Today News - Turkey warns missile system from Russia

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Erdogan Preparing Turkey For 2023 - Unfinished Business With Saudi Arabia!

For centuries the Kaaba, the cube in the center of Mecca, Saudi Arabia that is Islam’s holiest point, has been encircled by arched porticos erected some three centuries ago by the Ottomans, above dozens of carved marble columns dating back to the 8th century. But today any vestiges of the portico and columns have been reduced to rubble, cleared to make way for the Saudi government’s expansion of Mecca’s Grand Mosque. Over the last few years, mosques and key sites dating from the time of Muhammad have been knocked down or destroyed, as have Ottoman-era mansions, ancient wells and stone bridges. Over 98% of the Kingdom’s historical and religious sites have been destroyed since 1985, the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation in London. “It’s as if they wanted to wipe out history,” The Wahhabi War was fought from early 1811 to 1818, between Egypt Eyalet under the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha (nominally under Ottoman rule) and the army of the Emirate of Diriyah, the First Saudi State, resulting in the destruction of the latter. Lausanne Treaty, Britain developed a number of unfair and painful conditions to the rights of the Ottoman Empire, Britain forced the abolition of the caliphate, and exiled the caliph and his family outside of Turkey, and then confiscation of all the caliphs assets, and made Turkey declare itself as a secular state, it also prevented Turkey from oil exploration and to consider the Bosphorus Strait which links between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, and then to the Mediterranean as an international corridor that it is not entitled to Turkey to obtain fees from ships passing through it . By 2023 the period of the treaty ends. Many political analysts are saying Turkey will get back it's powers, To be the leader of all Muslims (a.k.a Caliphet), Ownership of some of the middle east & Balkans., Rights to use the rich oil wells in Turkey. Turkish news, Turksha Lira, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sheikh imran hossain, shekh kabbani,

Turkey's Defense Industry now surpasses Israel

-- MPT55 and MPT76 Rifles -- JNG-90 Sniper Rifle -- MFY-71 fully automatic Machine Gun -- Next generation APC,,AFV and IFV -- OMTAS latest technology anti Tank Missile ....( 4 km range and top attack capability ) -- KARAOK anti Tank Missile ...( similar to American JAVELIN and Israeli SPIKE SR ) -- ALTAY Tank with AKKOR Active Protection System by 2021 -- T-155 Storm 155mm Howitzer with 50+ km smart ammunition -- YAVUZ truck mounted 155mm Howitzer -- 40 km TRG-122 guided MLRS -- 120 km TRG-300 guided MLRS -- 280 km KHAN Tactical Ballistic Missile -- 250 km SOM-J network enabled Cruise Missile -- 220 km ATMACA Subsonic Anti ship Missile -- Supersonic Anti ship Missile -- TUFAN hypersonic Electromagnetic Railgun -- TUBITAK high energy LASER -- SAPAN Rolling Airframe Missile -- 8 km CIRIT laser guided Rocket for Attack Helicopters -- 8 km MIZRAK-U Anti Tank Missile for Attack Helicopters -- 30 km TEMREN Missile for Navy Helicopters -- GOKTUG BWR and VWR Air to Air Missiles -- AKBABA Anti radiotion Missile -- NEB Penetrator Bomb -- 12 km LGK Laser guided Bomb -- 28 km HGK and TEBER INS/GPS guided Smart Bombs -- 110 km KGK INS/GPS guided Smart Bomb -- FNSS SAMUR Amphibious Assault Bridge -- KAPLAN Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot -- TAMKAR Mine Clearing System -- TAI HURKUS Trainer and light attack Aircraft -- TAI HURJET Jet trainer and air close support Fighter Jet -- TAI TFX 5th gen stealth Fighter Jet by 2029 -- TAI T129 Attack Helicopter -- TAI T625 Utility Helicopter -- TAI ATAK2 Attack Helicopter Project -- TAI 10 tons class Utility Helicopter Project -- TAI ANKA MALE UCAV -- AKINCI HALE UCAV -- Bayraktar TB-2 UCAV -- GOKTURK Military Satellite -- BURAK Space Probe Rocket and Launch System -- UMIT Space Launch System -- HISAR-A Air Defense System ( 15 km range and 10 km altitude ) by 2020 -- HISAR-O Air Defense System ( 35+ km range and 18 km altitude ) by 2021 -- HISAR-U Air Defense System ( 120 km range and 30 km altitude ) by 2025 -- HISAR-C RAM ( similar to Israeli Iron Dome ) -- KORKUT 35mm SPAAG ( Airbust ammunition ) -- KORAL Radar Electronic Warfare System -- MEHPOD Jamming Pod -- ASELPOD Targeting Pod -- Aselsan Airborne stand off Jammer -- SPEWSII Self protection Electronic Warfare System -- ORKA Leightweight Torpedo -- AKYA heavyweight Torpedo -- TUFAN hypersonic Electromagnetic Railgun -- HIZIR Torpedo Countermeasure System for Surface Ships -- HIZIR-LFAS Low Frequency Towed Active Sonar -- ZOKA Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasure Decoy -- ZARGANA Submarine Torpedo Counter Measure System -- TORK Hard-Kill Torpedo Countermeasure System -- LEVENT Unmanned Surface Vehicle -- Korkut-D 35mm CIWS for Naval Platforms -- 66 km Aselsan ALPER Naval LPI Radar -- 89 km Aselsan SERDAR Coastal Surveillance LPI Radar -- 100 km Aselsan STR Weapon Locating Long Range Radar -- 120 km KALKAN II Air search Radar -- 450km CAFRAD GaN based AESA Radar -- 600+ km Aselsan EIRS Early Warning Radar -- Airborne GaN based AESA Radar -- MILDAR Helicopter fire control Radar - Engines for Tank,,,Howitzer,,,Helicopters,,,UAV and UCAV,,,Cruise Missiles,,Fighter Jet,,,Warships -- ADA class stealth Corvette -- MILGEM-I class stealth Frigate -- TF-4500 class new generation stealth Frigate -- TF-2000 class Destroyer -- MILDEN class AIP Submarine by 2028 -- 137 m BAYRAKTAR class LST ..... ( can carry 20 Tanks ) -- New type LCT -- ALEMDAR class Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP) -- Super Tanker -- Patrol Boat -- Fast attack Missile Boat

Breaking News- Russia, Iran And Turkey Seak To Challenge U.S. At Moscow Security Conference

Breaking News- Russia, Iran And Turkey Seak To Challenge U.S. At Moscow Security Conference At an international security conference in Moscow this week, Russia warned of a new Cold War and said it would use all means available to defend itself. _______________________________ COURTESY - VOA NEWS

Turkey vs Israel - Army/Military Power Comparison 2018 (Turkish Army vs Israeli Army)

Please watch: "Turkey vs United States - Army/Military Power Comparison 2018" --~-- Turkish Armed Forces vs Israeli Armed Forces (Power Comparison) |Credits| |Music Nr.1| Ansia Orchestra - Battlefield 1942 Intro |Link| |Published By| Ansia Orchestra |Channel Link| |You Can Purchase this song and many others in the link below| |Soundcloud| |Music Nr.2| Ansia Orchestra – To The North [Epic/Orchestral][MFY - No Copyright Music] |Link| |Published By| MFY — No Copyright Music |Channel Link| |Follow Ansia Orchestra| |Twitter| |VK| Sources: (world factbook)

Turkey announces full control in Syria's Afrin region, delivers aid

Turkish armed forces announced on Saturday (March 24) that they had taken control of all areas in the Afrin region during their Olive Branch operation in Syria. The president of Turkish Red Crescent, Kerem Kinik, said in Afrin that his organization and other NGOs had been distributing food and aid in the city and the surrounding villages. After seizing control of Afrin, the main town in a pocket of Kurdish-controlled territory in northwest Syria, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would also target a region stretching nearly 400 km (250 miles) east to the northern Syrian town of Qamishli. Expanding Turkey's military campaign into the much larger Kurdish-held territory further east would risk confronting the troops of a NATO ally, the United States, that are deployed alongside a YPG-dominated force in northern Syria. Ankara considers the Kurdish YPG militia a terror organization.

Today News - Turkey warns missile system from Russia

GettyErdogan claimed Turkey will put to use the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems Mr Erdogans remarks come after months of contention between Turkey and Nato allies, in particular the US, who see the purchase of a Russian-built missile system as a threat to NATO countries’ defence interoperability. The Turkish leader said: “We will not just buy the S-400s and place them in a storehouse.“We will use them if need be.”He added: “This is a defence system.“What are we going to do with it if not us...


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