Creating the future in laundry automation : Industrial machines

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Kannegiesser presents "The entire world of laundry technology"

Kannegiesser presents "The entire world of laundry technology"

New turnkey laundry with JENSEN Equipment: Blanchisserie 77, Lagny/France

Blanchisserie 77 is the new site of the new Blanchisserie Interhospitalière de Seine et Marne in the greater Paris area. It groups the laundry process of six hospitals together into one brand new production unit. Blanchisserie 77 opted for a turnkey-solution from JENSEN. The laundry processes 15 tons of healthcare linen per day, with a team of 70 colleagues. This new turnkey laundry with JENSEN equipment and automation solutions is a must-see - enjoy the video

Hokkaido Koseisha, Japan, trusts on laundry technology from JENSEN

As a person with disabilities himself, the former Chairman of Hokkaido Koseisha established the company under the unique concept of “Corporate Vocational Aid”, and has created a workplace of the disabled, by the disabled. Following his father’s ambitions, the current Chairman decided to install an all-JENSEN-GROUP laundry, beginning with finishing technology. Here, we have installed Jenform Omega Pro, Jenfold Tematic Pro, Jenfeed Logic Plus, Jenfold Universal, Jenstack Centro and Jenstack Max. DT60 dryers in the washroom area complete the installation. JENSEN-GROUP machines allow precise speed adjustments, according to the skill level of each operator, ensuring optimum finishing quality for high-end hotels. Have a look at this footage from our customer from Hokkaido in Northern Japan.

Efficient laundry management made by JENSEN in practice - at A&M Basse Meuse, Belgium

The Broers family opened one of the most modern industrial laundries in Europe in a new building in the Haut Sarts industrial area near Liège/Belgium in February 2009. Five years later the laundry looks more productive and modern than ever. "Based on the intense collaboration with and the expert advice of our business partners, in particular with the JENSEN-GROUP, we were able to grow into one of the most modern textile rental companies in Europe. Automation doesn't merely mean an increase in productivity and a logistic optimization of the processing techniques but also a substantial improvement in terms of working conditions for our employees," states Marc Broers, General Manager of A&M Basse Meuse. A&M provides 400 different clients in Belgium and France with personal and standardized rental linens for all sorts of hotels and restaurants. The industrial laundry uses JENSEN technology which has recently been expanded. Currently, the washing section features four Senking Universal tunnel washers, side by side. Together they guarantee an exceptionally efficient washing process. The flat linens - mostly sheets - are no longer manually fed. It is now a fully automated process thanks to the new Jenrail 2000 Automatic, a decentralized buffer system. A dedicated transfer dryer and a Maximat 900 folding machine professionally and exclusively process bathrobes in the separate ‘spa corner’. As a result of this, A&M is optimally equipped for the growing laundry segment of hotel and wellness laundry equipment.

Senking Universal: Tuned to perfection!

More than 3,000 Senking Universal tunnel washers are processing linen around the globe/all over the world. JENSEN’s most versatile tunnel washer has now been tuned to perfection with QuickSoak, EcoSafeguard and EcoTune for brilliant wash results. What happens inside the Senking Universal now becomes visible: Highest flexibility and productivity, best washing performance, highest efficiency and sustainability, most reliable operational availability and both easy and low maintenance. Tuned to perfection: Best-in-class technologies and exciting innovations are our core business. Take a peek through the keyhole and have a look inside.

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