‘You’re NOT at Fox News’: GOPer Flattened for Reciting Trump ‘Talking Points’ During CNN appearance

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'ALL of that is BOGUS!' Trump Economic adviser Gets CLOBBERED over Increase US Debt

LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE CNN’s Jake Tapper fact-checked Trump’s economic adviser Stephen Moore after he claimed nothing was wrong with the U.S. economy. “The big story in this Congressional Budget Office report is that just in the last nine months since the tax cut was passed, the CBO has increased its growth estimate for the next ten years by $6 trillion. Barack Obama increased the national debt by trillions of dollars,” Moore said.

Rick Wilson takes Trump Stooge Steve Cortes to the Woodshed in OFF-The-Rails CNN blow-up

LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE For the second time on Friday night, CNN host Anderson Cooper hosted a knock-down drag-out fight between a defender of Donald Trump and a detractor of the president, as former Trump adviser Steve Cortes and GOP consultant Rick Wilson traded insults and heaped abuse upon each other. As host Cooper — once again — sat back and let the fireworks fly, the two touched on Trump’s birtherism about former President Barack Obama, with Cortes dismissing it as old news.

Angela Rye LAUGH at Trump Stooge Niger Innis: ‘Did You Get Those Stats From Breitbart?’

LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE A CNN panel began with talk of President Donald Trump‘s treatment of three black women reporters quickly went off the rails when talk turned to “buffalo spicy” chicken wings and stats about black women’s support of Republicans straight out of Breitbart. Things really started to heat up when host Chris Cuomo noted that Trump asked April Ryan — one of the three reporters Trump berated this week — to set up a meeting with a black caucus like it was her “tribe.”

You 100% Sure Trump Didn't Tell Cohen to LIE? Santorum SELF-DESTRUCT Trying to Defend Trump LIES

LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE Trump water carrier, Rick Santorum, had a difficult time trying to explain away the mountain of Trump lies as hyperbole. Santorum also claims with confidence Trump did not tell Michael Cohen to Lie. However, when Challenge by CNN's host, Chris Cuomo, Santorum crash and burn. WATCH.

Unthinkable! Deepstate BREAKS WIDER After DiGenova Released THIS! Massive INDICTMENTS Made(VIDEO)!!!

Unthinkable! deepstate breaks wider after DiGenova released this! massive indictments already made. Former U.S. attorney Joe DiGenova weighs in: Michael Flynn's attorneys suggest he went into FBI meeting with a false sense of security. Obama FBI framed Michael Flynn to get Trump. Special counsel Robert Mueller slams Michael Flynn's assertion he was trapped into lying.

Former Fox News personality Eric Bolling appeared on CNN on Tuesday for his “maiden voyage” with CNN anchor Don Lemon.

The segment focused on “the president’s recent media blitz” which included his 36th interview with Fox News — while he has yet to sit down and answer questions on CNN.

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