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Fenix NW20 and NW30 Whistles

The Fenix NW20 and NW30 Lifesaving whistles are available for purchase on The Fenix NW20 and NW30 Lifesaving whistles are crafted of durable and lightweight food-grade stainless steel. The Fenix whistles produce up to 120 decibels of sound, perfect for search and rescue, lifeguards, and police & fire professionals. The Fenix NW20 whistle has 2 sound chambers, and the Fenix NW30 whistle has 3 chambers.


A whistle factory in Birmingham received a very special visit yesterday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were given a tour of the building where they met workers and were given an insight into the history behind Acme Whistles. So what was it like welcoming royalty?

Product Review ACME Thunderer Hockey Referee Whistle

Product Review ACME Thunderer Hockey Referee Whistle Alright, today we’re going to be talking about the ACME Thunderer. It goes by the 477, the numbers that’ll follow are the 58.5, 60.5, and the 58. It’s definitely a standard whistle that you’ll see up to the NHL, from the minor hockey leagues. The reason that it is is that it gives that true hockey whistle sound that you’ll hear at the intro and the outdo of these videos. We’ll be also creating a guide on how to properly take care of your whistle, and it’ll be coming out later. We’ve actually been talking to the people at ACME at the moment to be able to come up with the greatest content for you. Some people instead of using these padded cushions will actually tape up their whistles, as well as tape up their fingers so that 9if they get hit they won’t get sliced, and that’s why you’ll see it often in referee rooms. It’s just to protect their hands from the sticks, from the whistle getting hit by a stick. And, one thing you don’t want to do is chew gum while you’re on the ice because sometimes it’ll get stuck in your whistle. Brandon has had that experience before and I have as well. As I said the ACME Thunderer 477, this is the standard whistle throughout any hockey in Canada at least, and in the AHL at some points. That’s all we have to say about the whistle. Find out more on our Website: Connect with Team Stripes on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: Reddit:

Woodturning a Slide Whistle

How i made a slide whistle with my lathe. like, leave a comment and share please. dislike? give some feedback to help make videos better. Thanks for watching.

Fox 40 Fuziun CMG Pealess Whistle

Fox 40 Fuziun CMG Pealess Whistle with whistle sound comparison. The New Fox 40® Fuziun CMG® “merges” together two of Fox 40’s most popular whistles; the distinct high-pitched sound of the original Fox 40® Classic® with the piercing blast of the Fox 40 Sonik Blast® CMG®. The resulting combination achieves the “Optimal” Whistle Sound Power. The New Fox 40® Fuziun CMG’s unique three chamber design is flawless, consistent and reliable. Two of the Fuziun’s ultra-high frequency chambers cut through crowd noise, while the frequency of the lower chamber commands attention! The Fuziun’s new and distinctive shape sets it apart from any other whistle of its kind. Its integrated Cushioned Mouth Grip offers its user the utmost comfort and durability. Design: 3-Chamber pealess + CMG / Sound Power: 118 dB Top Professional ACME plastic refree whistle football basketball volleyball survival camping sports games with lanyard laser

Item specifics

Model Number: NW201755
band:: ACME (import)
name:: xuan feng whistle
model: : CYCLONE 888
color: : red
material: : ABS RESIN
size: : 40*28mm
origin:: made in UK
laser:: laser name and logo
use: : football,volleyball,basketball games
Accessories: : mouthguard Lanyard (More info)

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