CREEPIEST Abandoned Places Around the World

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Earth's Most BEAUTIFUL Geological Wonders

Have you ever seen something so magnificent and breathtaking that it made you want to cry? All of the places on this list inspire that kind of a reaction, and it all has to do with incredible geological formations and how they came to be. Get your tissues out and put on a sweater, because you’re most definitely about to get the chills. Sit back, relax, and get ready for Earth’s Most Beautiful Geological Wonders! Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 4. Danakil Depression This crazy-looking landscape can be found in Ethiopia, in the Afar Triangles northern portion, close to the border with Eritrea. The depression was formed by three tectonic plates diverging in the Horn of Africa. It’s the meeting point of the three plates, and also the area where they are separating as Africa and Asia move apart. These movements have caused plenty of volcanic activity in the area, and, as you can see, lots of rifting. The rifts here show up in the form of cracks, breaks, and fissures in the Earth’s surface along the plain which measures around 124 by 31 miles (200 by 50 kilometers). It rests 420 feet (125 meters) below sea level, and based on average temperatures throughout the year; the Danakil Depression is the hottest place on the planet. The Awash River, one of Ethiopia’s major rivers, dries up here and forms a number of salt lakes and never quite reaches the Indian Ocean. There are two active volcanoes in the depression, Erta Ale and Mount Ayalu, as well as the Dallol sulfur springs, and many tourists come to the area every year to see the alien-like environment. 3. Ankarana Reserve For our next excellent geological area, we have to look in Madagascar, about 18 miles (29 kilometers) to the northeast of Ambilombe and 67 miles (108 kilometers) southwest of Antsiranana. This plateau is made up of limestone from the Middle Jurassic that dates back to around 150-million years ago. There are underground rivers, and many caves in the area, which are formed by erosion due to the amounts of rain the area gets—about 79 inches (2,000 millimeters) worth every year. The plateau rises gently from the eastern side, but, on the west, it ends in a sheer cliff known as the “Wall of Ankarana.” At times, the cliff reaches 920 feet (280 meters) in height and runs 16 miles (25 kilometers) north to south. There are deep gorges in the center of the plateau, formed by the dissolving of limestone by rainfall over the eons and fairly heavy seismic activity. There are also many sinkholes in the karst region of Ankarana, but one in particular, Mangily sinkhole, stands out, as it is 460 feet (140 meters) deep and measures 2,300 feet (700 meters) across. The reserve was created in 1956 and is enjoyed by many since its opening. 2. Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument This is perhaps the most famous, and probably the most popular, geological wonder on this list. Mount St. Helens was shot into the international spotlight back in 1980 when it literally blew its top and became the most economically damaging and deadly volcanic event in United States history. The 110,000 acre (445-square-kilometer) monument was established by President Ronald Reagan two years after the explosive event, in 1982, and serves as a place of education, recreation, and scientific research. The environment in the monument has been left mostly untouched, giving Earth’s natural processes the ability to respond to the event without much human intervention. There are many picnic areas, trails, campgrounds, and viewpoints in the monument, including Windy Ridge, which allows visitors to drive within 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) of the crater itself. There’s a beautiful visitor center around 30 miles (48 kilometers) west of the mountain, as well as a Science and Learning Center a little over two hours away by car. There’s also Johnston Ridge Observatory just four miles from the mountain, which stands near the campsite of David A. Johnston, who was a volcanologist killed in the eruption. 1...

13 Scariest Abandoned Places In The World

Here are the top 13 most frightening abandoned places from creepy doll factories to Chernobyl the worst nuclear accident ever! Subscribe to Knowledge Feed for Myth Mania Mondays, Fact Tree Tuesdays, Wildlife Wednesdays, Origin Thursdays, Fun Fact Fridays & Wildcard Weekends. 7. Glenwood Power Plant Looking creepy enough to be used as a filming location for horror movies, this power plant has been abandoned since its closure in 1963. The plant was built to provide electricity for the New York Central Railroad tracks and became operational in 1906. The structure was abandoned for 50 years and today is littered with graffiti and almost completely empty. Recently the Goren Group started a project to convert the building into an arts-focused events complex that will include a hotel, restaurants, and a marina. 6. Oradour-sur-Glane Technically this village was never abandoned. The inhabitants of the town were slaughtered on June 10, 1944, when a Nazi company massacred 642 of its residents, including 247 women and 205 children. French president Charles de Gaulle ordered the village to be maintained in its original state as a permanent memorial and historical site after the war. Today the village endures as a popular tourist site, with many people claiming to see ghostly figures roaming the vacant streets late at night. 5. Florida Dome Homes Once upon a time, these dome homes were the self-sustaining, state of the art dwellings of an oil tycoon. Today they lie abandoned and run down, a mere shell of their former greatness. Oil producer Bob Lee built the futuristic homes as a vacation spot on Cape Romano for his family in the 1980’s. The problem with Florida beachfront property is that it can be susceptible to hurricanes, which often plague the area. The Dome Homes were severely damaged several times and after requests to build a seawall were denied the property was ultimately abandoned. 4. Port Arthur Said to be one of the most haunted places in Australia, Port Arthur in Tasmania has seen plenty of tragedy and death in its time. The port was a penal colony in the mid-1800’s and was home to some of the hardest British criminals and had some of the strictest security measures in the British penal system. Much like Alcatraz Island, it was often billed as an inescapable prison. In 1996 28-year-old Martin Bryant went on a killing spree in the small town in which 35 people died, making it the worst mass murder in the country's post-colonial history. This event led to a severe crackdown on firearms throughout the nation in which 640,000 weapons were turned into authorities. 3. The Bhangarh Fort Often dubbed the most haunted place in India, this 17th-century fort is completely ruined today. There are many myths about the place that have added to its haunted reputation. According to legend, a wizard is said to have cursed the fort and everyone in it after being rejected by a princess with whom he had fallen in love. The curse endures to this day and there are plenty of people who have reportedly had contact with ghosts or felt evil spirits when visiting the area. 2. Willard Asylum This hospital opened in 1869 as Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane in New York. The first patient was a woman named Mary Rote, who had spent the previous 10 years of her life chained up in a room. The asylum helped improve her condition and by 1890 the hospital had over 2000 patients. By this time the location had become completely self-sufficient. Patients grew their own food and tended to their own medical needs. There were even a morgue, a cemetery and a bowling alley on site. A huge push for deinstitutionalization occurred throughout the country in the 1990’s, leading to the asylum’s closure in 1995. Over half of the 50,000 or so patients who called Willard Asylum, their home also died there. Since the asylum closed its doors it has become widely recognized as a haunted location. 1. Pripyat The infamous Chernobyl disaster of 1986 left an entire city which once had a population of nearly 50,000 completely abandoned. Thanks to the high amounts of radiation that escaped during the terrifying event the land is sure to remain untouched for hundreds of years. Chernobyl was the worst nuclear accident in history. While two human deaths occurred during the actual event, hundreds of thousands of people and animals in the area are thought to have been affected detrimentally by the high amounts of radiation exposure that the accident caused.


From air force bases hidden in the middle of the pacific ocean, to bases left over from the soviet union, here creepiest abandoned air bases, Subscribe to American Eye 5. Mongolian Air Base Although it wasn’t official, Mongolia was basically a part of the Soviet union but they didn’t want to seem to seem imperialistic and put the Chinese on alert. With communist countries on both sides, it was heavily influenced by both powerful nations, but acted as a satellite nation to the USSR. In the 1970’s this air base was added and was seen as a way to protect themselves in case there was any territorial disputes with China and here we see this statue with a fighter jet. These armored aircraft shelters in the gobi desert, you see in this photo were made to protect expense aircraft from potential attacks and are designed with reinforced concrete. This random statue which is now close to a grazing pasture for cattle, has an inscription on it that states,”Glory to the Communist Party of Soviet Union. These large buildings housed the officers and their soldiers in this very isolated environment. 4. Cosmodrome Kazakhstan Many of the Soviets Union’s new buildings were built far away from the capital city of Moscow and into occupied territory or satellite states. Ralph Mireb captured some truly remarkable photos of an abandoned Soviet space shuttle and the building used to house it. The Soviet space program was quite successful and this is where they launched the sputnik. The area is Kazakhstan is quite remote, so it really seemed as if no one had returned to the place since they left it. Here you see the inside of the cockpit of the space shuttle where the pilots would have sat during missions. It’s believed that this spacecraft actually made it to space at some point 3. Gila River Airport This privately owned airport in Arizona is currently in a state of complete abandonment and most likely won’t be seeing any flights for a while. It was formerly used for planes who were involved in crop dusting and who knows what else. Built in 1942, it was used by the US army and went by the name, Williams Auxiliary Army Airfield number 5. Some experimental jet aircraft was tested out in during the 1950’s and then handed over for civilian use, and renamed as goodyear airport. In the 1990’s, operational usage ceased and it’s now just an aircraft boneyard as you can tell. This was after the Gila River Indian community gained control of it, which resulted in the eviction of commercial tenants. The last recorded aircraft operation was recorded in 1983. Many of the aircraft have fallen victim to graffiti artists or just decay from the elements of the desert. Here we see an abandoned 1945 Lockheed Pv-2D harpoon which has certainly seen better days. 2. Nicosia Airport, Cyprus The Nicosia airport on the mediterranean island of cyprus has a long history and it was once one of the main airports on this island nation. It’s even been used as an air base during world war two for the allies to launch attacks on north africa. In 1974, the an unexpected event took place when Turkey sent armed forces onto the island of Cyprus. The airport became a scene of heavy fighting between the cyprus ary and the turks. It’s been abandoned ever since, however the runway is occasionally used by the UN during peacekeeping missions. Here we see some of the seats on the inside of the airport, deteriorating inside one of the terminals. The Turks claim that ethnic Turkish people living in the area were targets of genocide. Croydon Airport, UK This historical airport has seen legendary pilots such as Charles Lindbergh during a transatlantic flight in 1927 and even pilot lessons by Winston Churchill. It was originally built during world war I after a zeppelin bombing raid on london took place and is the first major international airport constructed by the UK. It was rapidly constructed complete with factories to build planes and munitions. As of right now, however, it’s basically a giant museum. Although much of the runway has built built over, the main terminal has been preserved and is known as the airport house. The croydon airport was a target during world war II and in 1940 it was the site of a major air raid in the london area. The main armory was destroyed during the battle of britain and the civilian airport also took a hit. It was quite difficult to defend the attack and it wasn’t much again until 1944. With suburban areas beginning to expand, in 1952 it was decided that the airport would close and in 1959 it saw its last flight. As you walk around the area, you can still see quite clearly that parts of it still stand as a memorial for those who fought in order to keep britain free.

UNUSUAL Mysterious Locations Around The World

From amazing natural locales to abandoned towers, here are the most unusual and mysterious locations around the world! Subscribe to Talltanic 5.The Star Pyramid Also known as Salem Rock, this pyramid in Stirling Scotland was built in 1863 and it commemorates martyrs seeking religious freedom. During construction a bible was entombed in the pyramid and each side has a bible made out of marble.. There isn’t anything too crazy about this place, its just strange to see a pyramid in a cemetery in scotland. 4. Valley of the Fallen Valle de los Caidos was built under the orders of the spanish dictator Francisco Franco, it commemorates and honours the casualties of the Spanish Civil War. The 500ft (150m) cross commands respect from afar, and is the centerpiece of the complex. All together, it took 18 years for the monument to be built, and it is still surrounded in controversy. It is believed that around 10 % of the workers on the project were political prisoners, and that doesn’t sit well with… anyone really. When you look at the aerial view, you can see the abbey, and basilica, the whole complex is beautiful, but the history behind it has lead to its closure for a while. In 1999, the monument was the victim of a terrorist attack by the Anti Fascist Group GRAPO. If you find yourself in Madrid with nothing else to explore, I would suggest checking this place out, for sure. 3.Vienna Flak Towers What do you do when you got the Allied air forces bombing your cities ? You build some of these insane towers; these were just MASSIVE slabs of reinforced concrete and anti aircraft guns. They also had room for civilians to hide in during air raids. The main flak towers were built in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna with Smaller towers scattered around Europe as a whole. It was said that these towers were invulnerable, and it took only 3 to protect the center of Berlin from total destruction. They were one of the last lines of defense, and while the Red Army was taking over Berlin, some 30,000 people were hiding inside one of the flaktowers. When the war was over, everyone looked at these towers and collectively said “What now?”. Since it would have been extremely expensive and time intensive to take them down, most flak towers were repurposed. 2.Skeleton Coast | Namibia I know this video has been a bit out there with the content, we have explored some very different places, but this one, this one is very unique. The Northern Namibian coast is known under many different names, Portuguese explorers called it “The Gates of Hell. Local tribes named it “The Land God Made in Anger” The one that stuck out the most was “ The Skeleton Coast”, coined by the writer John Henry Marsh, from a book he wrote by the same name… From derelict buildings, hundreds of shipwrecks and thousands of whale and seal bones, the skeleton coast lives up to its name. The farther mainland you go, the more you realize that you are surrounded by nothing but desert. Nowadays, most of the coastline is protected land known as the Skeleton Coast National Park. Most of it is only accessible by plane, and only the southern part is open to 4 wheel drive vehicles. In other words, if you find yourself here alone… good luck. 1. Le Morne Brabant Officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, this tiny island nation is found in the Indian Ocean (which holds approximately 20% of the water on Earth’s Surface) The islands have passed through the hands of a few Colonizers, Dutch, French and the British stayed there until the 60s Reading into it a bit more, it seems that the UK claimed one of the smaller islands in the archipelago, the Diego Garcia. They got rid of all the locals, closed the island down, and rented it out the USA. Because why not? Well, the truth is, the USA has had an active military base there ever since they got their hands on the land. So it wasn’t “just because”. Oh look ! A Destroyed RAF Catalina ! Luckily, this was caused by a cyclone, and no one was injured. Stick around to explore the other abandoned Catalina Seaplane, this time in Saudi Arabia. What else, what else… oh yeah, one of the most unique aerial views on the planet ! The so called “underwater waterfall”. Scientists say they can easily explain this one, its merely sand and sinking farther into a deeper part of the ocean… Lets ignore the science and just enjoy the optical illusion for once .

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