean. In terms of alterations, always be prepared to pay for them and make sure to have enough money left over so you can afford proper alterations. Alternatively, you can go with made to measure clothing because then, it's designed for you from the get go. However, there may be limitations because made to measure patterns are stock patterns that are modified and scaled altogether. Sometimes you may have the option to get a separate jacket size and a separate pant size, that may really help if your body is not proportional. Of course, holy grail is bespoke but it's quite expensive though if you can afford it and you're a shorter man, it's definitely the way to go. If it's particularly important to you, I suggest you know your own measurements, you know whether one shoulder is more sloped than the other, and the everything that can help you to achieve the perfect fit. If you go with a made to measure outfit, especially online made to measure, make sure to send them pictures of your posture, from all angles. That way, they can get a much better idea of what you look like and how they have to compensate for it when they make your garment. Short men's classic clothing do's and don'ts. 1. Do focus on fit. 2. Don't wear bold patterns because they make you look smaller and they're not flattering. 3. Don't wear horizontal stripes because they make you look wider than you are 4. Don't wear large accessories 5. Don't wear really bold shoes or elevator shoes 6. When you wear something, do wear it with confidence. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Popular videos: How to accept a compliment - 101 things that change when you dress up - How to tie a Bow Tie - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette Facebook: Instagram: FREE EBOOK:

Top 10 Things You'll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They're Made

From chemicals in your favorite foods to health risks you may not even know about - find out these secrets behind how some of the most popular things are made and ruin them for you. These are the Top 10 things you’ll never buy again after knowing how they’re made! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: Be Amazed at these Top 10 Things You'll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They're Made! Antibacterial Soap - How many of you tend to reach for products that say “antibacterial” on them in the hopes of avoiding whatever sickness comes our way? Mac & Cheese - Who doesn’t love mac & cheese? The answer, of course, is nobody! But one of the world’s most popular snacks may also be one of the unhealthiest. Processed Bread - Not all bread is created equal and the key word here is “processed.” When we consume processed bread, we're consuming some questionable ingredients. Canada Goose Products - Canada Goose Down Coats have become extremely popular in the last few years. Celebrities and the fashion elite have been sporting the super warm, comfortable jackets. Gummy Bears - Gummy bears have been around since the 1920’s and are consumed by millions of people per year. So, what could be bad about these cute little bears? The culprit here is an ingredient called gelatin. Chicken McNuggets - As kids, there was no bigger treat than your parents taking you to McDonalds for a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal. Energy Drinks - While the old rumor that one of the major ingredients in most energy drinks, taurine, was collected from bull semen has been dispelled, the amount of sugar and caffeine found in these drinks is alarming and could be potentially dangerous. Nutella - I know what you’re thinking, – “Please don’t tell me there’s anything wrong with my beloved Nutella!” I hear you! But, unfortunately, no product is safe from scrutiny. Toothpaste - There isn’t a person alive who didn’t grow up being told to brush their teeth at least twice a day, but what if brushing your teeth is doing more harm than good? Potato Chips - We can all agree that fried potato chips are delicious.

Table Manners 101: Basic Dining Etiquette

You don't have to practice perfect table manners at home, but you should have a basic grasp on dining etiquette so you know how to handle yourself at a formal dinner without embarrassing yourself. While sometimes manners and etiquette seem like "rules for rules' sake," at their core, manners are just about being mindful and considerate of other people. In this video, you'll learn the basic "must-know" table manners so you can get through a formal dinner without incident. Full article: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- HELPFUL REFERENCE BOOKS Emily Post's Etiquette: Manners for a New World* Miss Manners' Basic Training: Eating* ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- VIDEOS YOU MIGHT WANT TO WATCH NEXT Minding Manners: Why Etiquette is Important with Tamiko Zablith How to Get Out of a Conversation 5 Daily Habits that Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Mood ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- FREE EBOOK I wrote a book and it’s totally free to download: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Subscribe to see more videos like this: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: *Affiliate links

52 Luxury Car, Watch & Fashion Brand Names You're Mispronouncing - German, French, Italian...

How well do you know your favorite brands? Are you pronouncing them accordingly? #luxurybrands #mispronouncedbrands #notsponsored Did you like this video? Check out 22 Commonly mispronounced words here: SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Knit Tie in Solid Rust Orange Silk - 2. Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Tiger's Eye - 3. Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Charcoal and Orange - #notsponsored #luxurybrands #gentlemansgazette Learn how to pronounce French, German, and other sounding brands: 1. Audemars Piguet 2. Baume & Mercier 3. Balenciaga 4. Breguet 5. Chopard 6. Cartier 7. Chanel 8. Christian Dior 9. Comme Des Garçons 10. Dom Pérignon 11. Façonnable 12. Goyard 13. Gianfranco Ferré 14. Givenchy 15. Hermès 16. Hublot 17. Lanvin 18. L'Occitane 19. Longines 20. Longchamp 21. Louis Vuitton 22. Moet Et Chandon 23. Moncler 24. Miu Miu 25. Piaget 26. Stella Artois 27. Vacheron Constantin 28. Vilebrequin 29. Yves Saint Laurent 30. A. Lange & Sohne 31. Adidas 32. Breitling 33. Bayer BAY-Uh 34. Porsche 35. Hugo Boss hoo-go Boss 36. Mercedes Benz 37. Miele 38. Schwarzkopf 39. Tag Heuer 40. Volkswagen 41.Wüsthof & Zwilling J.A. Henckels 42. Alfa Romeo 43. Cerruti 44. Ermenegildo Zegna 45. Ferrari 46. Lamborghini 47. Loro Piana 48. Maserati 49. Moschino 50. Prada 51. Ralph Lauren 52. Vitale Barberis Canonico --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette Facebook: FREE EBOOK:

How to Accept a Compliment, Give One In Return & What Mistakes To Avoid

Please also visit our write guide on how to take a compliment here Like the tie or other accessories? Find them here In today's video, learn how not to reply to a compliment, how to accept it like a gentleman, and how to give one in return. Once you start dressing well, you'll notice that people will compliment you more often, it's a good thing. Don't spoil it! Most people don't know how to take a compliment and as a consequence they alienate people or even offend them. Not only will they likely never compliment that person again but they may also avoid them or even speak badly about them. So what started out as something positive turns into something negative, but it doesn't have to be that way. Responding and accepting a compliment is in fact so simple that everyone can do it without practice. Watch the video and you'll be surprised how easy it is to take a compliment. Of course, you want to return the favor but hold your horses. Never give a compliment back right away because it feels disingenuous. In this video, we explain the best way to return a compliment. If you enjoyed this video, please sign up to our email list and give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gentleman's Gazette Facebook: Instagram: FREE EBOOK:

The Importance of Learning Proper Table Manners -

To learn even more about etiquette click here:

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Table manners are actually something your parents taught you but are actually far more important as an adult. First of all, your table manners speak volumes about your refinement and it's often interpreted as a sign of character. It's not at all about being snobby or showing off but much rather show respect, your host and your dining partners will greatly appreciate your manners.

It's very important to keep in mind, proper table manners aways help you and never hurt you. The good thing is they can be learned and its never too late to do so.

So what are table manners?

I suggest you turn your cell phone ringer off when you enter someone else's home and put your phone in your pocket when you're with the guests. Don't leave your phone on the table because you are much more likely to pick it up and look at it which is impolite In the presence of other people.

If the table is all set, you don't just walk in and sit down. Wait to be seated or wait for the queue of the host, or if they sit, you can sit as well.

Ideally, want to sit up straight but comfortably, don't slouch, or cross your arms, or sit as you would on your couch while watching a football game.

Don't expect to sit next to your partner and follow the lead of the hosts. Traditionally, couples were always mixed up to sit with different people.

If there's a napkin on the plate or next to a plate, put it on your lap right away. If the host or hostess wants to say grace, accept the gesture for what it is and move along.

Two, let's take a look at the place setting. In the Western world, an informal place will always have at least a plate, a knife, and a fork. If dessert will be served, you'll find either a little fork or a spoon on the top side of the plate. If soup is served or anything else that requires a spoon, you will also have a spoon. On the top right of the plate, you'll likely find a water glass which is always filled and a wine glass which is empty, to begin with. Sometimes you also find beer glasses; if you prefer that, if that's what's served with a meal. If you see little plate with an extra knife on a top left to your plate, that's for bread and butter. When you're done with the course, you place the fork and a knife at a four to five o'clock angle that means you're done.

Three, now it's time to serve the food. Most informal dinners are family-style meaning there are bowls or platters where food is served from. For formal dinners, courses are usually plated but we talk about the intricacies of that in our formal dining etiquette video here.

With bowls and anything at the table, the cardinal rule is, don't reach over anybody else and don't touch them. To start, pass the bowl around the table from the left to the right when you get the bowl you hold it and you serve yourself then you pass it on to your neighbor on the right. Always use the serving utensils and never your silverware that's on your place setting. Of course, if the host or hostess has a different idea, go with what they do.

Four, finally it's time to eat. You should only start eating when everyone else has been served and a host or hostess starts to take their fork and take the lead. It is very impolite and sometimes even rude to just dig into your plate of food while the others are still empty-handed.

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