CREEPIEST Abandoned Places Around the World

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13 Scariest Abandoned Places In The World

Here are the top 13 most frightening abandoned places from creepy doll factories to Chernobyl the worst nuclear accident ever! Subscribe to Knowledge Feed for Myth Mania Mondays, Fact Tree Tuesdays, Wildlife Wednesdays, Origin Thursdays, Fun Fact Fridays & Wildcard Weekends. 7. Glenwood Power Plant Looking creepy enough to be used as a filming location for horror movies, this power plant has been abandoned since its closure in 1963. The plant was built to provide electricity for the New York Central Railroad tracks and became operational in 1906. The structure was abandoned for 50 years and today is littered with graffiti and almost completely empty. Recently the Goren Group started a project to convert the building into an arts-focused events complex that will include a hotel, restaurants, and a marina. 6. Oradour-sur-Glane Technically this village was never abandoned. The inhabitants of the town were slaughtered on June 10, 1944, when a Nazi company massacred 642 of its residents, including 247 women and 205 children. French president Charles de Gaulle ordered the village to be maintained in its original state as a permanent memorial and historical site after the war. Today the village endures as a popular tourist site, with many people claiming to see ghostly figures roaming the vacant streets late at night. 5. Florida Dome Homes Once upon a time, these dome homes were the self-sustaining, state of the art dwellings of an oil tycoon. Today they lie abandoned and run down, a mere shell of their former greatness. Oil producer Bob Lee built the futuristic homes as a vacation spot on Cape Romano for his family in the 1980’s. The problem with Florida beachfront property is that it can be susceptible to hurricanes, which often plague the area. The Dome Homes were severely damaged several times and after requests to build a seawall were denied the property was ultimately abandoned. 4. Port Arthur Said to be one of the most haunted places in Australia, Port Arthur in Tasmania has seen plenty of tragedy and death in its time. The port was a penal colony in the mid-1800’s and was home to some of the hardest British criminals and had some of the strictest security measures in the British penal system. Much like Alcatraz Island, it was often billed as an inescapable prison. In 1996 28-year-old Martin Bryant went on a killing spree in the small town in which 35 people died, making it the worst mass murder in the country's post-colonial history. This event led to a severe crackdown on firearms throughout the nation in which 640,000 weapons were turned into authorities. 3. The Bhangarh Fort Often dubbed the most haunted place in India, this 17th-century fort is completely ruined today. There are many myths about the place that have added to its haunted reputation. According to legend, a wizard is said to have cursed the fort and everyone in it after being rejected by a princess with whom he had fallen in love. The curse endures to this day and there are plenty of people who have reportedly had contact with ghosts or felt evil spirits when visiting the area. 2. Willard Asylum This hospital opened in 1869 as Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane in New York. The first patient was a woman named Mary Rote, who had spent the previous 10 years of her life chained up in a room. The asylum helped improve her condition and by 1890 the hospital had over 2000 patients. By this time the location had become completely self-sufficient. Patients grew their own food and tended to their own medical needs. There were even a morgue, a cemetery and a bowling alley on site. A huge push for deinstitutionalization occurred throughout the country in the 1990’s, leading to the asylum’s closure in 1995. Over half of the 50,000 or so patients who called Willard Asylum, their home also died there. Since the asylum closed its doors it has become widely recognized as a haunted location. 1. Pripyat The infamous Chernobyl disaster of 1986 left an entire city which once had a population of nearly 50,000 completely abandoned. Thanks to the high amounts of radiation that escaped during the terrifying event the land is sure to remain untouched for hundreds of years. Chernobyl was the worst nuclear accident in history. While two human deaths occurred during the actual event, hundreds of thousands of people and animals in the area are thought to have been affected detrimentally by the high amounts of radiation exposure that the accident caused.

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8 Places You Should Never Swim In (Even If You Want To)

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CRAZIEST Conspiracy Theories On The Internet

Conspiracy theories aren’t all foil hats and paranoia. Some of the ones you’ll hear on this list may seem ridiculous. Others might seem funny and at times...even kinda scary. The internet sure knows how to invoke the imagination. Unless this isn’t all just imagination. Subscribe to Talltanic 7. The Moon Isn’t Real We all look up at the night sky, unless you live a strict nocturnal lifestyle. Most humans aren’t, and therefore have seen the moon at least a couple times if not every night. But, okay, what do people mean, the moon may not be real? Well, theorists out there are saying that what we know as the moon and see in the sky isn’t the same thing. The theory says around 4 billion years ago, Earth collided with another planet, leaving a small sphere thing hanging in orbit and that modern society has fabricated the existence of a moon. 6. The Earth Is Hollow This isn’t even a new theory, but an old one that, thanks to the internet, has stayed alive thus far. The Hollow Earth theory is one that spans back centuries--it all really implies that there’s a whole other world beneath the surface that humans have yet to find. This pseudoscience concept is featured in works like Journey to the Center of the Earth and stems from lots of stories in different cultures’ mythology and folklore. 5. Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids This theory sounds pretty crackpot, but actually, its explanation isn’t as outlandish as you’d think. Archeologists discovered stone palettes and old papyri whic depict and hint at dinosaur-like creatures having helped in the construction of the ancient pyramids of Egypt. There’s mentions of “enormous” and “beastly creatures” having helped in the building of these structures. There’s also been fossils of huge dinosaurs unearthed in Egypt, such as the Paralititan, which could have been one of those construction savvy creatures around in ancient Egypt. 4. NASA Blue Beam Project The Blue Beam project theory says that NASA is part of a movement to start a New World Order with a simulated second coming. This simulated second coming or huge UFO event is apparently going to be done by projecting blue beams into the sky in the shape of familiar religious images, an endeavor that supposedly started implementation in 1983. 3. History is Alive Jay Z is a vampire--it’s the theory that explains why this photo taken from the early 20th century includes a man that looks exactly like Hova--albeit there’s a shadow over half of his face. In pop culture, vampires are seen as really suave creatures of the night, having lots of money, and luring in beautiful women to either feast on or take in as their equally beautiful and dangerous partner. Things seem to check out. And this isn’t the first instance something from history has been tied to a photo. On the other side of the spectrum, not only do people believe that Jay Z is at least a century old, but also that Hitler is alive and well in Argentina--as evidenced by photos. According to that theory, this photo seems to show a much older Hitler living it up in Argentina with his girlfriend, with many saying he actually lived to be 95 years old. 2. The Large Hadron Collider Awakens the Gods The Large Hadron Collider, also known as the LHC, is the biggest and most powerful particle collider in the world. It’s the largest single machine ever made and it lies in a tunnel 175 meters beneath the surface of the border between France and Switzerland, near Geneva. And people think that its purpose for being built wasn’t merely in the name of science, specifically particle physics. No, it’s real purpose, as intended by different governments in the world, is to awaken the Egyptian god Osiris. The theory claims that this particle collider is a multi-dimensional portal and that it is capable of things like time travel. Even that time travel part sounds more probable that the other parts of this theory, but whatever. The Matrix is Real Forget about the moon and the Beatles. Everything you perceive as reality isn’t real either. Did anyone else watch the Matrix and while you were in awe at the special effects and storytelling, you also got a sense of strange existential anxiety? Well hold onto that feeling because apparently it might be real. And this isn’t just a theory that stemmed from the dark corners of some online forum. There are supposedly a couple tech billionaires, from Silicon Valley, no less, who are funding scientists to break us all out of the simulation we’re all apparently living in. Even Elon Musk said that the chance we’re not living in a computer simulation is one in billions. One in billions guys. So what is it?

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