PEOPLE WATCHING IN KOREA 🇰🇷 - An Evening in Myeong-dong (대한민국 사람 구경- 퇴근 후 명동 쇼핑)

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What’s It Like Being A Foreigner In Korea? | ASIAN BOSS

We hit the streets of Seoul, South Korea to find out how foreigners feel about living in Korea. The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general South Korean population. Special thanks to: Marie (HOST & REPORTER) ► We believe that any ordinary person can deliver real news and commentary. Through our original and in-depth interviews of real people, we will challenge you - the global youth - to think critically and challenge various cultural and social issues. If our vision resonates with you, volunteer for ASIAN BOSS► Send us a message via our Facebook page if you have any questions or topic suggestions ► Are you curious about real people's perspectives from Asia on various cultural and social issues? Subscribe to ASIAN BOSS for more fun and informative videos ►

Amazing Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist Because We've Destroyed Them

Mother nature has several masterpieces that leave us in awe but because of humankind, many of them get destroyed. Here is a list of 10 of the most amazing tourist attractions that we've carelessly destroyed. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Legal Stuff. Unless otherwise created by BeAmazed, licenses have been obtained for images/footage in the video from the following sources: Primary Image Source – shutterstock Secondary Image Sources: Background Video Source – videoblocks

Walking distance like Hongdae, Seoul (서울 홍대 걷고싶은거리) / 촬영 박거열감독

트로트자나 방송국 트로트자나 다음카페 010 3223 4327 박거열감독

Shopping in KOREA | Myeongdong & Itaewon ft. Sunnydahye, Edward Avila, ChoNunMigookSaram & JoanKeem

My MAIN Channel :::::♥ ♥::::: In today's vlog I met some new friends in SEOUL!! We hung out in Myeongdong, went shopping and had lots of food! We then went clubbing in Itaewon (haha my first time clubbing in like 2 years). It was a fun night!! Sunnydahye: ChoNunMigookSaram Edward Avila: JoanKeem: INSTAGRAM :::::♥ ♥::::: FACEBOOK :::::♥ ♥::::: BLOG :::::♥ ♥::::: SNAPCHAT: kimdaoblog :::::♥ ♥::::: SEND ME MAIL! :::::♥ ♥::::: Yummy Japan - KIM DAO 2F., Toetsu Hakuyo Building, 4-9, Yonban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, 102-0081 Tokyo, Japan :::::♥ ♥::::: SUBTITLES :::::♥ ♥::::: How to: Subtitle here: Oº°‘¨ Main Channel ¨‘°ºO Oº°‘¨ Game Channel ¨‘°ºO Oº°‘¨ Instagram ¨‘°ºO Oº°‘¨ Facebook ¨‘°ºO Oº°‘¨ Blog ¨‘°ºO ☆ ----- My Other Channels ----- ☆ Main: Vlog: ☆ ----- Contact me ----- ☆ Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: For business & sponsorship enquiries ONLY:

SOS: Korean Guys Talk About Their Ideal Girl 한국 남자의 이상형은? | MEEJMUSE

Episode 2: Korean Girls Talk About Their Ideal Guy! What kind of girls do Korean guys really like? Plastic or natural, skinny or chubby? Let's find out together! 여자는 무조건 날씬하고 눈이 커야되나요? 제 새로운 시리즈 '서울의 거리'를 통해 한국 남자의 이상형을 같이 한번 조사를 해봅시다! ◇◇ SUBSCRIBE | 구독 👉 ◇ FOLLOW | 팔로우 ◇ INSTAGRAM | 인스타 ◇ TWITTER | 트위터 Hey guys and welcome to our exciting new series, Streets of Seoul! #StreetsofSeoul aims to bring Korea to your doorsteps, as Jen goes out onto the streets of Seoul to find the answers to YOUR questions about Korea - together with you! If you enjoyed this first episode (and if you appreciate the freezing cold my team and I endured whilst filming this, and the many, many hours spent editing;;;) please thumbs up, like, comment and share this video! What do you want me to find out for you from the Streets of Seoul in our next episode? Leave your requests in the comments. Love Jen xoxo For those wondering on my stance on all this, and why I've interviewed these guys despite their views being different from mine :) Y O U R T U R N : ◇ Did you agree with these guys? ◇ What's the first thing you notice in the opposite gender? ◇ What are the 3 most important things you look for in a gf? ◇ If you had to choose between looks or personality, which would you choose? ◇ Sexy or cute? ◇ Short or tall? ◇ Double eyelids or monolids? ◇ Short hair or long hair? ◇ Skinny or curvy? ◇ Do you mind if they've had plastic surgery? ◇ Are you in a relationship with a person from another nationality? T H A N K S T O ◇ My hubby: Oppa for trying to co-host this with me at first (and failing), standing in the -7 degrees temperature for 3 hours holding my light, helping me with some subtitles, and of course, organising everything else. Love you. IG: ◇ Beckii: Awesome logo design and helping me film in the freezing cold! FB: WEBSITE: IG: C O N N E C T W I T H M E ◇ Main Channel ◇ Vlog Channel ◇ Blog ◇ Instagram ◇ Facebook ◇ Twitter ◇ Email M U S I C Provided by D I S C L A I M E R Video not sponsored. Opinions and views expressed in this video are not my own. Interviewees were chosen at random and not based on any particular feature or attribute. When asking the questions, I remained neutral and did not engage in any indirect leading for answers. Any conclusions taken from this video should not be stereotyped to represent all South Korean men as those interviewed were but a small handful. Thanks for your educated viewership!

This video was filmed in Seoul's #1 shopping and tourism district, Myeong-dong! Myeong-dong is very famous for cosmetics, fashion, K-Pop, restaurants, street food, cafes, and much more! It is estimated roughly 2 million people visit Myeong-dong every day!!!

Myeong-dong was listed as the 9th most expensive shopping street in the world in 2011, 2012, and 2013. There are many name-brand stores, as well as large shopping centers. It has been featured in many Korean music videos, TV dramas, and movies.

Because of how popular and trendy this area is, many young people have been flocking here to shop or hang out since the 1970's. People watching is very popular here, where you can witness fashion trends change very rapidly. You can see the latest seasonal fashion, hair styles, etc. It's a really great place!

If you enjoy this video, please tell us why in the comments below. Or please tell us what you think in general! We are curious to know if this is something you'd like to see more of, in many other popular areas of Seoul!

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