Let's Get Real - 7 - Who Inspires Us

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Let's Get Real – 5 – Shame

The panel dicusses shame and how it stops believers from fulfilling God's call by shutting down their ability to reach others. Sarah Mhlanga talks about sharing her faith in the mainstream media.

Let's Get Real – 1– What Does it Mean to Get Real?

What Does it Mean to Get Real? Sue Eldridge, Chris Larkin, Marj Rossol and Alison Wilson discuss what 'Being Real' means. Nancy Goudie shares her journey of faith through grief and speaks about New Generation Music. For more info see: https://godtv.com/lets-get-real/ A new episode of Let's Get Real drops each Monday from May 21st!

Pastor Jerome Fernando - God TV Sermon - Overcoming Weariness Part 01

Overcoming Weariness is a two part sermon series preached by Pastor Jerome Fernando and has since been air internationally via GOD TV. If you are just about to give up and have had enough of praying without any results, by listening to this message you will receive strength and courage not to give up. Learn about the power of persistent, relentless prayer through the true story of the Persistent Woman and the Judge. Our God is not a judge, He's a Father! Learn about the contrast between a judge and a Father, in addition to three things that will happen to you if you press on and don't give up. Don't grow weary in doing well! Don't surrender in the fight!

Training To Reign 20130001 with Angela Greenig

Angela talks about her past and how she overcame difficult life experiences.

11-5-17 - Bonnie Jones Shares - The Gathering Place - North Hollywood

Website: www.gatheringplace.us

The panel talks about people who've made a difference in their lives. Debra Green of ROC (Redeeming Our Communities) and Richard Gamble of The Wall share their passions and callings.

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