Adaptable Core for Industrial Machines in Peru - AS023 InnovateFPGA

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This project demonstrates, with a real-world application, that developing adaptable and reconfigurable systems for industrial machines in our country is possible.

An FPGA is used to implement the control logic for an old offset printer, which counts with 880 LEDs, 88 stepper motors, 8 Bluetooth modules, 4 UART modules and 48 push-buttons, among other peripherals. Even though the machine is very old, its mechanical components are in good condition and, for that reason, only the electronics were replaced.

All the interfaces were developed considering the optimization of resources in order to control all the peripherals contained in the offset printer. This design requirement was met by using shift registers in cascade, which allows us to expand the number of outputs when it is required.

This project has allowed us to apply all our digital design knowledge, and to develop even more our skills to solve real-world problems.

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