Top Professional ACME plastic refree whistle football basketball volleyball survival camping sports

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Basketball Referee Instructional Video

An instructional video produced for the Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials, starring the CCMA-award winner for best performance, Dan Verville. Written, produced and edited by Patrick Faucher.

Playing the sheepdog-whistle ACME 575

The ACME 575 is a well constructed sheepdog-whistle. Ideal for beginners in the sheepdog herdingworld, but......for musicians too! As I told in the video, place the round side between your lips (NOT between your teeth) and put your tongue softly aganist the folded side, saying the letter "T". Train yourself with octaves up and down, simple songs and birdcalls. Be prudent with young children. LET THEM ALWAYS SIT while playing. New songs I sing at first. Often you have to adapt the music to the higher pitches of the instrument. This instrument you can buy at organisations for sheepdogs, at "Lark in the Morning" etc. But you can make them yourself from an old soupcan : Good luck, Noseflutejob E: psychos&

Superb Whistle Reviews by Aryan Dhunna - Loudest to the Quietest!

I have all kinds of whistles which I have reviewed. These include the Fox 40 Classic Whistle Review, Plastic Policeman Whistle Review, Metal Policeman Whistle Review, Metal Dog Whistle Review, Dog Whistle Review, Windstorm Whistle Review, Acme Thunderer Whistle Review, LED Glow Light Whistle Review, Whistles, loudest Whistles, Safety Whistles, Waterproof Whistles. My favourite Whistle is the Acme Thunderer. The Acme Thundere Whistle is made in UK, in Birmingham, not far from where I live

Review of the Fox 40 Pearl, Fox 40 Classic, and Champion Whistles

LINKS FOR PURCHASE: 1. FOx 40 Classic: 2. Fox 40 Pearl: 3. Champion Whistle: Thanks for watching! Be sure to click like and subscribe! :) FOLLOW ME ON THESE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES: Facebook Page:!/SPCcranford1056 Twitter: Instagram: spccranford1056 Google+:

Referee whistle comparision: Molten Valkeen - Acme Tornado 2000 - Devastator...

My instagram: Molten Valkeen: Used by many FIFA referees. Highest dB out of all pro referee whistles (127.6). Acme Tornado: Also a popular FIFA whistle. It's got the highest frequency rate out of all pro referee whistles and therefore sounds higher than the molten for some people. Pro Match Unique: Very similar to the Fox 40 and and also the Acme Tornado 2000. Cheaper than both. Pro Match Taifun: Also called "Devastator", The 3rd most expensive whistle in the video. Actually more expensive than the Pro Match Unique. As you can hear in the video the sound completely differs from the other whistles and it can not handle full power. Not recommended for referees who want to advance. Top Professional ACME plastic refree whistle football basketball volleyball survival camping sports games with lanyard laser

Item specifics

Model Number: NW201755
band:: ACME (import)
name:: xuan feng whistle
model: : CYCLONE 888
color: : red
material: : ABS RESIN
size: : 40*28mm
origin:: made in UK
laser:: laser name and logo
use: : football,volleyball,basketball games
Accessories: : mouthguard Lanyard (More info)

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