Food Processing Equipment for Food Waste

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Food Waste Grinding

Check out our Monster Industrial solutions for food waste reduction. 1-SHRED - An efficient an affordable grinder for low volume shredding. 3-SHRED - The workhorse of the Monster Industrial Family - This is our most popular shredder. 4-SHRED-1 - For those larger shredding projects that require higher torque and throughput. 7-SHRED-1 - Our most powerful twin-shafted shredder ever - can generate peak cutting force of 25,000-lbs (11,000 kg) of force.

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Waste Management Single-Stream Recycling: Take a tour of our Philadelphia MRF

Recycling with single-stream technology is helping communities recycle more waste from their garbage collection. Waste Management is on a mission to drive environmental performance with solutions that minimize waste, recycle valuable resources, and create renewable energy. We are investing in single-stream technology and building recycling facilities, like the Philadelphia Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), to help extract the highest possible value from the materials we manage.

Experiment Shredding Squishy Teddy Bear | The Crusher

Experiment Shredding Squishy Teddy Bear Lego And Toys | The Crusher Subscribe here and press the bell as well : Todays Shredding list : glass - squishy face - lego warship - squishy toy - tennis ball - squishy cat - potato toy - squishy - toy car buldozer - squishy ice cream - squishy teddy bear Squishy: Flash Deals: Get your Lego Batman : Get your Transformers : Get your Lighting McQueen : Get your fidget spinner : Get your Gearbox : Get your shredder : Get your inverter : Get your motor : For more awesome videos checkout: Shredding Experiment | The Crusher Popular Uploads | The Crusher Latest Uploads | The Crusher 1000 Degree Metal Ball Experiments | The Crusher Mega Hydraulic Press 500 Tons | The Crusher Hydraulic Press Oddly Satisfying | The Crusher facebook page: instagram page: twitter: Sponsored By : Subscribe to my channel and ring the bell to get updated for new videos : #shredding #crusher #experiment

Transforming cassava peels into animal feed

This video explains how cassava peels can be dried and converted into animal feed - reducing environmental waste, feeding animals and providing livelihoods

Looking for food processing equipment? Our Shredders can handle a wide array of throughputs & any food waste generated from farmer discards to commercial or restaurant waste. Check out all the sizes we offer HERE. Or go HERE for more info on how we can help in your specific application.

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