How to Take Measurements of Women's Tops, Abayas, Dresses, Jilbabs, & Outerwear

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T.M.Lewin | Know Your Size - Suits

A video guide on measuring suit size. You can view our full collection here:


How To Blouse From Old Shirt

How to Measure For a Dress |

Lightinthebox shows you how to measure your dress size, including wedding dress, evening dress, prom dress and custom tailored dress or costume. Check the best dress size measurement instruction video from now! Before we begin, you will need to have the following : A measuring tape When taking these measurements, please make sure to wear tight fitting clothing to ensure accuracy. STEP 1, BUST: Please be aware that this is not your bra size. When taking this measurement, take your tape, and wrap it around your back, bringing it around to the fullest part of your bust. When you’re taking this measurement, make sure that your arms are hanging loosely by your side. Please be sure to wear a bra when taking your measurement. As otherwise your garment maybe a little bit too tight around the chest. STEP 2, WAIST: To measure the waist, take the tape, and wrap it around the smallest part of your waist. Typically, this is about one inch above your belly button. When taking this measurement, keep the tape a little bit loose to allow for breathing room. STEP 3, HIPS: The hip measurement spans across the widest part of your hips. To start, take your tape, and wrap it around the back, bringing it down until it brushes across both hip bones. Typically, this will be about seven inches below your natural waistline which is at the narrowest part of your waist. STEP 4, HOLLOW TO FLOOR The Hollow to Floor measurement is taken from the hollow at the base of your neck between your collarbones to the floor. When taking this measurement make sure you are standing upright, don’t wear any shoes and keep your feet close together. STEP 5, HOLLOW TO HEMLINE Hollow to hemline is the distance from the hollow at the base of your throat to your hemline. When taking this measurement, make sure you are standing upright, back straight. Please make sure when you are taking this measurement to take it accurately. As it will affect the length of your dress. STEP 6, SHOULDER For the shoulder measurement, you have to measure from the edge of one shoulder to the other. To start, rotate your arm a little, and you will be able to find the spot where your arm and shoulder meet. Start from there, and go in a straight line to the other end. STEP 7, ARM LENGTH To measure arm length, simply measure from your shoulder to your wrist. To start, rotate your arm a little, to find the spot where your shoulder and arm meet. From there, simply measure downwards and keep your arm loose and relaxed by your side. STEP 8, ARMSCYE: Measuring your Armscye is relatively simple. Just take your tape, and wrap it around the fullest part of your upper arm. When taking this measurement, it’s important to make sure it’s not too loose or too tight as it affects your sleeve size. STEP 9, ARM: Take the arm measurement, requires your arm to be in a particular position. First, bend your arm 90 degrees at the elbow and the place your hand on your hip. To start measuring, take the tape and place it at the back of your neck, measure over your shoulder to your elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist. The total length will be the arm measurement. STEP 10, HEIGHT: To measure your height, first, make sure you are not wearing any shoes. Place your back against the wall, feet together and simply measure from the top of your head to your feet. Please use these measurement when ordering any custom tailored clothing from to ensure the best results. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lightinthebox official 【Wedding dresses collection】: 【Bridesmaid dresses collection】: 【Mother of the bride dresses collection】: 【Flowergirl dresses collection】: 【Evening dresses collection】: 【Cocktail dresses collection】: 【Flash Sale】 UP TO 80% OFF : If you have any comments and questions about this video, please leave your messages below and we will reply to you soon! If you have any problems about your order, please CONTACT US here : Hope you like our video, please like it, share it and SUBSCRIBE here: Our social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Our blog: App Download Link: ISO: Android:

This step by step video tutorial will show you how to take the measurements of an abaya, jilbab, tunic, blouse, jacket, or cardigan you already own in order to purchase the correct size from SHUKR.

How to take garment measurements of tops, dresses, abayas and jackets:

Lay out a similar garment you own flat on the floor or on a table. Using a soft measuring tape, take the following measurements:

Length: Measure the centre back of the garment, from the bottom of the neckline until the end of the hem at the bottom of the garment.

Sleeve: Measure the length of the sleeve from the point of its attachment at the top of the shoulder, to the end of the cuff hem.

Bust: Measure immediately underneath the armhole, across the chest of the garment.

Shoulder: Measure from the point of sleeve attachment at the top of the shoulder on one side, to the same point on the other side.

Waist: Measure 6.5 inches (17cm) down from underneath the armhole. This gives you the waist level. Now measure across the width of the garment.

Hip: Measure 14.5 inches (37cm) down from underneath the armhole. This gives you the hip level. Now measure across the width of the garment.

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