How to roll BDU sleeves USN/USMC

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How to Tie Boots + Boot Bands + Lace Boots

How to use 2 different methods to tie your boots, blouse your trousers, and the way to lace your boots at Marine Corps OCS.

Primitive technology - Primitive skills catch big fish and Cooking fish - Eating delicious

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Cara melipat lengan baju loreng TNI

How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes According to the US Navy

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you toss and turn at night? A good night’s sleep is necessary for optimal health. So if you’re one of the millions of people in the world who suffers from a sleep disorder or you want to fall asleep faster, watch this video to learn a trick straight from the US military. The amount of sleep a person needs depends greatly on their age. Knowing how much you should be sleeping can help you figure out if your sleep routine works or if it needs tweaking. Babies normally sleep for most of the day (around 16 hours), teenagers require about 9 hours a day, and adults require 7 to 8 hours a day. TIMESTAMPS: What insomnia can lead to 1:44 Step 1 2:42 Step 2 3:07 Step 3 3:34 Step 4 3:43 Step 5 4:00 Other tips to fall asleep quickly 6:13 #soundsleep #insomnia #weightgain Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - According to the American Sleep Association, 50–70 million US adults suffer from sleep disorders. It’s estimated that around 20% of people worldwide suffer from sleep deprivation. - Insomnia can be common if people are under a great amount of stress, experiencing big life changes, or having emotional difficulties. - If you suffer from insomnia, a lack of sleep can cause hormonal imbalances, which lead to weight gain, slower reaction times, irritability, memory problems, depression, and headaches. - Lie face up in bed. Relax your facial muscles, including your tongue, jaw, and the muscles around your eyes. If you realize you have a frown, really focus on releasing the area in the center of your forehead. - Drop your shoulders as low as possible. This will also help you stretch and release the tension in your neck. Then relax your upper and lower arm on one side, and then try it with the other arm. - Breathe out, and relax your chest. Feel your lungs fill up with air. - Relax your legs. Release the tension from your thighs first, and then let the relaxation travel down to your calves. Finally, focus on your feet and ankles. - Now that the muscles in your body are relaxed, it’s time to clear your mind completely. - When the pilots were trained in this exercise, they performed it sitting down on a chair. In those exercises, they put their feet flat on the floor, placed their hands on their laps, and let them go limp. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Perbedaan Antara PROVOST dengan POLISI MILITER

Perbedaan Antara PROVOST dengan POLISI MILITER PM itu Polisinya Militer. Provos mirip dg Polisi Militer, bedanya provos cuma untuk kesatuannya saja dan tidak bisa menindak anggota militer dari kesatuan yang berbeda dengannya. POM itu sama dengan PM Sejak 2004, setiap angkatan punya PM sendiri, jadi ada POM AD, POM AL dan POM AU yang berada langsung di bawah kepala staf masing2 angkatan. Sebelumnya tiap angkatan hanya punya provos, sedangkan PM berada di bawah Panglima TNI. Untuk Polri, mereka mempunyai provos sendiri yang fungsi dan tugasnya mirip dg POM. Sekolahnya PM, sama saja dengan sekolah anggota TNI lainnya. Namun mereka kemudian harus menjalani pendidikan Polisi Militer. Karena PM punya wewenang buat menangkap dan menghukum anggota TNI yang"nakal", tentunya oknum2 yang nakal takut ama mereka. Sekian informasi yang dapat kami sampaikan, semoga dapat menambah wawasan dan pengetahuan anda. Jika video ini dirasa bermanfaat, silahkan bagikan video ini ke sosial media anda. akhir kata, jangan lupa like comment dan subscribe tunggu kami di video selanjutnya.

A better way of rolling your uniform sleeves

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