Nilfisk VHS 110 Atex Industrial Vacuum at WB Floor Machines

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Nilfisk RS 500 Compact Road Sweeper Demonstration

Nilfisk-Advance proudly presents the Nilfisk RS 500, the most productive, manoeuvrable and compact road sweeper in the market. Available for hire from Cleans up to 19.000 m²/h Maximum speed up to 20 km/h More than 1.6 m sweeping path Easy to operate even in congested areas Easy to service Easy access to all components Powerful turbo diesel engine Diesel tank easy to fill 220 litre water tanks The daily maintenance is easy and quick Strong steel frame Dust control Large suction nozzle with hydraulically driven flap Extremely high airflow: 972 l/sec Stainless steel wire mesh to protect the fan unit Fan unit located horizontally above the hopper Convenient access to water tank, and easy refilling system 220 litre capacity for long sweeping ability (approx. 40 min.) Full dust control Adjustable water flow according to working conditions Wide window surface for excellent visibility Great overview of flap operations Powerful suction fan (3.500 m³/h) and fully adjustable flap for perfect sweeping results Easy cleaning in restricted places with the suction hose Multi level dumping system allows emptying anywhere High pressure cleaner system for spot cleaning and daily cleaning of the machine itself 2.4 m turning radius 25% climbing rate on ramps Kerbs up to 15 cm are easy to overcome The light weight (1.500 kg), allows you to transport it from one location to another We are able to adapt your machine to your cleaning task.



Using the Tennant T7 Floor Scrubber/Sweeper

This video demonstrates how to use the Tennant T7 battery-operated ride-on floor scrubber/sweeper | Check out our website to see this and other Tennant industrial cleaning machines: Some key attributes of this floor scrubber/sweeper: • Can turn in a six-foot-wide aisle • Scrubs and sweeps up to 29,000 square feet per hour • Picks up rocks, wood chips, paper, etc. • The simple gravity drain easily removes dirty water Have a question? We’re here to help: Call us: 800-793-3790 Email us:

TASKI Swingo 755

TASKI® swingo 755 B and 755 E Walk-behind 17 inch (43 cm) auto scrubber drier offers maximum agility in confined areas with a dual-axle system that allows the machine to literally turn on the spot.

Nilfisk SM800 Manual Sweeper

The SM 800 is a walk-behind sweeper. It's ideal for limited space or congested areas. The SM 800 picks up paper, leaves - even small screws, nails, bolts, cans, crown corks and cigarettes, etc off outdoor spaces as well as indoor floors. Available in South Africa from Industroclean.

The VHS110 is the innovative single phase industrial vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the brushless motor, this machine ensures high performance in a compact design.The innovative PullClean system effectively cleans the antistatic star filter while the vacuum is running, without the need to stop working. The optional HEPA14/ULPA15 upstream filter is the perfect choice when collecting fine dusts. The modular design makes it extremely easy to service and upgrade in the field.

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