CREEPIEST Abandoned Places Around the World

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Forgotten and Fully Furnished: An abandoned farmhouse amidst collapse

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From air force bases hidden in the middle of the pacific ocean, to bases left over from the soviet union, here creepiest abandoned air bases, Subscribe to American Eye 5. Mongolian Air Base Although it wasn’t official, Mongolia was basically a part of the Soviet union but they didn’t want to seem to seem imperialistic and put the Chinese on alert. With communist countries on both sides, it was heavily influenced by both powerful nations, but acted as a satellite nation to the USSR. In the 1970’s this air base was added and was seen as a way to protect themselves in case there was any territorial disputes with China and here we see this statue with a fighter jet. These armored aircraft shelters in the gobi desert, you see in this photo were made to protect expense aircraft from potential attacks and are designed with reinforced concrete. This random statue which is now close to a grazing pasture for cattle, has an inscription on it that states,”Glory to the Communist Party of Soviet Union. These large buildings housed the officers and their soldiers in this very isolated environment. 4. Cosmodrome Kazakhstan Many of the Soviets Union’s new buildings were built far away from the capital city of Moscow and into occupied territory or satellite states. Ralph Mireb captured some truly remarkable photos of an abandoned Soviet space shuttle and the building used to house it. The Soviet space program was quite successful and this is where they launched the sputnik. The area is Kazakhstan is quite remote, so it really seemed as if no one had returned to the place since they left it. Here you see the inside of the cockpit of the space shuttle where the pilots would have sat during missions. It’s believed that this spacecraft actually made it to space at some point 3. Gila River Airport This privately owned airport in Arizona is currently in a state of complete abandonment and most likely won’t be seeing any flights for a while. It was formerly used for planes who were involved in crop dusting and who knows what else. Built in 1942, it was used by the US army and went by the name, Williams Auxiliary Army Airfield number 5. Some experimental jet aircraft was tested out in during the 1950’s and then handed over for civilian use, and renamed as goodyear airport. In the 1990’s, operational usage ceased and it’s now just an aircraft boneyard as you can tell. This was after the Gila River Indian community gained control of it, which resulted in the eviction of commercial tenants. The last recorded aircraft operation was recorded in 1983. Many of the aircraft have fallen victim to graffiti artists or just decay from the elements of the desert. Here we see an abandoned 1945 Lockheed Pv-2D harpoon which has certainly seen better days. 2. Nicosia Airport, Cyprus The Nicosia airport on the mediterranean island of cyprus has a long history and it was once one of the main airports on this island nation. It’s even been used as an air base during world war two for the allies to launch attacks on north africa. In 1974, the an unexpected event took place when Turkey sent armed forces onto the island of Cyprus. The airport became a scene of heavy fighting between the cyprus ary and the turks. It’s been abandoned ever since, however the runway is occasionally used by the UN during peacekeeping missions. Here we see some of the seats on the inside of the airport, deteriorating inside one of the terminals. The Turks claim that ethnic Turkish people living in the area were targets of genocide. Croydon Airport, UK This historical airport has seen legendary pilots such as Charles Lindbergh during a transatlantic flight in 1927 and even pilot lessons by Winston Churchill. It was originally built during world war I after a zeppelin bombing raid on london took place and is the first major international airport constructed by the UK. It was rapidly constructed complete with factories to build planes and munitions. As of right now, however, it’s basically a giant museum. Although much of the runway has built built over, the main terminal has been preserved and is known as the airport house. The croydon airport was a target during world war II and in 1940 it was the site of a major air raid in the london area. The main armory was destroyed during the battle of britain and the civilian airport also took a hit. It was quite difficult to defend the attack and it wasn’t much again until 1944. With suburban areas beginning to expand, in 1952 it was decided that the airport would close and in 1959 it saw its last flight. As you walk around the area, you can still see quite clearly that parts of it still stand as a memorial for those who fought in order to keep britain free.

CRAZIEST Conspiracy Theories On The Internet

Conspiracy theories aren’t all foil hats and paranoia. Some of the ones you’ll hear on this list may seem ridiculous. Others might seem funny and at times...even kinda scary. The internet sure knows how to invoke the imagination. Unless this isn’t all just imagination. Subscribe to Talltanic 7. The Moon Isn’t Real We all look up at the night sky, unless you live a strict nocturnal lifestyle. Most humans aren’t, and therefore have seen the moon at least a couple times if not every night. But, okay, what do people mean, the moon may not be real? Well, theorists out there are saying that what we know as the moon and see in the sky isn’t the same thing. The theory says around 4 billion years ago, Earth collided with another planet, leaving a small sphere thing hanging in orbit and that modern society has fabricated the existence of a moon. 6. The Earth Is Hollow This isn’t even a new theory, but an old one that, thanks to the internet, has stayed alive thus far. The Hollow Earth theory is one that spans back centuries--it all really implies that there’s a whole other world beneath the surface that humans have yet to find. This pseudoscience concept is featured in works like Journey to the Center of the Earth and stems from lots of stories in different cultures’ mythology and folklore. 5. Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids This theory sounds pretty crackpot, but actually, its explanation isn’t as outlandish as you’d think. Archeologists discovered stone palettes and old papyri whic depict and hint at dinosaur-like creatures having helped in the construction of the ancient pyramids of Egypt. There’s mentions of “enormous” and “beastly creatures” having helped in the building of these structures. There’s also been fossils of huge dinosaurs unearthed in Egypt, such as the Paralititan, which could have been one of those construction savvy creatures around in ancient Egypt. 4. NASA Blue Beam Project The Blue Beam project theory says that NASA is part of a movement to start a New World Order with a simulated second coming. This simulated second coming or huge UFO event is apparently going to be done by projecting blue beams into the sky in the shape of familiar religious images, an endeavor that supposedly started implementation in 1983. 3. History is Alive Jay Z is a vampire--it’s the theory that explains why this photo taken from the early 20th century includes a man that looks exactly like Hova--albeit there’s a shadow over half of his face. In pop culture, vampires are seen as really suave creatures of the night, having lots of money, and luring in beautiful women to either feast on or take in as their equally beautiful and dangerous partner. Things seem to check out. And this isn’t the first instance something from history has been tied to a photo. On the other side of the spectrum, not only do people believe that Jay Z is at least a century old, but also that Hitler is alive and well in Argentina--as evidenced by photos. According to that theory, this photo seems to show a much older Hitler living it up in Argentina with his girlfriend, with many saying he actually lived to be 95 years old. 2. The Large Hadron Collider Awakens the Gods The Large Hadron Collider, also known as the LHC, is the biggest and most powerful particle collider in the world. It’s the largest single machine ever made and it lies in a tunnel 175 meters beneath the surface of the border between France and Switzerland, near Geneva. And people think that its purpose for being built wasn’t merely in the name of science, specifically particle physics. No, it’s real purpose, as intended by different governments in the world, is to awaken the Egyptian god Osiris. The theory claims that this particle collider is a multi-dimensional portal and that it is capable of things like time travel. Even that time travel part sounds more probable that the other parts of this theory, but whatever. The Matrix is Real Forget about the moon and the Beatles. Everything you perceive as reality isn’t real either. Did anyone else watch the Matrix and while you were in awe at the special effects and storytelling, you also got a sense of strange existential anxiety? Well hold onto that feeling because apparently it might be real. And this isn’t just a theory that stemmed from the dark corners of some online forum. There are supposedly a couple tech billionaires, from Silicon Valley, no less, who are funding scientists to break us all out of the simulation we’re all apparently living in. Even Elon Musk said that the chance we’re not living in a computer simulation is one in billions. One in billions guys. So what is it?

MIND BLOWING Discoveries in the Last Year

2016 into 2017 has been an insane time, with too many significant global events to mention – many good, many terrible and many just downright surprising. When it comes to discoveries, it’s pretty much the same. Some good, some terrible and some just downright surprising! Subscribe to Talltanic 9 - Mystery Solved Lucy is a 3.2 million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis skeleton, who was discovered in 1974 in Ethiopia. She’s a remarkable find as she bridges the gap between apes and humans. It’s believed that she would have lived in the trees, but also able to walk like we do today. She’s been studied extensively for decades, but her death has only been confirmed in 2016. Judging how her bones were broken, it’s concluded that she fell down from around 40-feet and died when she hit the ground. Whether she was pushed or fell accidentally, that we will ever know. It was gleaned from her arms, and in the same way we would put our arms out to try save ourselves from impact, is exactly how Lucy had broken those bones in her arms and hands. 8 - Money-saver This could potentially save millions of dollars every year – landing a rocket successfully on a drone ship! In the past, rocket boosters would just land in the ocean, but in April of 2016 – Falcon 9 landed on a floating drone, allowing researchers to reuse the rocket booster. Each space flight has altered from costing around $60 million each time to around $600,000, according to researchers. 7 – Not one but two! 2016 was a busy one for NASA, and now their scientists have found an asteroid that is a constant near-earth companion. They say there’s a lot of junk circulating this asteroid, which has been dubbed a second moon. Its real description is a quasi-satellite, with the name 2016 HO3. They do add to not get excited though, we’ll not be walking on this one anytime soon and it will depart within a few centuries. 6 - Not just a feeling This strange discovery has been called an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, but you can just refer to it as ASMR. It’s that tingling sensation you get at the back of your head or neck when you hear plastic crinkling or someone whispering in your ear. The results of this bizarre study were published in 2016 and it’s thanks to a psychology student at Swansea University that it was officially recognized. Scientists had for years just classed the sensation as goosebumps, but now it’s officially recognized as ASMR. 5 - Keeping it in the family Let’s hope they do, because a group of red squirrels over in the UK have been found to carry a strain of leprosy that was found in people living in the middle ages. 4 - It’s a match When you think of ducks, you don’t really see them as being super intelligent animals – but further research into mallards have shown that they are capable of recognizing if objects are exactly the same or completely different. To put it in the exact words of the people behind this 2016 discovery, “The brain operates with abstract conceptual reasoning, a faculty often assumed to be reserved to highly intelligent organisms.” 3 - A new kind of super-hero! Discovered in 2016, this millimeter long roundworm has been dubbed a little superhero. It’s tiny, eyeless and nothing much to look at – but wait until you hear about its light-detecting capabilities. The worm has photoreceptors that allow it to capture 50% more light than that of a human eye. Scientists are trying to figure out why this little super worm needs that ability, and when they do – they’re hoping to genetically engineer similar photoreceptors. 2 - Excuse Me For a number of years, scientists have wondered where the hum in the middle of the Pacific Ocean comes from… and finally in the last few months, we have a more conclusive answer… but I won’t lie – it’s truly weird! The noise was loudest at sunrise and sunset, and that’s the time when small fish and crustaceans come out from hiding to eat. So their first option was that it was the sudden movement of a large number of sea animals, and the other, more unusual option, was the fish actually let off gases which helps keep them bouncy and floaty. Research continues 1 - Journey of a different kind Many stories have been told by people who have had out of body experiences, or astral trips – and it’s been something that has been studied for as long as anyone can remember, although it has also had its fair share of sceptics. Volunteers had a series of tests run on them, and scientists confirmed that the out of body experience was indeed real. The subjects experienced a kind of hallucination which was triggered by a neurological mechanism, and even stranger, that it was possible to train yourself to activate it.

Impossible Discoveries: The Truth for Humankind

From artifacts way too advanced for their time to stones far too large to be moved by humans, here is forbidden archaeology an impossible truth for humankind Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 6. Baalbek You won’t find this ancient structure in Rome or Greece. Try Lebanon. Some believe that it’s evidence of a supercivilization. In Roman times it was known as Heliopolis or Sun City and it’s home to some of the largest stones ever quarried. Some were actually 1200 tons and remains a true enigma on how it was constructed. The oldest parts of this ruin has no known origins despite some of the buildings at this site being Roman, like the temple of Jupiter. It seems highly unlikely for the Romans to be able to quarry such large stones. They had neither the technology nor the resources, especially due to the fact that this site is so far from Rome. It out dates all known civilizations that inhabited this area. Fortunately it has survived the centuries despite many wars in this region but with recent conflict, it’s suggested to avoid the area. 5. Sacsayhuaman These mysterious rocks in Peru were extremely large and place on top of each other with serious precision. These are believed to be ancient Killke ruins outside the city of Cusco and were apart of a fortificated or religious complex. Very little is known about this civilization that lived in Peru before the Incas Working with such massive stones, only theories can be made to try to explain it. The stones first had to be cut at a quarry and each stone would have needed hundreds of people to lift one if that’s even possible. The method used to precisely match the shape of the stone with the stones next to them is still a mystery, proving how little we know about our history. 4. Nazca Lines Although you likely wouldn’t be able to notice from the ground level, the nazca lines are a group of large trenches located in peru that form various images if looked at from above. Each figure if fairly complex and it’s almost as if they were trying to send a message to the gods looking down at them. There are more than 70 designs as animals and even a strange looking human. As you can tell, the “human” has very noticeably large eyes which almost makes it seem not human at all. They were created by the Nazca people sometimes between 500BC to 500 AD and have managed to stay mysteriously well preserved throughout the century despite a few threats from squatters. Buthy would an ancient people go through so much painstaking labor to create artwork that they would never be able to see? 3. Gate of the Sun Located near lake Titicaca in the ancient city of Tiwanaku, is a mysterious prehistoric gate that could date back to 14,000 BC making it much older than the city of Ur in Mesopotamia by 11,000 years. Stones in this city are known to weigh as much as 150 tons Prehistoric man seemed to be capable of some miraculous things from time to time and it’s believed that all 3 stones combine to weigh 10 tons total. This was considered to be the gate of the gods, so it was pretty important. There are various representations of different images sculpted into the top of the gate which most likely appears to be the sun god of this ancient kingdom. Others claim that the gate holds astronomical significance and it frames the sun on special days of the year during sunset. ARchaeologists might refuse to believe that bolivia could actually be the cradle of civilization, making it somewhat of an impossible truth. 2. Quimbaya Airplanes The quimbaya airplanes are golden artifacts that were found in Columbia and made by the Quimbaya civilization. This group of people is known for making many bizarre artifacts that wouldn make a lot of wonder if they were even human Many believe this to evidence of ancient civilizations either having contact with people who had flying capabilities. Of course mainstream, archeologists want to describe these as flying lizards, birds or insects but others firmly believe the answers to these mysteries are found from out of this world. Supporters of this theory claim the objects to be far too aerodynamically accurate and replicas have been proven to fly. At the very least, it appears to show that the ancients had some knowledge about what was required in order to make things fly. Here in these photos you can see some of these objects even seem to have propellers and appear to resemble quite similar to our modern flying aircraft. Was this civilization visited by alien life, and carved these gold sculptures in their form? 1...

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