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Mini Lathe: How to make a Boring Tool Holder

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Sheet Metal Art For Beginners, Ep 1 Make a Break

Watch Sheet Metal Art For Beginners, Episode 001 - Make a Break by http://MitchellDillman.com and learn a quick and easy method to make your own holiday art for friends and family. Now go grab your angle grinder, some tin snips, a clamp or two and some electric shears then let's get this show on the road! In this episode you will learn how to make a simple break to bend your 3/8" solid rod frame work. Then weld up the frame and get ready for episode 002, Cut, Form and Weld. Have questions? Come see me live Online at https://helpouts.google.com/109812025641464423496/ls/bd2ec15ee2e3d687 Are you ready to learn some more? Rent this video now: Make Metal Art at Home http://youtu.be/iIKuzu_Rzho Then be certain to check out my new Online art gallery http://mitchelldillman.com Thanks for watching...see you next week! Find your multitool at TrickTools.com http://vansantent.trick-tools.com/search?view=grid&w=multitool&x=23&y=21

TFS: Tools of the Trade

Tools & Gear We Use and Recommend https://www.amazon.com/shop/thefabricationseries Tools of the Trade offers insight into some of the basic and advanced tools needed to perform most jobs related to the fabrication industry. Some jobs can be executed with simple hand tools as demonstrated in this video. This video is the condensed version of our LIVE stream shot on July 3, 2016. Thank you to all who tuned in and participated! Learn How to TIG Weld HANDS ON! http://thefabricatorseries.com/classes Subscribe to my channel for MORE! Check out the website: http://www.TheFabricatorSeries.com/ Like: https://www.facebook.com/TheFabricatorSeries Follow: IG @The.Fabricator https://Instagram.com/The.Fabricator

CNC Gang Lathes Power Tools & Live Tools Applications

Range of live tools and applications CNC gang tool lathes

How to Cut Carbon Fibre Sheet and Carbon Fiber Parts (Technique & Safety)

Very detailed guide to cutting and shaping carbon fibre sheet and carbon fibre parts (like a seat-post). In this guide we dispel some myths surrounding cutting carbon fibre (no it won't kill you) and demonstrate exactly what you can expect when cutting different types of sheet, tube and parts using a range of common workshop tools.

Gio spent a few minutes with Grant Fergussan today at the TRUMPF Open house discussing the full range of power tools available from this sheet metal, laser cutting, fabrication solution supplier. Interesting to hear of the whole range power tools for sale.
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It's not just videos that MTDCNC offers to our users, we promote used machine tools for sale, new machine tools for sale, ex demo machines and also related equipment, such as cutting tools, including end mills, drills, countersinking tools, shell mills, radius tools, boring tools, reamers and much more for both milling and turning. Beyond the cutting tools we also offer the accessory solutions, these include the Workholding, vices, 4th axis units, collet chucks, 3 jaw chucks, bar feeds and toolholders. Toolholders is an interesting one as this could be one of many differing toolholders such at BT40 tooling, BT30, HSK 63 and then for turning VDI 30/VDI 40 toolholders.

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