Firm Jerusalem Encounter on GOD TV - on GOD TV from July 17th

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Jerusalem Encounter 2018 // Session 1

Worship Leader: Birgitta Lunvall & Joshua Aaron Speaker: Don Finto Follow us:

People are Looking for something real. We can share the raw power of God

Christian leaders, Nathan Morris, Ben Fitzgerald, Jean-Luc Trachsel, Jessica Koulianos and others share their perspectives on Christian media, along with testimonies from GOD TV viewers. "People are looking for something real," says Jessica Koulianos, "Through Christian TV we can share the raw power of the Lord."

Apocalypse and the End Times 2016 - Anthony Patch - 2

Scientific researcher, Anthony Patch talks to Paul McGuire about The Luciferian System and how it has penetrated mainstream circles and how Christians must embrace God?s truth in the face of evil.

Apocalypse and the End Times - Anthony Patch - 1

For years, Anthony Patch has researched physics, cosmology, biology, computer science and theology. He talks to Paul McGuire about science in relation to prophecy, including Transhumanism.

Apocalypse and the End Times - Anthony Patch - 3

Scientist, Anthony Patch and Paul McGuire discuss how recent discoveries like the CERN Hadron Collider reveal a union between science and New Age religion and they urge believers not to be deceived.

Coming up on GOD TV soon, the Firm Jerusalem Encounter hosted by the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) With special guest speakers, Daniel Kolenda, Scott Volk, Alan Hirsch and Dr Michael Brown.

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