Border patrol agent confesses to killing 4 women, police say

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The Border Patrol's Corruption Problem

When a headless body washed up in the calm waters of the Texas gulf coast, investigators began to unravel a crime that led first to a drug cartel assassin, then to a locked safe containing​ more than a kilo of cocaine, methamphetamine, a gold-plated pistol— and U.S. Border Patrol agent Joel Luna’s badge. For more, read the story ‘Not One Bad Apple': Author: Jeremy Raff

Anderson Cooper shuts down Donald Trump Jr.'s lie

Anderson Cooper debunks Donald Trump Jr.'s false tweet about the CNN anchor, which was an attempt to slam CNN's coverage of Hurricane Florence by posting a photo from 2008.

Laredo,Tx.-Border Patrol Checkpoint**REMATCH** 6-25-18

Once again the Border Patrol shows its contempt for the freedoms so many have fought and died for in this country. You have no right to silence with these clowns. BUC-G channel- Pink Camera Magic- Donate to the cause and help keep me on the road-just follow one of these links (THANKS!!!)= or if you like PayPal use email address

Trump: Cohen prosecutors are trying to 'embarrass me'

CNN's Brianna Keilar examines the sentencing of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen to prison. Trump says he never told former lawyer Michael Cohen to break the law. #CNN #News

Juan David Ortiz, a 10-year veteran of US Customs and Border Protection, is being held on four counts or first-degree murder, among other charges.

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