Today News - Turkey warns missile system from Russia

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Russian S-300/S-400 Air Defense System Vs. America's ‘New And Smart’ Tomahawk Missile.

Odo Puiu Events invites you to watch …. Russian S-300/S-400 Air Defense System Vs. America's ‘New And Smart’ Tomahawk Missile. The Kremlin is a historical ally of Damascus and deployed batteries of this advanced missile platform at the Khmeimim airbase near Latakia in western Syria after its intervention in support of President Bashar al-Assad. On paper, the S-400 system is designed to destroy aircraft, drones, and cruise and ballistic missiles up to 400 kilometers away; it is also equipped with a radar able to detect targets at a range of 600km. Since its installation in Syrian territory, the action of Western and Turkish warplanes in support of rebel forces has been limited. The presence of S-400 platforms in the Syrian theater possibly influenced the US strategy of attack against the Assad regime. The USS Porter and USS Ross, two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers stationed in the eastern Mediterranean, bombarded the Shayrat airbase in central Syria. Though the Pentagon informed the Russian military beforehand of the impending operation, the US military command decided to attack from a safe distance. Tomahawk missiles have a range of 1,600km and their use in place of strike aircraft was probably intended to minimize potential losses caused by the very fast and precise S-400 surface-to-air missiles. This could mean that the Pentagon acknowledges the effectiveness of the S-400 against warplanes and the electronic jamming capabilities of the US EA-18G Growler jets, which can weaken the operability of the Russian air shield in Syria but not neutralize it completely. Thus the S-400’s deterrent function against aircraft sorties appears to be confirmed by the military option chosen by the United States to punish Assad. S-400’s vulnerability to swarm missile attacks On the other hand, the barrage of Tomahawks demonstrated the Pentagon’s capacity to perforate the Russian defenses in Syria, possibly showing the vulnerability of the S-400 to low-flying missiles with small radar cross-sections. The S-400 radar probably detected the Tomahawk swarm but the firing system apparently did not attempt to hit any missiles. It is now an open question whether Moscow’s military command in Syria deliberately opted not to engage the US missiles once informed of the imminent attack or, in contrast, was unable to react. Thanks for watching. For more videos, subscribe to the Thanks for subscribing, likes and comments. Thank you my friend.

Eurosatory 2018 FNSS from Turkey launches Anti-Tank variant of its PARS 4x4 armoured vehicle

Developed by the Turkish Company FNSS to meet the needs of Turkish Land Forces Command, the PARS 4x4 Anti-Tank Vehicle (ATV) makes its first world appearance at Eurosatory 2018, where one of the two prototypes of the vehicle produced for qualification tests is being displayed at the FNSS stand, giving visitors to the event the opportunity to inspect up close a fully mission-equipped vehicle. Read full news about FNSS at Eurosatory 2018 at this link Army Recognition Group SPRL Global Defence & Security News Defense & Security News Web TV Online magazine for defence and security industry Worldwide Defense & Security News Marketing and advertising for Defense & Security Industry and Exhibition Land Forces equipment, weapons and vehicles Contact mail:

Erdogan Preparing Turkey For 2023 - Unfinished Business With Saudi Arabia!

For centuries the Kaaba, the cube in the center of Mecca, Saudi Arabia that is Islam’s holiest point, has been encircled by arched porticos erected some three centuries ago by the Ottomans, above dozens of carved marble columns dating back to the 8th century. But today any vestiges of the portico and columns have been reduced to rubble, cleared to make way for the Saudi government’s expansion of Mecca’s Grand Mosque. Over the last few years, mosques and key sites dating from the time of Muhammad have been knocked down or destroyed, as have Ottoman-era mansions, ancient wells and stone bridges. Over 98% of the Kingdom’s historical and religious sites have been destroyed since 1985, the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation in London. “It’s as if they wanted to wipe out history,” The Wahhabi War was fought from early 1811 to 1818, between Egypt Eyalet under the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha (nominally under Ottoman rule) and the army of the Emirate of Diriyah, the First Saudi State, resulting in the destruction of the latter. Lausanne Treaty, Britain developed a number of unfair and painful conditions to the rights of the Ottoman Empire, Britain forced the abolition of the caliphate, and exiled the caliph and his family outside of Turkey, and then confiscation of all the caliphs assets, and made Turkey declare itself as a secular state, it also prevented Turkey from oil exploration and to consider the Bosphorus Strait which links between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, and then to the Mediterranean as an international corridor that it is not entitled to Turkey to obtain fees from ships passing through it . By 2023 the period of the treaty ends. Many political analysts are saying Turkey will get back it's powers, To be the leader of all Muslims (a.k.a Caliphet), Ownership of some of the middle east & Balkans., Rights to use the rich oil wells in Turkey. Turkish news, Turksha Lira, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sheikh imran hossain, shekh kabbani,

Watch This Crazy Video Of Turkey's Defense Industry now surpasses Israel and America's

Watch This Crazy Video Of Turkey's Defense Industry now surpasses Israel and America's (Thumbnail : Foto Ilustration) Turkish defense industry makes strong start in 2018 In 2018, the defense industry has started offering new products for security forces. The defense and aerospace sector has also experienced an increase in export performance. Main and sub-contractors operating in the defense industry continue to add new products to their activities with regard to contracts signed with procurement authorities. Thus, Turkey has moved its capabilities in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform to a new level. The first UAV system capable of autonomous flight and navigation in night and day conditions beyond the sight line with satellite control has been made available to the Turkish Air Force. The ANKA-S system, consisting of two aircraft and related equipment, took its place in the inventory as one of the most competent systems in its class as safety and operational capability with national flight control computer, national air control computer and national friend/hostile recognition systems. ANKA-S will contribute to security forces for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance purposes. The T129 ATAK Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter, which was developed to meet Turkish Armed Forces' (TSK) needs for offensive and tactical reconnaissance helicopters, continues to increase in the inventory. This year, two helicopters were added to the inventory of ATAK helicopters, which numbered 27 last year. Following the autonomous tactical striking fixed wing drone (ALPAGU), the autonomous rotating-wing striking drone (KARGU) has started joining the inventory. KARGU was delivered to the Special Forces Command and the Naval Forces Command to increase the instant target detection, tracking and destruction capabilities of security forces. Within the scope of the 35 millimeter Air Defense Systems Modernization and Airburst Ammunition Supply Project contract, an important milestone for Turkey's target of layered air defense system, the mass production of air defense artillery system, which proved its effectiveness against air-to-ground missiles and earned the title "Missile Hunter," has started. The systems produced will be delivered to the Land Forces and Air Forces command. With the Modernization Towed Air Defense Guns, guns in the inventory of the TSK will be able to fire airburst ammunition that plays an important role in raising the effectiveness against weather threats to the desired level. Airburst ammunition will significantly increase the effectiveness of air defense systems. The need to increase efficiency levels in barreled weapon systems against the rapidly increasing number of navigational missiles, air-to-ground missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and similar air threats has brought up the issue of using a new generation of programmable airburst ammunition. ISTANBUL / DAILY SABAH WITH Translate My Video : Visit : Visit me here : Brother Channel : www.TribunIndo.Comm Other Videos : ----✪ Terrible Technology Of Stealth Fighter F-35, NightMare For Russian ----SR-71Supersonic Blackbird With Terrible Technology (Nightmare TO Russian) Contact US Here : twitter :


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Today News - Turkey warns missile system from Russia

GettyErdogan claimed Turkey will put to use the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems Mr Erdogans remarks come after months of contention between Turkey and Nato allies, in particular the US, who see the purchase of a Russian-built missile system as a threat to NATO countries’ defence interoperability. The Turkish leader said: “We will not just buy the S-400s and place them in a storehouse.“We will use them if need be.”He added: “This is a defence system.“What are we going to do with it if not us...


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