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Volcom presents Raba Cakrawala

Raba Cakrawala mengisahkan sebuah perjalanan dua orang skateboarder Indonesia: Mario Palandeng dan Sanggoe Dharma Tanjung dalam melangkahkan kaki mereka untuk pertama kali di Amerika yang merupakan tanah kebebasan dan kelahiran dari skateboarding. Pelajari lebih lanjut tentang film Raba Cakrawala di :

My 2019 Snowboard Gear List

My Top Gear Picks Capita Snowboard: Union Bindings: ThirtyTwo Boots: Volcom Jacket: Volcom Pants: Oakley Goggles: Sandbox Helmet: BS Facemask: UA Base Layer: Anolog Mittens: Impact Shorts: Stance Socks: Burton Snowboard: Burton Bindings: Dakine Travel Bag: Europe Top Gear Picks: Capita Snowboard: Oakley Goggles: Volcom Jacket: Union Bindings: Sandbox Helmet: In this video I share with you my 2019 snowboard gear list. Over the years I've put a lot of time and effort into finding the best snowboard gear. For more advice on snowboard gear check out the playlist at the end. If you have any questions about the snowboard gear in this video, please leave them below in the comments. Also share with us your top snowboard gear picks for this season! Thanks for watching!

Volcom London

The Volcom crew gets cooked in London. From the article in our Jan/Feb issue. Video: @justsomedude @anttravis Music: @theheavytwelves

How to Wax a Snowboard |

Follow along as Guf (@matt_guf) guides you through the process he takes to wax his snowboard. 1. Check the Edges 2. Clean the Base 3. Apply the Wax 4. Scrap the Wax 5. Brush the Base 6. Go get Rad Get Wax HERE: Get Scrapers HERE: Get Tune Kits & Tools HERE: Follow Guf now: @matt_guf Get Social : Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @thehouseboardshop

Defeating Drones How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit

By OathKeepersOK: Why has it taken so long for practical thermal evasion methods to be introduced to the civilian market? There are multiple reasons. But the first would be that many average people unfortunately have little to no concern over thermal vision based weapons systems. They believe that all of these weapons reside in the hands of governments, governments which supposedly have the best interests of the citizenry at heart. Why should they develop or purchase a thermal evasion system when the “good guys” have all the thermal toys? This is blind faith in an establishment which has not earned our trust... Sadly, with the advent of numerous privacy and liberty crushing programs, it is safe to say that not all governments if any governments have the best interests of the public at heart. In fact, many governments today are training to subdue and control their respective populations rather than protect them. A thermal evasion suit is a tool, like any other tool. We at Snakebite Tactical intend it to be a tool for defense. We believe fully in the cause of liberty for all peoples, and we believe that thermal evasion is just as essential in maintaining that liberty as the right to bear arms is. We hope that this contribution to the liberty movement as a whole will help turn the tide of tyranny back, and give Americans a chance to rejuvenate the constitutional principles that once made our society honorably unique in the pages of history. For more information on the many false ideas on how thermal vision works and the many false methods to evade it, read this article: For more information on the ThermTac Ghost Suit, including how to purchase a professional custom made suit, please visit us at the Snakebite Tactical website: Or email us at: Also be sure to check out our economic, political, and social analysis at these websites:

This unique system is comprised of thermal panels that use natural down fill and warming fabrics intended to keep you warmer at the core. These panels are strategically placed to provide extra insulation where you need it most.

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