UFO Disclosure, Secret Space Program and More!! Dr. Steven Greer/Jessie Ventura

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William Shatner Goes #OffTheGrid | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

William Shatner boldly goes where few men have gone before... #OffTheGrid with Jesse Ventura! Captain Kirk and the Governor talk Star Trek, Bill's new Broadway show, American political predictions, and even horses. For more on the Captain, visit ShatnersWorld.com. And if you have a question for Jesse, message him at ora.tv/offthegrid. Message Jesse at ora.tv/offthegrid/askjesse. www.ora.tv SUBSCRIBE to Jesse Ventura's channel: http://bit.ly/1cxRueG Sign up for show updates here: http://on.ora.tv/1bVRusp LIKE "Jesse Ventura" on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jesseventura FOLLOW Jesse Ventura on Twitter & Comment on the show using #OffTheGrid https://twitter.com/GovJVentura

Puerto Rico, Forgotten Territories & Jen Briney

Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss America’s forgotten territories—Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa. The island of Puerto Rico is still in shambles seven months after Hurricane Maria. Jen Briney, host of “Congressional Dish Podcast,” gives a firsthand account of what life is like in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the disaster. FOLLOW Jesse & Brigida on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GovJVentura https://twitter.com/Brigida__Santos FOLLOW Jesse & Brigida on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jesseventura https://www.facebook.com/brigidasantosofficial Find RT America in your area: http://rt.com/where-to-watch/ Or watch us online: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/ Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTAmerica Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_America

Dr. Steven Greer - Nov. 21, 2015 - How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose - HD

Dr. Greer has been involved in the highest levels of governments and military for over 25 years and will share what he has learned on the who, what, where and why of UFO secrecy, the deep transnational security state and the constellation of illegal projects that are currently operating. Join the founder of the global Disclosure movement, Dr. Steven Greer, in Washington D.C. for a unique opportunity to listen to the most comprehensive and explosive expose of UFO secrecy ever presented! - Nov. 21, 2015 This 4 hour workshop will include: - How is secrecy maintained through the hybrid of corporate and government programs? - Which military bases and facilities and which corporations are involved in this secrecy? - How is black-budget and criminal activity funding these operations? - The Connection between the global financial system, UFO technology, drug running and covert military airspace and bases. - Where are the key Underground Bases (UGBs) and how are they connected via subterranean tunnels? - Who has been involved in managing this secrecy and how is the entity (MAJIC) controlled and operated? - How do Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) operate and how are they kept secret from the people, the President and Congress? - The History of UFO secrecy since WWII and how it has devolved into its own illegal transnational cartel. - See explosive documents on secrecy, how human military-controlled "Abductions" are "stage-crafted" - and what is the agenda for this Deception. - What is the future agenda for the cartel managing UFO secrecy - and how you need to prepare for this future! - The Planned Cosmic 911 Deception - What you NEED to know! ... and MUCH MORE. http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/ http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/evidence http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/evidence/countries-releasing-ufo-information/ http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/evidence/project-aquarius-documents/ Email: info@siriusdisclosure.com ANNOUNCING the Global CE-5 Initiative! Global CE-5 Initiative – Saturday December 5, 2015 We are happy to announce the Global CE-5 Initiative Day. On the first Saturday of each month, join others worldwide who want to unite in consciousness to reach out to the stars in Universal Peace. Thousands around the globe have already formed contact groups. Now is the time to magnify global coherence by all of us coming together in higher consciousness in a way that can move the world and humanity onto the path of Universal Peace. Get together with your existing group or form a group of your own to reach out to the ETs with your intent for peaceful contact. We are not choosing a specific time to meet but most groups meet in the evenings between 8 pm and midnight on their time zone. Imagine each individual or group as a light shining from Earth into the Cosmos – all on the same day around the globe. The earth will be glowing. If you want to form a group you can go to our free website/app – www.ETContactNetwork.com [http://www.etcontactnetwork.com/] and put in your name and contact information. If you don’t want to use your usual email, create a special email address just for this purpose and then you can form a group with others nearby. If you do not enter some form of contact information, no one will be able to reach you. We will send out a reminder each month. If you wish, share your experiences on the Facebook page : SiriusDisclosure A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE CE-5 CONTACT GROUPS AROUND THE WORLD FOR CONTINUING THE WORK OF PEACEFUL CONTACT BETWEEN EARTH AND OTHER INTERSTELLAR CIVILIZATIONS! - See more at: http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/announcing-the-global-ce-5-initiative/#sthash.O7cTUypM.dpuf Join the Collective: https://plus.google.com/b/114228398532289445690/communities/101782863897794974844 In case the link above doesn't work: https://plus.google.com/b/114228398532289445690/s/spacenatives%20collective In the rare case none of the above links work: https://plus.google.com/b/114228398532289445690/s/spacenatives%20collective/communities


This is HUGE NEWS! --------------------------------- http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/cseti-papers/national-security-implications-of-the-ufoeti-subject-a-brief-summary/ http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/cseti-papers/ http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/evidence/ http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/cseti-papers/581-2/ http://siriusdisclosure.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/DP-Witness-Overview-Long.pdf - Recorded 2015, London "The situation is so dire that senior Joint Chiefs of Staff leaders in the Pentagon who I have briefed, have no more access to such projects than any other civilian — unless they are on the ‘inside’. The government is really quite outside the loop. We have insiders and scientists who can prove that we do in fact possess energy generation systems capable of completely and permanently replacing all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems. Every single person who is concerned about the environment and the human future should call for urgent hearings to allow these technologies to be disclosed, declassified, and safely applied." - Disclosure Project, Founder and Director, Steven M. Greer, M.D. Join the Collective: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/102160384354331868636/communities/101782863897794974844

Jesse Ventura | Interview | Tonight Show (08-12-1987)

Jesse Ventura | Interview | Tonight Show (08-12-1987) Jay Leo guest hosts.


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